• Insta-Valve 20-24 Provides Needed Control For Infrastructure Expansion

    Hydra-Stop’s solution allowed targeted control to connect a million-gallon water tank to a new water treatment center.

  • Water Authority Deploys More Efficient Solution For Now And The Future

    Following the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act announced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2013, Water Authority of Dickson County decided to look beyond its current metering manufacturing company and evaluate other solutions in the market. Leaders from WADC began conversations with their counterparts across Tennessee to find new, longer-lasting and more accurate meters, as well as a solution that would help WADC more strategically detect leaks and efficiently manage its time.

  • AMA Managed Solution And District Metering Strategy Help Identify Major Leaks For Highway 71

    A rural water district located between the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains in Alma, Arkansas, Highway 71 Water District No. 1, services approximately 2,500 water customers scattered across 175 miles of distribution lines throughout the countryside. 

  • BEACON AMA Helps Eliminate Human Error And Reducing Time Spent In The Field

    Servicing more than 3,000 residents in the Greenfield Village and Copper Creek subdivisions in northwest Houston, Texas, Harris County Utility District (UD 15) had an aging water metering system with numerous inefficiencies. As a result, the district was experiencing lost revenues and inaccurate meter readings. It was time to replace the system. 

  • Purpose Of An IoT-Based Smart Water Meter

    It is fascinating to see how the Internet of Things (IoT) is working in the water sector. Many countries are adopting smart meters for effective water utilization, and they further save cities against increasing water scarcity while setting permanent water-saving goals for consumers.

  • Optimizing Leak Detection With Virtual DMAs

    After experiencing significant real water losses in its distribution system and having difficulty locating the root causes, this large water authority in United Arab Emirates took a proactive approach by using real-time data to identify the source of leaks, reducing non-revenue water and gaining system intelligence to improve future operations, maintenance, and capital planning.

  • Insta-Valve 250 Helps Keep The Water On For Residents During COVID-19 Pandemic

    The Insta-Valve 250 provided targeted shutdown without impacting service to customers.

  • Every Drop Counts

    The fast-growing city of Lincolnton, North Carolina, installs new metering system that’s addressing “meterbox blindness” – and quickly recovering lost revenue in the process.

  • Danish Utility Increases Leak Detection During COVID-19

    While many people have been working from home, the Greater Copenhagen utility HOFOR has invested in tools to boost their efforts related to leak detection. With simple guidelines and new equipment, the employees have found the silver lining of an otherwise bad situation by collecting data for asset management. 

  • Non-Revenue Water - Understanding And Working Proactively With Non-Revenue Water

    Non-Revenue Water is a well-known global problem that results in large volumes of water being lost. It is a very real challenge faced by the majority of water utilities as a consequence of increased urbanization, higher demand, increased prices and aging distribution networks.


  • Water Distribution System Wireless Monitoring

    Trimble Telog offers the industry’s leading remote data acquisition system including the most comprehensive family of battery powered, environmentally rugged wireless monitors available from any single supplier.


  • Kamstrup flowIQ® 2100 & 3101 AMR Meters

    Next generation smart water metering with the flowIQ® AMR series

  • AFC SEMPER™ Remote Pressure Monitor (RPM)

    The AFC SEPMER™ RPM is an ideal solution for pressure concerns, fire flow testing and hydraulic model calibration.

  • Aclara RF Network Pressure Monitoring Solution

    Aclara’s water pressure monitoring solution leverages our industry leading Aclara RF network to provide near real-time monitoring of water pressure throughout your distribution network. Whether used for leak detection or managing system-wide pressure, Aclara’s pressure monitoring solution is easy to install, reliable, low maintenance and integrated into your advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) environment.

  • LeakFinder-ST: Advanced Acoustic Leak Detection System

    Echologics is globally recognized as a leader in non-invasive leak detection technology.  Echologics’ flagship LeakFinder-ST correlator is a result of extensive research as well as the input from global leak detection experts on the user interface and design of equipment to meet the needs of end user.

  • Mikron3

    A wireless electronic listening stick and ground microphone system that can be used to survey and/or confirm leaks.


  • Ductile Iron Pipe Put To The Test In The Most Corrosive Soil Environment In North America

    The Everglades is the most corrosive soil environment in America. In this interview, Maury Gaston, Manager of Marketing Services for AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe and AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe, discusses a study that involved burying ductile iron pipe specimens coated with zinc, top-coated with a finishing layer, and wrapped in V-Bio encased polyethylene, and the results when they were exhumed.