• With water supply at a premium and pipelines deteriorating, drinking water utilities must do all they can to preserve their existing assets.

  • A major Texas-based refinery provides significant feedstock flexibility and product diversity to the area’s operations. The plant dates to the early 1900s and following upgrades now produces more than 125,000 barrels per day. A vital element of any refinery is its ability to be constantly ready to respond to a fire, so when the refinery found an inoperable valve on its 12” carbon steel fire suppression line and was in need of a way to add a valve to their system without shutting down the line, their maintenance and repairs contractor, ISS, suggested installing an AVT EZ Valve.

  • The installation of an AVT EZ Valve has helped to future-proof the water system of a university utility system in a Northeastern U.S city. AVT’s newest certified installer Millennium Industrial Services fit the insertion valve to create a control point on the water line that feeds the facility’s boiler. This enabled a current required repair and future works to take place without the need to shut off the water supply to the whole building.

  • Water storage tanks are critical to communities because they provide clean water to residents and help meet peak demand. Regular inspections and maintenance ensure that everything works as intended so end users have reliable access to water when it is needed.

  • The City of Papillion in Nebraska is home to around 20,000 residents who receive their water from two large water towers. These towers are fed by a pump station with the original pipeline infrastructure dictating that both towers needed to be filled simultaneously.

  • Sellafield Nuclear Site is Europe's largest nuclear site and houses a diverse range of facilities such as nuclear fuel reprocessing, nuclear waste storage and nuclear decommissioning. It is set on a two square mile site and employs around 10,000 people.

  • Ensuring the provision of an ongoing water supply is never more important than when it’s required by hospitals and medical centers, so when a North Texas city identified the need to create a permanent control point as well as isolate an area so a repair could be made to a water main, they called on Texas Hot Taps for a solution.

  • When a 40-year-old booster pump servicing Ochsner Health Centre in Baton Rouge, La began to falter, officials knew that had to resolve the issue fast. COVID-19 had left the hospital at full capacity so turning off the facility’s water was not an option. The pump’s existing control point was inoperable, so a new valve needed to be installed.

  • Hydratec Services, a trusted long-term partner of AVT, was called on to assist with the repair of a leaking fire hydrant in an East Texas location. Hydratech owns the kit required to install AVT EZ Valves so when they learned about the issue, they knew the installation on an insertion valve was the best option.

  • When a leak and burst was identified on LTHW (low temperature, hot water) 10” pipes in a UK hospital, turning off the water to fix the issue was not an option. The hospital needed its water supply to remain on to ensure it could continue to treat patients. Following an 18-month investigation into the issue, the hospital’s contractor Morris Mechanical Services, contacted AVT’s UK installer R2M Site Services who suggested installing a number of AVT EZ Valves to create control points enabling repairs to be made.


  • Seeq Organizer

    Organizer is Seeq’s application for engineers and managers to assemble and distribute Seeq analyses as reports, dashboards, and web pages.

  • Recordall® Compound Series Meters

    Recordall® Compound Series meters combine two metering technologies in one innovative package. A positive displacement chamber measures low flow, while a turbine chamber records high flow. These meters are an ideal choice for facilities that experience rapid and wide fluctuations in water demand, such as hospitals, universities, residential complexes and manufacturing or processing facilities.

  • Xylem Water Loss Management: Improve Network Performance With Better Intelligence And Actionable Insights

    Integrate all data and systems into a single IOT platform to collaborate and make more accurate, data-driven decisions. Xylem Water Loss Management delivers real-time data to help utilities make more informed decisions to improve network performance. Using these insights, a utility can intelligently monitor its water network to improve customer service, reduce non-revenue water and extend asset life.

  • EchoShore®-TX Transmission Main Monitoring

    While it often starts with a leak, historically many water operators have waited until there is an evident problem or rupture on a critical transmission main to react. Today’s utilities have a proven and cost-effective monitoring option that notifies them with a problem in a main. The EchoShore-TX platform will call, text or email you promptly after detecting a leak or other anomaly. Through monitoring and notification, utility response time can be significantly reduced to help mitigate infrastructure damage and water loss.

  • Super Centurion® A-403 Fire Hydrant

    Designed to be installed and maintained by one person, the new Super Centurion A-403 fire hydrant from Mueller Water Products features a two-piece ductile iron upper barrel. The nozzle section can be separated from the traffic section by removing two high strength bolts, which makes seat replacement or traffic repair simple and quick.

  • HQ40d Portable Meter Kit

    Designed for water quality experts, the Hach HQ40d portable meter is an advanced meter that takes the guesswork out of measurements.


For years, global water utilities have battled the lack of precise leak locations, inability to determine leak severities in industry-accepted metrics like GPM, and numerous false-positive readings from acoustic data loggers, correlators, listening sticks, and sensors. The purpose of this webinar will be to re-set how leaks can be more accurately found and expressed in GPM to support CAPEX decisions and long-term pipeline reliability & sustainability. Instead of listening (acoustically), seeing (visually), or smelling (helium tracing), attendees will learn how machine-intelligent technology can automatically measure the size of holes, by combining Ohms’ Law, plus Torricelli’s Law.