OKI Aerator Mixer


The submersible OKI 1000 and 2000 aerator mixers are heavy-duty devices suitable for applications in the continuous and/or intermittent aeration of both municipal and industrial wastewater

It can withstand many harsh types of wastewater with no performance degradation and will tackle intermittent process problems.

The OKI aerator mixer range has been designed to meet the process requirements in versatile municipal and industrial applications:

  • Activated sludge basins and sequencing batch reactor (SBR), membrane bio reactors (MBR), and moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR), providing aeration and mixing in a single unit for degrading the biomass
  • Mixing and equalization basins, providing uniform wastewater loading to downstream processes and eliminating odors
  • Sludge storage and stabilization, providing odor control as well as oxidation of sludge
  • Flotation of oil and grease
  • Additional aeration
  • Plants with chemical and petrochemical effluents
  • Heavily-loaded plants
  • Deep basins

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