On-Demand Webinars

This webinar will give you the essential knowledge and strategies to meet the upcoming LCRR/I deadline and maintain compliance in the future.

Our top 10 OT cybersecurity questions to start asking today will help provide insight to the state of cybersecurity at your facility and leave you ready to tackle any challenges.

This webinar will explore how mag meters compare to common types of open pipe measurement technologies and how they can help minimize or prevent surcharging.

Join the Kamstrup product team as they delve into the features and benefits of Kamstrup’s dynamic communications portfolio. Explore how these meters not only simplify AMI deployment but also empower utilities by actively listening for and locating leaks, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency and reducing loss.

Water Online brought together three leaders from fast-rising water technology companies for a roundtable discussion on industry trends, innovations, and the future of sustainable water and wastewater management.

In this webinar learn lessons on delivering value from digital solutions and AI from groundbreaking advancements in automotive, oil and gas and what they can mean for water.

Trinnex is here to provide a digital transformation roadmap for ALL utilities - no matter where they are in their digital journey. That's why Trinnex is proud to join Water Online for the first ever Trinnex Digital Water Masterclass. 

With the recent release of the Lead and Copper Rule Improvements, and less than 9 months to submit your preliminary inventory, 120Water is unpacking what water utilities need to know to get the job done right - and on time.

Defining what a successful AMI deployment looks like for your utility is critical to ensuring the investment adds value to your bottom line and to supporting your city.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the connected workflows for Capital Programs and Asset Management from Trimble that are elevating the industry standards.

In this webinar, Tacoma Zach and John Clow from MentorAPM give an introduction to asset management for water and wastewater utilities. 

In this webinar, explore successful approaches from AMI deployments that lead to reducing non-revenue water, improving sustainable water management, and meeting the demands of today and the future.

Join 120Water’s team of industry experts to learn what LCRR requirements are important, how to develop a customer communications strategy, and tips for centralizing your data to make future reporting a breeze.

In this webinar, learn how transitioning to a smart water solution can improve operational efficiency and effectiveness for your utility, no matter its size.

The journey from traditional metering to AMI is not without challenges. In this webinar, hear about the importance of developing a step-by-step approach, choosing a good partner, and securing the right meter for the journey.

Join us as we discuss the mechanism behind water hammer, its causes, and ways to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Learn how the City of Galveston, Texas—prone to seasonal changes in water use and stress on their distribution system due to tourism cycles—is using online monitoring in the distribution system to deliver greater operational insight.

In this webinar we will be evaluating an interesting application to prepare the raw water from a reservoir for feeding into a local potable water distribution network. 

This webinar will provide an overview of key digitalization trends for water distribution system operators, and the solutions they rely on for mapping, designing, and analyzing their networks and assets.

In this webinar, learn about the benefits of ultrasonic meters, and discover why utilities across the country are upgrading to ultrasonic meters.

Join a panel of dewatering experts from Evoqua Water Technologies for an interactive and informative introduction of the Rotary Press. Learn how the technology works, market opportunities, performance characteristics vs. alternative solutions, and how the Rotary Press can save you time and money.