• The year was 1989. The place was Anchorage, Alaska. The project was the installation of a gravity sewer line beneath Campbell Lake while it was drained for dam repairs. While this type of project and installation is unique in itself, the pipeline’s performance during a magnitude 7.1 earthquake more than 30 years after it was installed is equally remarkable.

  • A previously installed Insta-Valve 250 insertion valve provided control for a fire pump removal without backflow between the water distribution piping and the water treatment facility. As part of an infrastructure improvement project, the City of Rock Falls needed to remove an old fire pump within the filter room of their water treatment plant. Unfortunately, the original system from 1962 did not have a valve after the primary check valve in the yard, thus making it impossible to isolate the repair area properly.

  • The Insta-Valve 250 provided a targeted shut down to repair aging, leaking water main without massive service disruption. The Village of Bald Head Island discovered one of their water mains was leaking. Roots from nearby vegetation had pushed a tapping saddle out of position, causing wear on the tap that eroded the pipe over time. Unfortunately, due to its location, there was no valve to isolate the area without shutting down the water system to the entire island, which was required just a week prior for a different repair. The island’s Public Services Director, JP McCann, wanted to avoid another island-wide shutdown, especially during the peak season when their population expanded to around 12,000 people.

  • In March 2021, the city of Fairfield, California’s Water Division was tasked with commissioning a new 36-inch Cross Town Transmission Line (CTTL). The CTTL will enhance the already robust distribution system and better serve the water needs of the Water Division’s 33,000 customers. This new CTTL, however, will change the dynamics of the city’s current distribution system. To better understand how the new CTTL would affect operations, the AMERICAN Flow Control SEMPER Remote Pressure Monitor (RPM) was deployed to strategic points throughout the system.

  • Because so many options exist, it’s possible to get safe and reliable performance from your valves without overspending. Matching valve specs to your application is the key.

  • The Itron Field Tools mobile app has allowed for our Field Technicians to use their iPhones as a multifunctional device. The Field Tools App also allows us to upgrade with minimal involvement from our IT teams. Testing the application prior to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release allowed us to provide feedback making the acceptance level high for our end users. The App is easy to use enabling for quick, simple and minimal training in a virtual meeting environment. The Itron Mobile Radio also helped eliminate previous issues with antenna breakage on the FC300 handheld.

  • Major project replacing large debris grate at Gross Dam requires experts in the harrowing field of saturation diving.

  • There are a few current governmental policies that have impacted the construction cost of water and wastewater infrastructure over the last several years. Some are older policies that were established many years ago and some are newer policies that were implemented to help U.S. manufacturers compete in these markets against foreign manufacturers. There is some discussion now in Washington to implement more policies such as $15 minimum wage and revisions to the Made in America requirements for purchases using federal money, both direct and indirect.

  • The devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy on New York City and the Northeast U.S. surprised some, but the people at Xylem were not among them. Xylem’s dedicated water professionals stood ready to fight the surging seawaters and torrential rainfall that threatened thousands of homes and commercial properties in Sandy’s path.

  • Mayfield Creek in Fulton County, New York, is an arterial body that flows out of Great Sacandaga Lake for approximately four miles through farmland and the upstate countryside. At several points along the way, the creek runs through culverts and under bridge structures, as highways and local roads intersect its path. During an inspection, it became clear that one major culvert – 140 feet long, 15 feet tall and running under heavily traveled Route 30 – had outlived its expected life. The 10-guage corrugated steel structure was deteriorated and needed to be repaired – with as little disruption to Route 30 traffic patterns as possible.


  • 4632 Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer System

    The Signet 4632 Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer System is an integrated all-in-one system designed to measure Chlorine dioxide residual up to 2 ppm/mg/l.

  • EyeOnWater® Consumer Engagement Tool

    The EyeOnWater® consumer engagement tool gives utility customers the power to manage their water use through easy-to-understand consumption graphs and configurable leak notifications, providing timely, visual access to their water usage behavior.

  • E-Series® Ultrasonic Plus Meter

    The E-Series® Ultrasonic Plus meter uses transit time technology to measure cold potable water and incorporates an integrated valve into the lay length of the meter. This valve feature allows water utilities to actuate the valve remotely to temporarily restrict water service safely and efficiently.

  • Smart Water Meters And Remote Reading Systems

    Major global trends are having a profound effect on the water industry from aging workforce and infrastructure, securing the future of our drinking water resources and digitalization. How do you deal with these challenges? With smart metering solutions from Kamstrup, you can start addressing these issues today and gain the confidence to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Mueller Systems Mi.Net® Mueller Infrastructure Network For Utilities

    Municipalities that supply water, electricity or gas – or any combination of the three services – need innovative ways to optimize their operations. The Mi.Net® Mueller Infrastructure Network for utilities meets that need.


See an animation of our new spiral-welded steel pipe facility in Paris, Texas, and learn more about how AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe is being used in various projects across the U.S.