• VL Series

    Aquafine’s VL Series provides a compact design and economical ultraviolet (UV) water treatment for low-flow applications, such as laboratory and medical facility water, pharmaceutical make-up processes, final electronic component rinsing and recirculation loops.

  • Logic Series

    The system of choice for meeting the rigid quality standards of the Recreational Water, Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Cosmetics and Food & Beverage markets. The Aquafine UV Logic Series uses one of the most advanced technologies, the low-pressure, high-output (LPHO) amalgam lamp.

  • SwiftBeverage Series

    The SwiftBeverage series offers maximum water treatment performance, advanced control functionality and high flexibility for system configuration. It gives users peace of mind by providing a reliable, cost-effective and high performance system.

  • Aquafine® Ultraviolet Treatment Systems For Liquid Sugar

    Learn about an alternative technique that food and beverage manufacturers can use to protect their products from microbial contamination while maintaining product quality and shelf-life, without chemical additives preservatives. 

  • OptiVenn Series

    The OptiVenn Series is a family of robust and flexible UV Systems with advanced technology designed to meet the stringent requirements of Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Microelectronics and other Industrial Markets.


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