• Defining a sustainable digital strategy and employing solutions in a phased manner can result in multiple productivity, maintenance, reliability, and cost benefits for water utilities.

  • The ozonation process for water purification is a powerful option for optimal disinfection and the reduction of micropollutants. Still, it may result in the formation of potentially toxic oxidation byproduct bromate in bromide-containing waters. This paper provides a high-level overview of the problem and highlights the main pathways of ozone decomposition and propositions to control bromates formation.

  • Mechanical flow meters have always been a dependable option for drinking water treatment and distribution. However, the adoption of ultrasonic devices for these applications is growing steadily as water managers realize that advancements make them a better choice in many cases.

  • The presence of dissolved gases in a liquid can mean the difference between high quality and headaches. The same gases that give beverages their distinctive flavor and fizz can corrode boiler equipment or cause defects in microelectronics.

    For over 20 years, 3M’s advanced gas transfer membrane technology has been used to precisely control dissolved gases in many applications.

    From providing in-line carbonation, nitrogenation and removal of O₂ for the beverage industry to reduce CO₂ to maximize the efficiency of the electrodeionization process in pharmaceutical manufacturing, 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contactors provide precision dissolved gas control for a wide variety of industries.

  • A staggering four billion people — two-thirds of the world’s population — experience water scarcity each year, and more than half lack access to safe sanitation services. The severity of this global water crisis will only increase as populations continue to rapidly grow, industries exhaust shared resources and extreme weather events exacerbate shortages. If we don’t act urgently, 700 million people could be displaced by intense water scarcity in just a few short years.

  • McCrometer’s Dura Mag flow meter has gained a reputation as a robust tool for flow measurement within irrigation and other markets because of its accuracy and ruggedness while being an economical solution. Several technology limitations prevented the Dura Mag from widespread adoption in municipal water applications, but those issues are about to be addressed as McCrometer is preparing to launch the Dura Mag with expanded capabilities this year, enabling water utilities to take advantage of its benefits.

  • Last year, COVID-19 emerged as a global health threat, in more ways than one. In additional to the toll posed by the virus itself, the pandemic presents a number of other safety threats as priorities and resources shift to tackle the larger concern at hand. In particular, as buildings shut down to accommodate stay-at-home orders, property teams may be suspending routine maintenance tasks for the time being, which enables harmful bacteria to spread until workforces return.

  • There's a lot of truth to the adage that knowledge is power — and what's equally true is that many of us don't realize the power that is literally at our fingertips. At Mazzei, we recently engaged in a six-month campaign to study opportunities in the ozone market for our venturi injectors and sidestream injection systems, which have been catching on in ozone installations covering a wide range of configurations and sizes. In many cases, companies like ours would turn to a market consulting firm for an expensive survey of the marketplace and high-level meetings to discuss the firm's advice.


  • Application Note: Miami Conservancy District Uses Nitrate Screening As Conjunctive Management Tool Tasked with monitoring a watershed covering nearly 4,000 square miles, almost 2,300 miles of rivers and streams, and a huge aquifer that provides drinking water for more than 1.2 million people, water quality monitoring specialists at the Miami Conservancy District (MCD) in Dayton, Ohio, have their hands full. By YSI
  • Particle Counter The PC3400 online particle counter sets the newest standard for particle counting instruments used in the water treatment industry today.
  • Filtration: Spectrum Filter™

    The Spectrum Filtration Systems is a superior filtration system that handles water with a suspended solids concentration in excess of 100 mg/L and provides filtration turbidity of less than 0.1 NTU.

  • The Role Of Zeta Potential In Water Treatment Process Control

    Physical processes such as sedimentation, flotation and filtration remain at the heart of most process trains for the treatment of water and wastewater flows. All these processes depend on the principles relating the size, density and the charge of the particles to be removed.

  • Process Instrumentation And Analytics Solutions For Water And Wastewater

    Supplying drinking water to the population and treating wastewater are two very important global challenges. On a daily basis, system planners, designers and operators are required to keep the global increase in water consumption under control in the face of growing water shortages and the salination of fresh water resources. As industry experts for water applications, we offer powerful, innovative technical solutions to assist you.


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