• RTP Tanks Repair Services

    Plas-Tanks Industries offers the following services for fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks

  • FlexNet EasyLink™ Radio Reader

    The FlexNet EasyLink™ Reader is a portable, radio-based device used to acquire data from utility meters that utilize Sensus SmartPoint® modules and/or Itron ERT radios. The Reader is compact and portable, allowing it to be used in any vehicle providing 12-volt DC power.

  • Hydra-Tapper

    The Hydra-Tapper provides access to the pressurized pipe without disrupting pressure or service. Obtain a tapping sleeve and a tapping valve capable of retaining the internal pressure of the water main.

  • SmartPoint® 520M Pit Set Module

    The SmartPoint® 520M pit set module is a radio transceiver designed for use in submersible, pit set environments. With true two-way communication ability, it serves as a walk-by endpoint, drive-by endpoint, fixed-base endpoint or any combination of those. This versatility gives you highly flexible data collection options and simplifies both current operations and network evolution.

  • Analytics For Smart Water Metering - Incidents And Water Intelligence

    Discover how you can utilize the full value of your meter data

  • How To Read An Encoder

    The HR-E LCD encoder has a 9-digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to show consumption, flow and alarm information. The display automatically toggles between 9-digit and 6-digit consumption, rate of flow and meter model.


In this episode of The Water Online Show: The Business Of Water, Travis Kennedy sits down with Joe Ball from Kamstrup. Travis and Joe discuss the evolution of AMI, and explore Kamstrup's groundbreaking leak detection tool, which is the industry's first smart meter with acoustic leak detection embedded inside the meter.