• Township Water Authority Uses Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters To Avoid Peak Limit Surcharges

    A suburban township in the upper Midwest United States buys their drinking water from a major municipal water district. The township’s water distribution system network has four connections to the larger municipality’s water transmission main. The municipality has many wholesale customers and has implemented contracts with each customer to limit the peak flows and the time of day in which they may occur. If a customer exceeds the limit, they are assessed significant surcharges.

  • Meet The Influencer Who Organized A Well-Known Waterworks Company

    No one follows her on social media, yet she’s clearly a woman of influence. She has been described as a person of “keen business discernment,” someone respected for her “good judgment, common sense and foresight.” She is Sarah Charlotte Blair, whose idea to organize an iron pipe foundry in the South led to the formation of AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1905. John J. Eagan – a proponent of the Golden Rule in industry – was the company’s first president.

  • New Lead Reduction Program Underway In Denver

    In March, Denver Water is kicking off its Lead Reduction Program, which was approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in December 2019.

  • EPA Researchers Help Water Systems Keep Lead Out Of Drinking Water

    An estimated six to ten million older homes across the country have lead service lines. Service lines connect individual houses to the water main in the street; this means that water coming into a house may be transported via a lead service line even if no lead pipes are visible inside the home. Lead can be transferred from the lead pipe into the drinking water when the pipe materials corrode, when there are physical disturbances to the pipe, or when there are changes to the quality of water entering the home.

  • Insta-Valve 20-24 Isolates Potentially Dangerous Leak Under Railroad Tracks

    Hydra-Stop’s solution stopped a potentially dangerous leak without disrupting service to nearby factories or businesses.

  • Water Industry Responds To Proposed LCR Revisions

    With more than 50,000 community water systems (CWS) in the U.S., it is amazing that only 285 individuals had logged public comments on the U.S. EPA’s proposed Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) Revisions by the February 12, 2020 deadline. Yet, what those respondents had to say could have a big impact on how we deal with lead in drinking water moving forward. Here is a cross-section of the industry’s response.

  • Hydra-Stop’s Insta-Valve 20-24 Delivers Performance Under Pressure

    Hydra-Stop’s solution kept the water running in a highly active and populated area while repairs were made.

  • Centuries Old Infrastructure Gains Control With The Insta Valve 250

    Hydra-Stop’s solution allowed the city to gain control of their infrastructure where no valves were present.

  • The Insta-Valve 250 Puts A Stop To A Month-Long Water Loss Of 150 GPM

    Hydra-Stop’s solution allowed a targeted shutdown to stop a massive and costly water loss.

  • Why Material Selection Matters

    The Tri-County Water Authority (TCWA) was formed in 1991 as a not-for-profit water utility serving portions of Jackson, Cass and Bates counties, Missouri. When the system was first established, about half of the pipe installed were ductile iron and half were plastic PVC. Today, the authority’s 120 miles of pipe are approximately 75% ductile iron and 25% plastic PVC.


  • JCM 114 Mechanical Joint Repair Sleeve

    A special repair sleeve for sealing over split or leaking cast iron bells, A/C couplings and welded couplings. Sizes 4" and larger.

  • Hot Rod™ Radio Transmitter Unit Hot Rod™ is Mueller Systems' high performance mobile AMR system.
  • Recordall® Fire Hydrant Meters

    Many businesses today – landscape service companies, construction and pool contractors, for example – often need a temporary source of water, and they are willing to pay for it.

  • Accurately Measuring Network Leakage

    The pressures of supplying a growing global population mean that the world’s water supplies need to be managed more closely than ever.

  • R900® System

    How can your water utility protect present investments in technology while building onto those investments as you need, at your own pace?

  • Model 4500 Gas Leak Detector/Monitor

    The JCS Industries Model 4500 Gas Leak Detector/Monitor is a low cost, non-contact and easy to install measurement device designed for monitoring trace amounts of compressed gaseous water treatment chemicals such as, but not limited to: chlorine, sulfur dioxide and ammonia in a closed or open environment.


Water Operations Management help you identify, prioritize and take action to reduce Non-Revenue Water for both real and apparent water losses as well as help you optimize and efficiently manage your distribution network.