• Leak Detection, Including Large Mains

    Leak detection isn’t a one-time activity. Our leak detection programs help clients evaluate the integrity of their water network by locating and pinpointing leakage. This service is included in the “Infrastructure Management” part of our Risk Management services. Leak detection services are executed on potable waterlines and pipes of all materials and sizes. We can also implement non-invasive methodology and do internal pipe leak detection services.

  • Bevel Gear Actuator

    Hydra-Stop is proud to introduce the Bevel Gear Actuator to our line of solutions for control, now available for purchase. Ideal for shallow bury applications, the Bevel Gear Actuator allows for the operation of horizontal Insta-Valve 250 installations on lines as shallow as 12-18 inches."

  • Aquavar e-ABII

    Think of it as “Cruise Control” for your pump. The Aquavar e-ABII pump controller provides an economical answer for municipal and private water systems with low water pressure. Both domestic and light commercial above ground boosters can benefit.

  • Hot Rod™ Radio Transmitter Unit Hot Rod™ is Mueller Systems' high performance mobile AMR system.
  • Electro Scan Water Products

    Electro Scan offers multiple multi-sensor products, including the TRIDENT probe and the DELTA probe. They each offer competitive advantages.

  • HYMAX VERSA® Stainless Steel Wrap-Around Coupling

    The HYMAX VERSA is a coupling that can wrap around damaged pipe usually repaired with the cut-and-replace technique while providing dynamic deflection to reduce the risk of damage caused by ground shifts.


In this clip from Virtual Water Expo, Matt Stuyvenberg from Badger Meter highlights some potential solutions for common challenges, as well as examples of delivering network insights.