• An LDS leverages existing meters, sensors, and other instrumentation to more precisely pinpoint leak locations, saving time, money, and manpower spent scouring and searching.

  • Here are just a few examples of innovative ways that communities are leveraging Trimble Cityworks, Esri, and partner solutions.

  • Water utilities must grasp the complete scope, including social and environmental costs, to comprehend the consequences of ignoring or postponing measures to address NRW.

  • As a nonprofit membership-based organization, Davidson Water is entirely supported by the rates and fees paid by its member customers – no county taxes involved. Created over 50 years ago by enterprising businessmen who realized that this part of the popular Piedmont corridor of commerce and trade would not be able to host more business without reliable access to clean water, Davidson Water provides a stellar example of both water stewardship and a commitment to innovation.

  • Water utilities across the United States have made great strides in controlling water loss within their water distribution systems. However, more can be done to account for every last drop of water.

  • Yorkshire Water Services (YWS) is a leading UK water utility that serves nearly 5.5 million people and has a well-deserved reputation as a progressive and proactive utility. Their belief that innovation is one of the key driving forces that allows utilities to deliver better services to their customers while keeping costs down has led them to always seek out new ways to improve their operations both now and in the future.

  • Learn how a military installation used an Insta-Valve insertion valve to repair a water leak, minimizing disruption and costs. Hydra-Stop's support was valued in maintaining military readiness.

  • The Town of Holly Springs, NC, used Hydra-Stop's Insta-Valve 250 insertion valves to repair a leak in a transmission line without causing water service outages to over 40 residences. This solution saved the town from widespread outages and other costs associated with a system shutdown, providing better control, cost reduction, and long-term value.

  • How are water utilities getting the deluge of real and apparent water losses under control? The City of Elmhurst, a stately suburb west of Chicago with a population of about 46,000 residents, is a case study on how one municipality took on the issue.

  • It's a sobering fact that global freshwater demand could outstrip supply by more than 50% by 2030. Despite this, more than 158 million cubic feet of water are still lost around the world each day through leakage. To put that in context, that's the same as losing 12,000 Olympic-size swimming pools of drinking water each day.


  • KETOS WAVE: Building Smart Water Efficiency & Distribution Management

    When it comes to understanding water utilization or measuring leaks directly, compared to just estimations or having partial data from acoustic and noise logging measurements, our innovative KETOS Wave Fabric (patent issued) provides the necessary data real-time for customers to take action.  

  • Enigma3m Correlating Noise Logger

    The Enigma3m correlating loggers transmit daily leak noise data via the 3G or GPRS communication networks. This data is sent to a server. The data provides leak alarms and also enables the user an opportunity to listen to the noise thus helping to confirm it is leak noise. Furthermore, correlation can be performed from many loggers to accurately locate leak positions. To enable accurate correlations a daily logger time synchronization is carried out by new patented technology.

  • Eureka3+

    A user-friendly real-time acoustic noise correlator with a high-definition touch color LCD screen and advanced filtering system to unmask even the most difficult leaks.

  • EchoShore-DXe Acoustic Leak Monitoring Sensor

    The EchoShore-DXe Acoustic Leak Monitoring Sensor is a valve-based sensor that extends the leak monitoring capabilities of the Echologics EchoShore-DX system. 

  • Enigma┬« Digital Correlation Logging System

    Enigma® loggers are deployed at multiple positions, typically on valves or hydrants, during normal working hours. They may be programmed for either daytime or night-time operation. The loggers record the actual leak sound. When retrieved the leak sound is transferred to the host software where it is processed to display all leak positions between loggers.

  • Model 4500 Gas Leak Detector/Monitor

    The JCS Industries Model 4500 Gas Leak Detector/Monitor is a low cost, non-contact and easy to install measurement device designed for monitoring trace amounts of compressed gaseous water treatment chemicals such as, but not limited to: chlorine, sulfur dioxide and ammonia in a closed or open environment.


  • The Business Of Water: Kamstrup

    In this episode of The Water Online Show: The Business Of Water, Travis Kennedy sits down with Joe Ball from Kamstrup. Travis and Joe discuss the evolution of AMI, and explore Kamstrup's groundbreaking leak detection tool, which is the industry's first smart meter with acoustic leak detection embedded inside the meter.