• Trending In Wastewater Treatment: Industrial Vacuum Evaporation Systems

    Sought after in a variety of market sectors for their performance and utility, industrial vacuum evaporation systems are in the midst of a surge. For the unacquainted, this primer explains the reasons why.

  • Reuse To The Rescue: Recycling Municipal And Industrial Wastewater For A Sustainable Future

    In recent years, limited water resources combined with the growing demand for freshwater, rapidly changing weather patterns, and environmental concerns have spearheaded water reuse as a leading solution in the battle to secure water resilience.

  • Applications Of Calcium Hypochlorite In Cooling Towers

    Calcium hypochlorite is a low-cost, solid biocide option for treating cooling towers. This white paper reviews points of consideration when making a selection for a cooling tower water treatment program and highlights advantages to utilizing calcium hypochlorite as a biocide. 

  • Winery Becomes California’s Most Eco-Friendly With Advanced Biological Treatment And Nutrient Removal

    When Silver Oak Cellars decided to expand and open a new winery in Alexander Valley, they wanted to create the greenest winery ever with eco-friendly features throughout their production process. A key component of the water efficiency aspect to the green production is Smith & Loveless’ TITAN MBR™ membrane bioreactor system which supplies the highest levels of biological treatment and nutrient removal. The TITAN MBR™ helped the winery become the first ever to earn a LEED Platinum Certification for new construction in 2018 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

  • Challenges Surrounding Developing Cannabis-Wastewater Handling And Treatment Best Practices

    With any new and upcoming industry, regulations surrounding product development, market research, and potential regulatory impacts must be evaluated. But what happens when that new industry involves a product that is illegal to produce on a federal level, but legal on a state level? This unusual circumstance dictates a more expansive set of considerations and potential issues for all stakeholders involved.

  • Featured Profiles In Brewery Wastewater Success

    Stories of real success with packaged pumping and wastewater treatment systems at breweries are explored, including for regulatory compliance and/or water reuse capabilities. Packaged pumping and treatment systems have helped hundreds of brewers meet their permits for local collection and/or direct surface discharge, while offering minimal land usage, superior ease of operation, and the cost-saving "green" benefits of water reuse capabilities.

  • Schreiber Foods Cuts Chemical Costs With BlueInGreen's CDOX Solution

    At Schreiber Foods' wastewater treatment plant in Utah, mineral acids had been used for pH control in the past but were discontinued due to safety and handling issues. With an average daily flow of 250,000 gallons, the cheese and yogurt facility struggled to meet discharge permit requirements. Facility owners desired a safer, more cost-effective solution that would provide automatic control over process pH levels. Read the full case study to learn more.

  • Del Monte Foods Saves Millions With BlueInGreen's SDOX Solution

    Plant managers at Del Monte Foods in Siloam Springs, Ark. utilized a 14 million gallon facultative lagoon to provide treatment before applying the effluent on 500 acres of land nearby. However, the facultative lagoon was unable to meet the municipal pretreatment permit requirements, resulting in surcharges of $450,000 per month. Read the full case study to learn more. 

  • SDOX® Technology Mitigates Sulfide Production By Promoting Aerobic Environment

    The Plant’s wastewater treatment facility uses four, covered anerobic lagoons to manage BOD, pretreating wastewater prior to sending the effluent to a pumping station which directs the wastewater into the municipal collection system for final treatment at the City’s wastewater treatment plant. Read more to learn how the company used hydrogen peroxide and a catalyst to maintain an aerobic environment but was unable to adequately mitigate the odor from the facility’s wastewater.

  • Pulp & Paper Wastewater Treatment - Innovative Treatment For Efficient Water Management

    The paper and pulp industry is among the largest industrial users of water resources operating across the world. Typically, pulp and paper industry operations require on average about 54-70 m3 (18,000 gallons) of water per metric ton (2200 pounds) of processed paper goods. This water usage is staggering, and water is used in almost every single part of the pulp and paper manufacturing process. These paper mills produce significant quantities of both waste water and residual sludge waste from initial pulp digestion to pulp slurries, and washing the paper making machinery.


  • What Is Genclean Advanced Oxidation Disinfection Solution And What Is It Used For?

    A non-toxic, advanced oxidation (AOP) formula of minerals chelated with oxygen and stabilized in an aqueous water solution. It is a viable option in industries and applications requiring a solution to challenging situations where high level effective sanitization and oxidation is required. Read more to learn how the Genclean advanced oxidation treatment solutions can be used in different applications.


    GENCLEAN™ Ind is an NSF certified specialized advanced oxidation treatment solution specially developed for wastewater treatment in industrial facilities.

  • GENCLEAN Disinfect

    Genclean™ Disinfect is an NSF certified advanced oxidation water treatment solution.


    Genclean Pool is an NSF certified advanced oxidation water treatment solution development particularly for the oxidation and disinfection of microbiological and organic contaminants in water features and pools in hotels, resorts, aquatic centers and marine parks.

  • GENCLEAN Chemical Feed Dosing System For Pools, Water Features And Aquatic Centers

    Genclean Chemical feed dosing systems for hotel/resort pools, water features and aquatic parks are designed to offer cost-efficient, panel mounted systems that are fully assembled and ready to install.


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