• Keeping Track Of Your Control Valve Information

    Water production and distribution in the City of Redlands, California, is managed by the Municipal Utilities & Engineering Department and is supplied from two water supplies, Mill Creek and the Santa Anna River. Treatment is provided at two conventional water treatment plants, Tate WTP and Hinckley WTP, each capable of producing approximately 14 MGD. Water is then fed into 7 different pressure zones due to elevation changes through a series of pump stations.

  • CFRP Pipe Repair: How To Ensure Success

    Lining damaged pipes with carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) can be an efficient and reliable fix, but one that can go awry without quality assurance and control.

  • Building A Bridge To Advanced Metering Infrastructure With Customer Engagement

    While advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) offers numerous financial and operational benefits for utilities, the case for deployment hinges on enhanced customer communication facilitated by real-time data.

  • Insta-Valve 250 Helps Stop Leak While Maintaining Service To Industrial Park

    The Insta-Valve 250 provided targeted shutdown without impacting service to a nearby industrial park.

  • Pump Selection 101: Understanding Essential Criteria To Maximize Reliability And Efficiency

    Pump systems play a critical role in keeping our world in motion. However, specifying parties can often overlook opportunities to improve pump system reliability and efficiency. This can happen when designers or engineers fail to consider new demands placed on the system since installation or understand the benefits of available options.

  • Analytics For Water Utilities: The Key To Maximizing AMI Value

    Among the many challenges water utilities face are aging infrastructure, an aging workforce, water loss control, asset management, and paying for necessary infrastructure investments. Improving relationships with customers is also a challenge for one in five respondents to a 2019 American Water Works Association (AWWA) survey.

  • Big Remodeling Job At Gross Reservoir

    Next time you grumble about a big home maintenance project — say, changing out the gutters on your house — just remember it could be tougher. So much tougher.

  • The Power Of Real-Time Monitoring Solutions

    San Francisco Public Utilities Commission turns to Trimble Telog enterprise solutions to monitor and manage critical water and environmental data.

  • Managing Water Loss In Four Easy Steps

    A practical approach to detecting leaks and reducing non-revenue water.

    Water utilities are charged with an incredibly important task – providing safe and affordable water to communities in the face of aging infrastructure, funding gaps, and changing regulatory requirements. Specifically, when considering water loss control, leakage, and operational inefficiencies, costs may appear to be unaffordable.

  • Using IoT-Based Tank Level Monitoring For Volume Measurement

    Level monitoring systems has successfully triumphed every implementation. Their deployments allow the users to measure the level of liquid stored in a container of any shape, size, orientation, or material. Powered with the advanced telemetric technology of Internet of Things, these systems measure liquid level without making any contact with the liquid and transmit the readings to a comprehensive platform suite.


  • Leak Detection, Including Large Mains

    Leak detection isn’t a one-time activity. Our leak detection programs help clients evaluate the integrity of their water network by locating and pinpointing leakage. This service is included in the “Infrastructure Management” part of our Risk Management services. Leak detection services are executed on potable waterlines and pipes of all materials and sizes. We can also implement non-invasive methodology and do internal pipe leak detection services.

  • JCM 414 Fabricated Mechanical Joint Tapping Sleeve

    This tapping sleeve combines the high strength and versatility of fabricated steel with the traditional side and end gasketed mechanical joint design.

  • Hidden Revenue Locator: A Proactive Data-Powered Apporach To Identify Metering Inaccuracies And Optimizing Revenue

    A data-powered approach to proactive meter management that helps utilities identify metering inaccuracies and optimize revenue.

  • Water Distribution System Wireless Monitoring

    Trimble Telog offers the industry’s leading remote data acquisition system including the most comprehensive family of battery powered, environmentally rugged wireless monitors available from any single supplier.


  • LeakView: Protect High-Risk Assets With Real-Time Leak Detection And NRW Management

    Avoiding failures of critical high-risk assets is a constant challenge and one that impacts customer service as well as costing millions when failures do occur. Measuring multiple real loss indicators — pressure, acoustics — and integrated with state-of-the-art analytics, Xylem’s LeakView™ Leak Detection Monitoring system continuously monitors high-risk assets for leaks so utilities can make proactive repairs before they become bigger issues. This not only reduces leakage, but improves levels of customer service while optimizing operational costs.

  • E-SeriesĀ® Ultrasonic Meters For Commercial Applications

    E-Series® Ultrasonic water meters are designed for high measurement accuracy and long-term reliability. They are ideal for measuring potable cold water in commercial and industrial applications that experience wide and rapid fluctuations in water demand.


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