• Installation was completed by Farilie District Council, a rural water authority located in the central South Island of New Zealand. With a number of water supplies in the South Canterbury region, they required the latest digital noise correlation and signal coherence frequency analysis processing software. The Enigma solution was chosen to overcome challenges such as limited recoding and process capabilities.

  • The water network management team in Nantes, France is responsible for maintaining supply from a highly complex system of underground water supply pipes. Constant road traffic and restricted access make monitoring, troubleshooting, and upgrading the water network exceptionally challenging. The La Dopea (Direction des Opérateurs Publics de l'Eau et de l'Assainissement) leakage team was tasked with assessing the supply to one particular area of the Nantes Metropole area. Initial investigations indicated substantial losses, but traditional leakage detection methods had failed to identify where these were. The business challenge was identifying and preventing these leaks.

  • United Utilities supplies water to 3 million homes and 200,000 businesses in North West England. Within the Winscales and Scilly Banks service reservoir zones where the trial was to take place, local United Utilities NCI / NIA had previously split the main and quantified losses of 4 liters/sec and 2 liters/sec in the respective halves. Leak detection on trunk mains using correlation techniques has always had potentially limited success for reasons of poor sound propagation and scarcity of accessible fittings. The business challenge was to exceed these limitations, improve efficiency and reduce leakage.

  • The State of Texas and the region around Abilene in particular has been experiencing an ongoing drought. Abilene takes the region’s need for adequate water supplies seriously and has been analyzing the short-term water needs (5-10years) as well as the long-term water needs (+50years) for its service area. The ongoing drought had pulled the three primary water supply reservoirs for the region down to extremely low levels. In the autumn of 2014: Lake OH Ivie was at 15% capacity; Hubbard Creek Reservoir was at 16% capacity; Lake Fort Phantom Hill was at 32% capacity.

  • Leak location on large diameter mains is difficult because the pipe becomes more elastic as the ratio of pipe wall thickness to diameter increases. This results in more rapid absorption of leak energy into the pipe material, with resultant attenuation as distance from the leak increases.

  • Ten Enigma3m loggers were installed in less than two hours on sites located in the city of Lyon. The devices are equipped with a roaming SIM allowing the Enigma3M to select the best GSM network. Some holes were created in the chamber for fitting the aerial and optimizing the GSM data for transmission.

  • Whichever the relevant adage — measure twice, cut once…a penny saved is a penny earned…look before you leap — the concept of being thoroughly prepared to minimize lost time, wasted money, or potential embarrassment is well founded. In water distribution pipelines, that means confirming actual pipeline conditions before investing in large-scale replacements. Here are some guidelines for avoiding unnecessary labor and expense in the process.

  • A new, peer-reviewed study published on Nature.com confirms what water utilities know and confront every day — water scarcity is already a problem, and its growth is forcing action now. Fortunately, there are proven, although not yet widely adopted, tools available to utilities to combat and resolve this threat cost-effectively and faster than conventional methods. Here are tangible steps that can be taken to meet such current and future challenges.

  • Since the Forsyth County, Georgia, Department of Water and Sewer deployed the AMERICAN Flow Control SEMPER® Remote Pressure Monitor (RPM) more than a year ago, it has seen numerous advantages. But the AFC SEMPER’s ability to move from one system asset to another, “Lift and Shift,” is among the greatest. Introduced in February 2020 in partnership with Trimble Water, the AFC SEMPER RPM is a wireless, battery-powered pressure recorder that provides utilities with the data needed to monitor water pressure throughout their systems, help identify transients and reduce non-revenue water.

  • Ranhill SAJ Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Ranhill Holdings Berhad, is an integrated water supply company in Malaysia, involved in the process of water treatment and distribution of treated water to consumers right up to billing and collection. It serves around 3.1 million population and manages 22,175 km of pipes over an area of approximately 19,000k m².


  • PipeRank™ Virtual Condition Assessment

    The PipeRank™ machine learning technology delivered by Echologics, leverages historical failure data and other site-specific data to accurately predict which of your water pipelines will break next, allowing you to prioritize segments for further inspection and those that need to be replaced immediately.

  • EchoShore-DX Permanent Leak Monitoring Platform

    Early leak detection is vital for distribution systems, with the ability to identify system failure points before they impact customer service levels. When water resources are limited, early leak detection is a valuable tool in reducing non-revenue water and extending pipe asset life. The EchoShore®-DX platform is a fixed leak detection technology that is changing the way water main leaks are identified and repaired.

  • Enigma3hyQ Multi-Point Noise Correlation System

    Enigma3hyQ is a variant of the Enigma3M multi-point noise correlation system utilizing 4G/3G/2G or IOT communications.

  • Sentryx™ Software Enabled Super Centurion® Hydrant

    The communications hub for your water distribution system. The Sentryx software enabled Super Centurion hydrant brings together the infrastructure platform you trust with the data intelligence to make informed, actionable decisions. Leveraging Industrial IoT, powerful mapping and data visualizations as well as advanced analytics, you’ll be able to understand the performance of your distribution system like never before.

  • Echologics Trunk Main Leak Detection

    Virtually every water utility has at some point experienced a catastrophic failure of a large-diameter trunk main, resulting in damage to both the water main itself and the surrounding infrastructure.

  • AFC SEMPER Remote Pressure Monitor

    The AFC SEMPER RPM featuring "Lift & Shift" capability is an ideal solution for pressure concerns, fire flow testing, and hydraulic model calibration. This flexible installation method allows the use of a smaller number of units to cover a large area with the advantage of allowing utilities to move their RTU’s quickly and easily without having to reconfigure the application or retrofit existing assets. 


  • Machine-Intelligent Non-Acoustic Leak Detection Webinar

    For years, global water utilities have battled the lack of precise leak locations, inability to determine leak severities in industry-accepted metrics like GPM, and numerous false-positive readings from acoustic data loggers, correlators, listening sticks, and sensors. The purpose of this webinar will be to re-set how leaks can be more accurately found and expressed in GPM to support CAPEX decisions and long-term pipeline reliability & sustainability. Instead of listening (acoustically), seeing (visually), or smelling (helium tracing), attendees will learn how machine-intelligent technology can automatically measure the size of holes, by combining Ohms’ Law, plus Torricelli’s Law.