• Stormwater Treatment System: Submerged Stormceptor For High Water Table We designed the Submerged Stormceptor to remove total suspended solids, free oil, and other pollutants from stormwater run-off in partially submerged pipes.
  • Lotix Automated High Temperature Combustion TOC Analyzer

    TOC users from around the globe requested an instrument that meets the following criteria: simplicity, performance, and durability.

  • A-C Custom Pump Aftermarket and Service

    Improve pump performance—regardless of the original manufacturer—with service from Flygt A-C Custom Pump (formerly ITT A-C Pump and Allis Chalmers). We offer a comprehensive range of services for centrifugal pumps from 2” to 156”.


    The DELUMPER® HV is a high-volume crusher that reduces agglomerated material with a one pass crushing action without overgrind or churning. This unit employs a heavy-duty cutting rotor with a heavy “V” shape bar cage. The HV design allows free-flowing material to pass straight through while directing oversize lumps and agglomerates to the crushing element to be reduced to size. The crushing mechanism employs no screen so maintenance is kept to a minimum. With its efficient design, the HV minimizes the motor size and power consumption.

  • SCR SERIES Waste Water Inlet Screens

    Newterra® SCR Series inlet screens are speci­fically designed to protect Newterra MicroClear® flat sheet membranes from fouling due to excessive debris from waste water plant influent.


Listen in as Guy Cohen describes how Kando provides insight into wastewater data.