• A New Spin On An Old Technology Yields Surprising Results

    A new advanced oxidation process has been born from a quest to find a more sustainable disinfection option for high water consumption applications, revolutionizing cooling water treatment and other operations with similar objectives, as well as entirely different fields like aquaculture, wastewater treatment, and animal drinking water applications.

  • The Future Of Wastewater: Why Has The U.S. Been So Slow To Adopt AI Tools?

    Wastewater analytics are already being used around the world to monitor contamination, optimize treatment processes, and catch environmental scofflaws. So why has the U.S. been so slow to adopt these technologies?

  • Reduce Energy, Water, And OPEX With Modern Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

    The benefits of the facultative membrane bioreactor (FMBR) are examined, along with results of a pilot demonstration project to further prove efficacy.

  • The Digital Transformation Of Water In Gandia

    Over the last two decades, the water industry has undergone a revolution that has shaken its business model to the very core. Utilities, which have traditionally been excluded from innovative solutions as a result of being tied into relatively long concession contracts, are now encountering growing demands from consumers and government to become more accountable for their services.



  • Pressure Transients And Water Conservation In A Time Of Drought

    With water supply at a premium and pipelines deteriorating, drinking water utilities must do all they can to preserve their existing assets.

  • Finding New Ways Through

    The president of Black & Veatch's water business reveals the findings of the company’s annual water survey and report, offering a snapshot of where we stand and insight on what is needed.

  • Cost Management In Valve Selection: Balancing Price With Suitability

    Considering the multiplicity of valve types available on the market and the diversity of applications any one type can serve, proper valve selection can be a tricky proposition. Even within a specific category of valve, differing styles, specific features, and manufacturers’ idiosyncrasies can all serve to complicate the matter.


  • A New Perspective On Funding Nonpoint-Source-Pollution Solutions

    While municipal wastewater treatment facilities fight hard to keep waterways clean, other (“nonpoint”) sources contribute greatly to environmental pollution. But there is funding, and now guidance, available to help solve the problem.

  • WEF Stormwater Institute Seeks Collaborators On Asset Management

    The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Virginia) Stormwater Institute and its partners are launching a national-level initiative to improve asset management strategies for stormwater infrastructure. We want your municipality, utility, or research organization to be a part of it

  • 9 Benefits Of IoT-Based Water-Level Monitoring

    With the dearth of quality source water a major and worsening issue for utilities and industry, water-level monitoring is paramount for successful operations — as is stepping up to IoT technology.


  • How To Truly Eradicate PFAS From Our Drinking Water

    As so-called “forever chemicals” get more attention from regulators and the public at large, the pressure is on to eliminate these pervasive contaminants — forever.

  • In 2022, Water Quality Gets The Attention It’s Due

    With the funding brought forth by the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed late last year, as well as aggressive policies and regulation to rid water supplies of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and lead, 2022 shapes up as the year we finally address our industry’s most troubling and challenging contamination issues in a meaningful way.

  • Extreme Weather, Droughts, And The Impact On Our Water Supply

    Drinking water is obviously affected by the persistent drought plaguing the U.S. — but not just in terms of its supply. Learn the other effects, including degraded water quality, and how to combat them.





  • The Shape Of Water, Starring AWWA’s Tracy Mehan

    If water-industry superstars were celebrated like entertainers, an introduction to G. Tracy Mehan III wouldn’t be necessary. But water, as industry veterans know, doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves … until services are threatened. At that point, as all along, we turn to our water leaders for answers.


  • Predicting Future Pandemics Through Wastewater

    The Water Online editorial staff sat down recently for a brief chat with Endress+Hauser CEO Matthias Altendorf, and Flow Product Manager Adam Booth, to discuss the challenges currently facing the water industry, as well as solutions that Endress+Hauser provide. Below is our conversation, lightly edited for clarity and length.

  • How Should Infrastructure Funding Be Prioritized?

    With the $1.2-trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill finally passed following lengthy congressional negotiations, U.S. water and wastewater utilities are in line to get help for solving some longstanding issues, from crumbling pipes and outdated treatment plants to modernizing operations for efficiency and resiliency.