• Valve Health Diagnostics

    Valves are one of the most common assets in the process industry, spanning all verticals. Chemicals, refineries, and petrochemicals, however, will find improved valve health diagnostics useful for critical valves and controllers in their plants, while upstream and midstream oil and gas companies may be focused on much larger, critical valves like pipeline or subsea valves. Using Seeq, process manufacturers are able to implement a condition-based monitoring analysis to monitor valve health across an entire fleet. Engineers can utilize the historical data to accurately create a predictive maintenance forecast and preemptively detect valve failures before they occur.

  • Greener Pastures Ahead For Pumps

    Energy-saving pumps will be ever more present in 2021 as investment in eco-friendly infrastructure continues to grow.

  • Pump Selection 101: Understanding Essential Criteria To Maximize Reliability And Efficiency

    Pump systems play a critical role in keeping our world in motion. However, specifying parties can often overlook opportunities to improve pump system reliability and efficiency. This can happen when designers or engineers fail to consider new demands placed on the system since installation or understand the benefits of available options.

  • Submersible Pumps Sales Soar On Back Of Digitization And New Initiatives On Wastewater Treatment

    The global submersible pumps market size will expand 1.5X in the coming decade. Submersible pumps are emerging as the preferred pumping technology across various end-uses, including wastewater management and oil & gas manufacturing. Submersible pumps are considered ideal for applications involving highly viscous fluid that require proper elimination of vapor cavities.

  • Xylem Engages In Award-Winning Rehab And Bypass Project With North Carolina Utility

    The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) in North Carolina engaged in a capital improvement project to help address their aging infrastructure.

  • Flood Event Prompts Portable Back-Up Pump Solution For Potable Water Network

    The Southern Iowa Rural Water Association (SIRWA) provides quality drinking water to the residents and communities of southwest Iowa. Included in its 4,000 miles of pipeline is a 16-mile, 12-inch line that runs from the city of Creston to Corning.

  • Victor Valley Turns To Xylem To Recover From Mojave Desert Environmental Catastrophe

    During any given year, average rainfall in the Victor Valley of Southern California is approximately five inches. But 2010 wasn’t the average year.

  • Xylem’s Bypass Enables Critical Upgrades For Aging Sewer Lines In Greenwich, Connecticut

    Greenwich, Connecticut, located in the tristate area immediately surrounding New York City, is a scenic New England town that is home to approximately 60,000 people.

  • Xylem Provides Pumping & Control Equipment To Reduce Force Main Pressure

    HRSD, the regional wastewater treatment utility that serves 18 cities and counties in southeast Virginia, had been experiencing high-pressures in their Williamsburg area force main network during wet weather events. These high pressure events caused operational trouble and, on occasion, resulted in SSOs in the collection system.

  • Historic Rains In Memphis Lead To Monumental Emergency Bypass

    Record rainfalls in Memphis, TN eroded the soil supporting a 96-inch sanitary sewer main, causing the line to fail. With nearly 40 million gallons per day (MGD) of raw sewage escaping into Cypress Creek, less than a mile from McKellar Lake and the Mississippi River, an emergency bypass was needed fast to facilitate the repair work on the 96” sewer main.


  • Multiport Relief Valve

    What does a Multiport Relief Valve do? Why do I need it? The use of a Multiport Relief Valve dampens the pressure swings within deaerators, steam lines and associated components. The Multiport Relief Valve dash pot vapor action provides smooth relief of excess steam to the atmosphere. By limiting operating pressure variances within the deaerator, it eliminates the need to re-stack trays, and provides protection to the trays, boiler feed pumps and other equipment.

  • Godwin Dri-Prime Backup System (DBS™)

    The Godwin Dri-Prime Backup System (DBS) provides peace-of-mind as the ideal contingency plan for pump stations.

  • Field Smart Technology (FST)

    The new generation of Xylem Field Smart Technology (FST) product is an advanced telemetry and cloud based system that allows you to monitor and control your pump from anywhere in the world.  

  • Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime® Pump

    The Godwin Dri-Prime® NC150S pump is an extremely powerful, yet compact pump with flow capabilities to 1,770 US GPM (403 m³/hr). It also features Flygt N-technology with its innovative self-cleaning impeller.

  • Godwin NC100S Dri-Prime® Pump

    The Godwin NC100S Dri-Prime pump is designed for use in municipal wastewater applications that contain stringy, modern waste. This unique self-cleaning, non-clog pump is recommended for sewer, lift station, and bypass applications, and is ideal for permanent installations where reliability is absolutely critical, e.g. Diesel Backup Systems (DBS). 


Biological and chemical contamination in drinking water poses a significant public health risk. Xylem’s Leopold Oxelia system is a multi-barrier solution with several options for a custom design based on your specific needs.