• Projects in the water environment industry typically span from one to several years and require, with few exceptions, a fixed-price bid from contractors. When establishing a product’s price, contractors must carefully consider the risks involved with possible unanticipated cost increases that may occur over the length of the project.

  • Milton Friedman once said, "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there'd be a shortage of sand." While cynical, many folks believe in the underlying sentiment of these words. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, nobody doubts the tremendous influence the federal government will exert over our industry in the coming years. Not since the Great Depression has such a focused, targeted investment in infrastructure been attempted or funded. Therefore, what can we do to ensure this period of intense investment achieves maximum impact? How can even the most cynical among us help the federal government avoid Mr. Friedman's prediction? As a manufacturer, I believe there are three things we can do to help.
  • Digital payment platforms improve the efficiency of collections and related labor practices, but their greatest benefit may be enhancing utility-customer relations.

  • How Denver Water is protecting the water system now — and preparing for the future.

  • The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) provides much-anticipated funding for our nation’s infrastructure. The IIJA was enacted and included the Build America, Buy America Act (BABAA), which now requires all recipients of federal infrastructure funding to use products manufactured in the U.S.

  • When storms like Hurricane Ian strike, many people have to cope afterward with losing water service. Power outages mean that pumps can’t process and treat drinking water or sewage, and heavy stormwater flows can damage water mains.

  • "Why isn't water free?" Not surprisingly, that's a common query on Google — common enough that there are some outstanding responses right at the top of the screen when you type it in. After all, water is everywhere. And because it's vital to survival, we see it as a human right, linked to a moral imperative different from any other commodity. Of course, there are significant costs tied with pumping, conveying, metering and, perhaps most importantly, purifying the water we pay for. So, although we tend to undervalue water compared to its importance, we do have to pay something for it. Or, as my friend Steve Bhaerman likes to say, "water is a we-source, not a free-source."

  • Over $850 billion in federal funding has the potential to make communities safer, more equitable, and more resilient. And to achieve those outcomes, communities of all sizes must successfully apply for, win, and manage large federal and state grants and loans. Yet even as the country’s policy ambitions continue to evolve, funding application processes and requirements, by and large, have not.

  • Investors who consider water risk and how companies manage it can do well for themselves while promoting environmentally responsible business operations.

  • Water stress occurs when demand for safe, affordable, usable water in a given area exceeds the available supply. We could add that water stress also occurs when there is an excessive amount of water due to rain events that exceed the local area’s ability to handle the storm or the storm flow.


  • Trench Shoring Rental, Sales And Service

    Maximum Safety With Minimum Hassle
    With over 20 years of shoring experience, BakerCorp has the people, the equipment and the solutions you’ll want working on your job. From slide rail shoring, to steel and aluminum trench shields, to hydraulic shoring, BakerCorp has what you need to provide maximum safety on the jobsite with minimum hassle.

  • VTScada Application Version Control

    Standard Component – Only VTScada includes pre-configured change management that allows you to easily see all configuration by all users and instantly roll back anything in seconds. It is increasingly impractical to shut down modern mission-critical SCADA systems in order to configure them. Developing on live systems has the added benefit of allowing you to work with real I/O. Application Version Control (AVC)* provides the freedom to configure in real-time in a multi-developer environment knowing you can instantly roll back any change.

  • Proficy Historian 2022

    Proficy Historian from GE Digital is a best-in-class historian software solution that collects your industrial time-series and Alarms & Events (A&E) data needed to analyze asset and process performance, so you can drive greater business value.

  • Lead Service Line Probability Finder

    Lead has met its match. 120Water’s Lead Service Line Probability Finder is your way to accurately predict the presence of lead in any unknown service line location.

  • Optimizer™ Blockage Tool

    The Optimizer™ Blockage Tool extends the functionality of the Optimizer™ ICM Integration, allowing users to analyze different blockage scenarios in their collection system model.


Due to the Revised Lead and Copper Rule and the (eventual?) passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), utilities are now required and incentivized to better assess and replace lead pipes within their networks.