• Ignoring Country’s Water, Wastewater Infrastructure Needs Laced With Peril

    Water and wastewater systems are critical components of sustainability for communities throughout America. However, most of the country’s water infrastructure is either at, or very near, the end of its useful life. At a time when funding is scarce and public officials are distracted with other critical issues, something must be done. There’s no way to ignore or postpone the upgrades, repairs, and modernizations that are vital to our health and safety. Although these projects may not appeal to some contracting firms, numerous multimillion-dollar water projects are being announced daily.

  • Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay: COVID-19’s Implications For Water Utility Funding

    Water and wastewater utilities that were already financially strapped before the pandemic have seen a decrease in revenue because of it. How can these utilities adapt and survive, or even thrive, in the shadow of COVID-19?

  • Harnessing The Power Of Data For On-Time And On-Budget Water Projects

    When it comes to designing and constructing water and wastewater treatment plants, predictable outcomes are a crucial element for project management teams. Accurately monitoring a project’s schedule and budget is critical to successful delivery.

  • WWEMA Joins Other Water Leaders To Create Joint Funding And Policy Paper

    The Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA) recently joined with other national water associations to develop a joint paper titled Sustainable Solutions for America’s Water and Wastewater Infrastructure: Urgent Funding and Policy Considerations.

  • Bond Sale And Refi To Save Water Users At Least $17.5 Million Over Time

    Denver Water raises about $300 million to help pay for capital improvements and minimize future rate increases.

  • An Infrastructure Stimulus Will Make America More Resilient, If We Get It Right

    Congress is currently focused on passing a series of stimulus relief bills to support medical professionals, hospitals, individuals and small businesses in an attempt to mitigate the worst effects of the global coronavirus pandemic.

  • COVID-19 Is A Chance To Invest In Our Essential Infrastructure Workforce

    Even as the COVID-19 pandemic keeps millions of people home and many businesses shuttered for social distancing, up to 62 million essential workers are still reporting to their jobs in hospitals, grocery stores, and other critical industries. They are on the frontlines against the coronavirus, vital to our public health and economic survival.

  • Small Private Utilities Are Looking For Standardization Of Water And Wastewater Solutions

    The traditional method of bringing water and wastewater solutions to a growing community or sprawling commercial or home development has been via municipal or county government funds to build the infrastructure of networks and systems.

  • Large Water Projects Of Every Kind Coming In 2020

    Clean and adequate water resources are essential components of human existence. For many years, government leaders had few problems providing this precious resource. That’s no longer the case, and companies interested in contracting with government to fix water problems will find an abundance of opportunities in 2020.

  • 50+ Links To Assist Small, Stressed Water Utilities

    While any drinking water or wastewater treatment operation can be challenged by demands from changing seasonal conditions or regulatory requirements, those pressures can quickly compound for personnel forced to wear multiple hats at small- to medium-sized utilities. Here are scores of links to helpful resources for such operators for the municipalities and consulting engineers who work with them.


  • Process Automation

    Festo is a leading global manufacturer of automation technology including systems, components, and controls for process control and factory automation solutions.

  • VTScada Historical Data Management

    Standard Component - VTScada is built around a world-class historian with intuitive tools allowing operators to create custom trends and export historical data.

  • GIS Mapping

    Up to date Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a integral part of asset management. Matchpoint has partnered with ESRI in order to provide the most comprehensive and efficient GIS services. In conjunction with or separate to our non-revenue water services, we offer GIS asset collection, digitization, mapping and visual/thermal drone based image capture.

  • Ovation™ SCADA Server Solution

    Our Ovation™ SCADA solution provides effective management of wastewater collection and water distribution systems. Our SCADA strategies and architecture offer safe, cost-effective, and reliable control over plant processes. Implemented as either a standalone server or incorporated with Ovation control and information technology, our SCADA solution ensures continuous monitoring and control of plant operations.

  • AccuGrid Surface Grating

    AccuGrid protective grating provides a strong, interlocking, non-skid surface on top of tube settler and trickling filter media. As a cost-effective alternative to other walkway systems, it covers the entire media surface for complete access to the distribution system. AccuGrid also improves safety by eliminating trip hazards through its surefoot tread design and locking tabs that maintain panel alignment.


It’s time for distributed design in the water industry. Learn how Fluence is changing the game in this short video.