• New Standard For Sewer Lateral Condition Assessment

    Find infiltration and certify cured-in-place pipe.

  • Zero Liquid Discharge

    Complying with stringent wastewater treatment regulations and reducing water usage are critical considerations in industry today. Numerous environmental regulations, rigorous permitting processes, and lack of water availability, among other factors, are driving many industrial facilities to implement zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems as a solution.

  • Washer Compactor

    The Duperon Washer Compactor is a robustly simple, high-efficiency, non-batching process machine with a dual-auger system.

  • SpiraSnail

    Get efficient, economical grit dewatering at smaller plants with no washwater requirements.

  • TrojanUVFlexAOP – Advanced Oxidation System

    Meeting the demand for clean water has never been more challenging. Communities around the world are facing a growing water stress – an insufficient supply, in terms of water quality or water quantity – and often both. Many are turning to potable reuse and drinking water remediation to meet these demands. The TrojanUVFlex®AOP can be part of the solution. This UV advanced oxidation system destroys a range of chemical contaminants while simultaneously providing final treatment, helping municipalities relying on lower quality water sources to continue producing high-quality potable drinking water.


In this episode of Water Talk, we sit down with Caroline Burger from Carollo to talk about the main entities involved in developing a flood alert system.