• Managing Storm And Surface Water With ForeSITE UL Monitoring System

    As flooding increases along coastal and river-adjacent communities, the need for low-cost, reliable monitoring and warning systems has become a critical factor for managing these issues in real time, without requiring major infrastructure overhauls.

  • ForeSITE-UL Monitoring System

    The ForeSITE™-UL (FS-UL) system is designed to enable cost-effective, easy-to-setup and reliable monitoring of water levels for a wide variety of applications and locations.

  • Panametrics' Technology Proves Key In Supporting Serbia's Flood Prevention Strategy

    A water management company in Serbia used Panametrics' ultrasonic flow meter technology for stormwater management, ensuring reliable measurement and accuracy in challenging conditions. The technology allowed for live monitoring of water transfer and reduced the risk of flooding.

  • Submersible Mixed-Flow Column Pump Type ABS AFLX

    The submersible mixed-flow column pump type ABS AFLX equipped with a Premium Efficiency IE3 motor is designed for use where large volumes of process water or wastewater containing solid effluent must be pumped up to moderate heads.

  • Instruments For Environmental Applications

    Keeping the water in our lakes, rivers, and streams clean requires monitoring of water quality at many points. Over the years ever increasing environmental concerns and regulations have heightened the need for increased diligence and tighter restrictions on wastewater quality.


In this episode of Water Talk, we sit down with Caroline Burger from Carollo to talk about the main entities involved in developing a flood alert system.