• How Acoustic Water Leak Detection Is Used To Tackle Water Loss

    Italy’s biggest multi-utility, A2A S.p.A., like many water utilities in North America and around the world, had to corral water loss to sustain efficient operations. A2A piloted acoustic leak detection as a potential solution, achieving A+ results.

  • Kansas Water Utility Identifies Non-Revenue Water Through Trimble Water Technology

    Mitigating non-revenue water (NRW) challenges has taken an increasing role in water utilities over the past several years. There is a saying in the water industry that ‘what gets measured gets managed’ and the American Water Works Association has recommended water utilities rely on actionable performance indicators to meet the challenges brought on by real losses and apparent losses resulting in underbilling.

  • Listen Up: How To Prevent Big Water Pipes From Breaking

    Acoustic monitoring system helps pinpoint problem spots along north Denver pipeline.

  • Blazing A Path To Water Conservation With Smart Technology

    Albert Einstein once said: “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This same adage applies to water utilities today as water conservation takes on a greater role for customers and governments, pushing sustainability to the forefront of industry challenges. Thankfully, utilities no longer have to rely on the same old solutions when examining and addressing water loss.

  • Three-Dimensional ROI: Getting More Than Just Dollars From Your Smart Water Network

    When it comes to digital transformation via ‘smart city’ technologies for leak detection or sewer overflow prevention, utility needs inevitably overlap with the economic and infrastructure interests of other city operations. Evaluating operating efficiencies in the context of three-dimensional (3D) ROI can uncover practical ways to drive greater dividends for all concerned — utilities, society, and the environment around them.

  • A Routemap For Water Companies To Boost Efficiency Worldwide

    Water UK, the trade association representing major British water companies, has released a plan for achieving in net-zero carbon emissions in the water sector by 2030, 20 years before the government’s economy-wide net-zero emissions goal.

  • How Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Will Underpin Asset Management Of The Future

    Aging infrastructure is by far the most recognized challenge for municipal water systems. In many places across the country, pipes and valves have been in the ground more than 50 years. While this has led to a dramatic increase in failures, the typical municipality only has the budget to repair about 1 percent of its distribution system assets in any year. That’s where newer artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) solutions can play an outsized role.

  • Hamad International Airport Reduces Leaks By 60%

    The airport had to deal with a large volume of non-registered water in its extensive water distribution networks. In the light of this situation, the implementation of Idrica’s services and technology managed to boost efficiency in the facilities. The results included a 60% reduction in the number of leaks and a 20% drop in maintenance costs.

  • Intelligent Leak Detection, Pressure Monitoring Reduces Park City Water Loss By 10%

    Long before Park City, Utah became a world-class mountain resort and venue for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, it was famous as a silver mining town. Founded by prospectors in the late 1800s, Park City remained a mining town until the 1970s. 

  • City of San Juan Bautista

    The City of San Juan Bautista, California, also known as the City of History, is a mission town nestled in the San Juan Valley. Some of the city’s infrastructure is over 100 years old. The city’s water meters were an aging mix of units from various manufacturers. The meters were losing accuracy and becoming unreliable, leading to a loss of billing revenue. In addition, manually reading the meters was a very inefficient way for the city’s small staff to spend their time. Also, like most California cities, water conservation in San Juan Bautista is a top priority. Helping customers find leaks and understand how much water they really use is an important step towards conservation.


  • Sentryx™ Software Enabled Super Centurion® Hydrant

    The communications hub for your water distribution system. The Sentryx software enabled Super Centurion hydrant brings together the infrastructure platform you trust with the data intelligence to make informed, actionable decisions. Leveraging Industrial IoT, powerful mapping and data visualizations as well as advanced analytics, you’ll be able to understand the performance of your distribution system like never before.

  • Smarter Fire Hydrant

    Mueller Water Products is daylighting a smarter hydrant which not only provides life-saving fire protection but detects leaks in the water distribution system and monitors pressure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Leak Detection Using Conductivity

    Virtually all industries from food and beverage to chemical processing use heat exchangers, condensers,or jacketed vessels. Leakage of the process into the cooling water represents a loss of product and can be a source of fouling or corrosion in the cooling water system.

  • Hidden Revenue Locator: A Proactive Data-Powered Apporach To Identify Metering Inaccuracies And Optimizing Revenue

    A data-powered approach to proactive meter management that helps utilities identify metering inaccuracies and optimize revenue.

  • ProField ENCORE Smart Meter Maintenance Software

    ProFieldENCORE’S modular design and open interface architecture means that you can license as many or as few of ProFieldENCORE’S modules as you need. Let our experts help you to design an implementation model that fits your specific needs and circumstances.

  • Aclara RF Network Water & Gas DCU

    The Aclara RF Network Data Collector Unit II (DCU) for water and gas utilities enhances your AMI network by providing reliable and flexible, two-way communications for water and gas meters.


  • America’s Most Popular Fire Hydrant Now Serves As A Communications Hub

    The Sentryx Software Enabled Super Centurion Hydrant by Mueller, brings together a trusted infrastructure platform with data intelligence to make informed actionable decisions. Leveraging industrial IOT, powerful mapping and data visualizations as well as advanced analytics, you'll be able to understand the performance of your distribution system like never before.  Leak and pressure monitoring options are available for the Sentryx Software Enabled Super Centurion Hydrant as a new hydrant or as a retrofittable kit. Watch this video to learn more.