• The Digital Transformation Of Water In Gandia

    Over the last two decades, the water industry has undergone a revolution that has shaken its business model to the very core. Utilities, which have traditionally been excluded from innovative solutions as a result of being tied into relatively long concession contracts, are now encountering growing demands from consumers and government to become more accountable for their services.

  • Trending In Wastewater Treatment: Industrial Vacuum Evaporation Systems

    Sought after in a variety of market sectors for their performance and utility, industrial vacuum evaporation systems are in the midst of a surge. For the unacquainted, this primer explains the reasons why.

  • Co-Digesting Food Waste With Wastewater Solids To Produce Energy

    Inspired in part by California’s Senate Bill 1383, which was enacted to reduce organic waste and methane emissions, co-digestion is fulfilling those goals while converting wastewater treatment plants into water resource recovery facilities.

  • Wastewater Lab Selection And Sampling Best Practices

    Sending samples out still requires a level of responsibility and competency. Follow these steps to ensure accurate water quality analysis.


  • The Water Tower And GoHub By GoAigua Launch Water Challenge And Accelerator Program To Shape The Future Of Digital Water

    GoHub, an international open innovation hub by GoAigua focused on creating better processes and more sustainable cities, and The Water Tower, a water innovation hub focused on helping water and wastewater utilities become more progressive through applied research, technology innovation, workforce development, and community engagement, announce the launch of The Ultimate Water Challenge – a 6-month program aimed at creating an ecosystem of innovation and technology sharing between startups, vendors, and pilot sites in the United States.

  • Sanasa Reduces Maintenance With 24/7 Remote Access To iFIX SCADA System

    Sanasa is the company responsible for water supply and sewage services in the municipality of Campinas in Brazil. Sanasa uses iFIX HMI/SCADA from GE Digital for supervisory control and works with GE Digital partner, Aquarius Software. For remote access, Sanasa employs iFIX in conjunction with Microsoft's remote access solution, Remote Desktop Services (RDS), formerly called Terminal Services (TS). This combination facilitated the use of the supervision system, from operators to system administrators.

  • Sabesp Modernizes SCADA Using iFIX And Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

    Sabesp is the fourth largest water and wastewater company in the world, responsible for assisting more than 27 million people in 373 cities in the state of São Paulo, the richest Brazilian state. Baixada Santista Business Unit is responsible for the services at 9 cities in the south coast of the state of São Paulo, assisting 1.8 million residents and up to 4 million people including tourists during summer season.



  • PFAS In Our Water Supply: Treatment vs. Destruction

    As per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) demand increasing attention due to health, environmental, and regulatory concerns, the pros and cons of available treatment options should be thoroughly evaluated.

  • How To Address Your (Water) Sensitivity

    As I monitor the daily flow (pardon the pun) of water-industry news, product launches, and initiatives for special coverage on Water Online and in Water Innovations, a basic investigative question is “Who is this intended for?” When the opportunity arose to interview Gemma Dunn, the integrated water management service line coordinator with GHD North America, about GHD’s new Water Sensitive Cities Index, I soon came to a new question: What city isn’t water sensitive?

  • Why Businesses Could (And Should) Utilize Green Roofs To Become More Resilient

    Green roofs aren’t just for the most progressive, environmentally focused organizations, though early practitioners should be lauded for leading the charge. The stormwater solution also saves money, protects assets, and improves workplaces — all reasons to be broadly implemented.




  • Ensuring Water And Wastewater Resiliency During The Pandemic

    According to the American Water Works Association (AWWA), with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic impacting communities throughout the world, water professionals are working around the clock to ensure that safe, reliable water service continues to flow. But what if many of these essential employees now must work from home or only minimal crews are on-site at the plants?

  • Securing A Clean And Safe Water Supply

    Cyberattacks targeting U.S. water utilities are no longer hypothetical scenarios, so it is past time to increase public protection by hardening cyber infrastructure.

  • The Inevitability Of Digitalization

    The digital transformation of the water sector may trail other industries, but it will happen nonetheless — bringing with it tremendous benefits and opportunities.


  • Reuse To The Rescue: Recycling Municipal And Industrial Wastewater For A Sustainable Future

    In recent years, limited water resources combined with the growing demand for freshwater, rapidly changing weather patterns, and environmental concerns have spearheaded water reuse as a leading solution in the battle to secure water resilience.

  • TrojanUVFit Brochure

    The TrojanUVFit® offers an effective, compact, and energy-efficient solution for non-potable reuse with a streamlined hydraulic profile that won’t break head in the treatment process. The system is available in multiple configurations to treat a wide range of flow rates, up to 7 MGD per chamber.

  • TrojanUVSigna Brochure

    TrojanUVSigna® incorporates innovations, including TrojanUV Solo Lamp® Technology, to reduce the total cost of ownership and drastically simplify operation and maintenance.

  • More Of A Good Thing: Utilities Prioritize Water Reuse Strategies

    Black & Veatch’s annual Strategic Directions report reveals the momentum for water reuse in the U.S., citing reasons for uptake as well as remaining barriers to entry.


  • Pride And Joy: Water Leadership Defined

    Despite overseeing our most precious resource, water professionals often go unnoticed, and hence unappreciated. To that end, it’s my pleasure to highlight the efforts, accomplishments, and insights of industry leaders such as Joy Eldredge, chair of the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association.


  • EPA Reveals The Key To Clean Water

    Water and wastewater treatment plant operators may not always love regulators, but they should love what the U.S. EPA water chief had to say about them. Speaking at the “BusinessH20 Water Innovation Summit” in September, the EPA’s assistant administrator for water, Dave Ross, referred to those who clean our country’s drinking water and wastewater as “silent, everyday unsung heroes.” While not as celebrated as others who dedicate themselves to public service, such as police officers, firefighters, and teachers, they are every bit as essential — if not more so.