• MARINER OMNIPURE® Series M55 Marine Sewage System

    The MARINER OMNIPURE® Series M55 marine sewage treatment units offer a unique approach to wastewater treatment on smaller vessel, workboat and yacht applications. MARINER OMNIPURE Series M55 features a bulkhead mounting arrangement — a first of its kind — that provides safe and effective treatment of the wastewaters on board your vessel. The system results in discharge effluent quality well within the MEPC.159(55) requirements.


    Kruger’s BIOSTYR® process combines biological treatment, clarification, and filtration into one compact system. With installations throughout the world, BIOSTYR is proven to be an exceptional technology for meeting today's stringent effluent limits. BIOSTYR is an ideal process for plants where footprint is limited, close proximity to neighborhoods is a concern, or expansion is desired.

  • XMO2 Oxygen Transmitter

    Proven robustness in hazardous area oxygen analysis. Designed for stability and longevity in oxygen percent measurement, the XMO2 can easily recover from process upsets and maintain high accuracy readings in hazardous areas.

  • LMG100 Econolev Magnetic Level Gauge

    The ECONOLEV LMG100 is a magnetic liquid level gauge specifically designed for the OEM / commercial storage tank, and light industrial market. It is engineered to meet most liquid measurement applications where a simple, non custom armored level gauge is required. The ECONOLEV provides an economical solution to traditional exposed glass level gauges.

  • Degas Separators And Degas Relief Valves

    The GDT Degas Separator is a patented centrifugal vortex unit that separates entrained and stripped gases from liquid (water) based on the density difference between the gas and liquid. 


In this video, watch the production and calibration of a 120 inch OPTIFLUX electromagnetic flowmeter.