• Coastal urban centers around the world are urgently looking for new, sustainable water sources as their local supplies become less reliable. In the U.S., the issue is especially pressing in California, which is coping with a record-setting, multidecadal drought.

  • Discover Searcy Water Utilities' solution to naturally corrosive water that began to cause problems for certain mixers. 

  • For millions in America, water is a life-giving resource that provides countless benefits from drinking to bathing and even swimming. According to NFS.org, about 71% of people drink water from the tap in the U.S., consuming eight glasses of water per day. As water quality continues to be a growing concern, health risks linked to water contaminants are now leading people across the country to think twice about the kind of water they consume.

  • Learn how AdEdge water treatment experts took on the challenge of incorporating PFAS treatment into containerized designs that were already in progress. 

  • Denver Water has pioneered a disinfection method that’s saving millions of gallons of water, reducing staff time and nearly eliminating expensive pipe replacement do-overs.

  • Hydraulic modeling offers a vast range of benefits such as improving system performance, long-term infrastructure planning, predicting and anticipating demographic changes, and more.

  • To stretch water resources as scarcity intensifies, utilities and industry should lean on the latest sensing technology, enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Biopharmaceutical processing is highly precise, and people must rely on various measuring devices to control costs, maintain quality, and avoid accidents. They often use flow meters to accomplish many of those aims. Here are some specific ways professionals working in pharmaceutical processing use these devices, making them so instrumental in successful outcomes.


  • InnovaSonic 210i Ultrasonic Portable Flow Meter

    Sierra’s next generation InnovaSonic® 210i portable ultrasonic flow meter succeeds at delivering expanded functionality and field portability.  The handheld 210i is ideal for precisely measuring a wide range of liquid flows and temperatures. This universal transit-time ultrasonic flow meter  features a pushbutton interface, ergonomic handheld design and a large digital display that significantly simplifies set-up and data collection. Its high-powered ultrasonic pulse with improved digital signal processing requires just one set of transducers for a wide range of pipe sizes and materials including metal, plastic and concrete.

  • Laser Process Analyzer: LGR-ICOS™ 950 Series

    Where the most challenging of detection capabilities are required for quality assurance, critical process control or the protection of a precious process catalyst from poisonous impurities, no other laser analyzer can match the capability of this analyzer in performance.

  • OPTIFLUX 2300 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    The OPTIFLUX 2300 is an electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF) for all demanding applications with water and wastewater. The high-end meter is particularly suitable for applications requiring high accuracy and extensive diagnostics. The EMF has the widest diameter range available in the market (DN25…3000 / 1…120") and complies with requirements for custody transfer (MID MI-001, OIML R49). It also has a wide range of approvals for potable water. This makes the OPTIFLUX 2300 an effective alternative to mechanical water meters, not least in custody transfer measurement of potable water.

  • Real-Time Conductivity Monitoring Estimates Chloride Levels In Minnesota Watershed By Using The Aqua TROLL 200 Monitoring deicing chemical levels can help researchers, city governments, and regulatory agencies understand runoff impacts on surface water, groundwater, and surrounding environments.
  • Ion Exchange Systems

    Loprest has been providing ion exchange treatment systems for the removal of arsenic, nitrate, perchlorate, hardness, fluoride and other contaminants for many decades. 



In this video, watch the production and calibration of a 120 inch OPTIFLUX electromagnetic flowmeter.