• The Singer In-Line Strainer Available In Additional Sizes

    The Singer In-Line Strainer is carefully designed to protect valves and regulators from pipeline debris, so utilities don’t have to worry about costly maintenance, downtime, and repairs. Manufactured in ductile iron with corrosion-resistant stainless-steel screen, the screen design provides a smooth laminar flow, which is ideal for locations ahead of automatic control valves.

  • Filtration: Brushaway Filter

    The BRUSHAWAY assembly consists of nylon brushes fitted on a frame and inserted into the filter screen. A simple handle, outside the filter, brushes away particles from the screen surface, and expels them out from the filter.

  • Membrane Systems: Featuring Aqua MultiBore Membranes

    Aqua-Aerobic® Membrane Systems featuring NO BREAK Aqua MultiBore® membranes are designed to effectively remove suspended solids, particulate phosphorus, bacteria, cysts and other harmful impurities, resulting in safe, high quality water

  • Toray RO Seawater RO Elements

    Following 4”, 8” and 16” membranes can be used in multiple membrane systems to treat sea water or high salinity water > 10’000 ppm. The 4” membrane types can be used for small private or shipboard sea water desalination.

  • Tube Settlers

    Need to speed up your settling process? Brentwood tube settlers can help you do that while also improving overall plant efficiency for potable water and wastewater applications. By expanding settling capacity, Brentwood tube settlers increase flow rates and improve effluent water quality. They also save you money on operating costs by reducing the frequency of filter backwashing.

    Don’t pay double for steel. Go blue!


In this episode of Water Talk, Angela Godwin sits down with Tom Siller from Trojan Technologies and Daniel Benitez from Aria Filtra.