• Aqua-Aerobic Rental Solutions

    Aqua-Aerobic provides flexible rental and lease options to cater to customers with short-term equipment requirements or constrained capital budgets.

  • PAX Mixers

    The PAX Mixer design is based on rigorous scientific analysis of fluid mechanical principles to achieve rapid disinfectant blend time. The mixers are designed for energy efficiency and engineered for ease of installation.

  • TurboStar┬« Directional Mixer

    The TurboStar® directional mixer is used in municipal and industrial wastewater applications to introduce directional linear mixing into lagoons, equalization basins, sludge holding and/or activated sludge systems. The unit provides thorough circulation and mixing of basin contents. It is excellent for shallow depths and channels. TurboStar is an ideal solution for upgrading, retrofitting, supplementing, or replacing under-performing mixer technologies.

  • Flow Boosters Type ABS SB

    The flow booster type ABS SB is a good choice for gently circulating and mixing fluids in sewage treatment plants and industrial areas.

  • OKI Aerator Mixer

    The submersible OKI 1000 and 2000 aerator mixers are heavy-duty devices suitable for applications in the continuous and/or intermittent aeration of both municipal and industrial wastewater


There are countless ways a system can fail, so why wait around for a replacement? Instead, consider a rental system.