• Pipelines Into The Past

    Denver Water crews marvel at water lines from the 1880s as they are replaced to handle new demands.

  • EPANET 2.2.0: An EPA And Water Community Collaboration

    Protecting and maintaining drinking water distribution systems is crucial to ensuring high quality drinking water. The purpose of a water distribution system is to deliver water to consumers with appropriate quality, quantity, and pressure, from its source to the point of use. The optimal management of these systems requires data and information, including a digital model of the water system depicting its pipes, valves, pumps, tanks, and other attributes.

  • A Combo Utility Benefits From AMI

    The City of Dothan, AL, recently turned to Aclara for an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution to support its 31,000 electric and 35,000 water meters. This case study details how the city implemented a single network solution that effectively collects water and electric meter readings and provides the information needed to enhance operations and customer service for city residents.

  • Smart Water Network Innovations: Getting Ahead Of The Curve

    As upward pressure on public agency services costs — cities, water agencies, etc. — continues to increase, utilities must get smarter. Progressive leaders are looking for forward-thinking smart city/smart agency initiatives. These include scalable communications networks with open architecture that can grow with their communities.

  • Insta-Valve 250 Provides Targeted Control Without System Shutdown

    Hydra-Stop’s solution allowed targeted control for planned maintenance and repair.

  • Purpose Of An IoT-Based Smart Water Meter

    It is fascinating to see how the Internet of Things (IoT) is working in the water sector. Many countries are adopting smart meters for effective water utilization, and they further save cities against increasing water scarcity while setting permanent water-saving goals for consumers.

  • Installation Of Insta-Valve 250 Keeps Hospital Operational

    The Insta-Valve 250 provided targeted shutdown to allow proactive maintenance while ensuring a nearby hospital remained fully operational.

  • Drinking Water Week: A Reflection On The Legacy And Success Of American Infrastructure

    This is National Drinking Water Week, a week in which we highlight the essential role of drinking water in our society and economy.  Given the current environment, the dependability of our public water supply is probably more appreciated than in years past.  But how did we get here?

  • Denver Sets The Stage For Sweeping LSL Replacements, Partners With 120Water For Modern Sample Management

    Denver has been developing a comprehensive inventory of known and suspected lead service lines using a combination of property records, water quality tests, and visual inspections of service lines. With an estimated 64,000-84,000 properties that may have lead services lines, Denver decided to proactively begin a Lead Reduction Program to replace all customer-owned lead service lines with copper lines at no direct charge to the customer.

  • Fort Wayne Collects & Tests More Than 900 Consumer Samples In 5 Months

    The City of Fort Wayne wanted to test 1000 locations to map high-lead neighborhoods for their LSLR program. However, they faced numerous challenges in the process: logistical problems in manually dropping off kits, low return rates, and the struggle to get opt-ins for the LSLR program - all on top of being understaffed. The biggest obstacle was relaying information and educating residents to get samples filled and returned properly.


  • FlexNet: Redefining Smart City Communications

    Building smart cities takes technology and networking solutions with in-depth views and infrastructure control. The Sensus FlexNet® communication network is a long-range radio network that provides scalable and reliable two-way infra­structure.

  • Unreinforced PPS For Fitting Applications

    Following the successful introduction of glass fiber-reinforced DIC.PPS Z-230 Black and impact modified GF30 for drinking water applications, the unreinforced and impact modified DIC.PPS Z-200-XY series has been commercially launched for fitting applications. As required by European water regulations, ISO 9080 testing of DIC.PPS Z-200-E5 Gray has been performed at an officially accredited laboratory. This grade exhibits impressive values for maximum hoop stress at various temperatures and is an ideal candidate for the replacement of metals and more costly plastic materials such as PPSU and PVDF utilized for fitting applications.

  • Venturi Inlet Single-Jet Technology

    Venturi Inlet (Single Jet) - The Venturi inlet conditions the water into a jet directing the flow and force of water towards the tips of the impeller.

  • LeakFinder-ST: Advanced Acoustic Leak Detection System

    Echologics is globally recognized as a leader in non-invasive leak detection technology.  Echologics’ flagship LeakFinder-ST correlator is a result of extensive research as well as the input from global leak detection experts on the user interface and design of equipment to meet the needs of end user.

  • Encoders

    Badger Meter offers the latest innovations in high resolution encoder technology with the release of the HR-E LCD and HR-E encoders. Our high resolution encoders provide utilities with much more than just a reading. Whether you choose the 9-digit LCD or the 8-dial HR-E encoder, the high resolution encoded output provides leak detection and other critical information through the reading system to help utilities manage their water. High resolution encoders utilize the industry standard communication protocol, and do not require programming or setting adjustments during installation or wire repair. And, through a unique sealing process that eliminates gaskets, Badger Meter encoders are built to withstand harsh environments including flooded pits.

  • How To Read An Encoder

    The HR-E LCD encoder has a 9-digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to show consumption, flow and alarm information. The display automatically toggles between 9-digit and 6-digit consumption, rate of flow and meter model.


The recoating of a potable water tank in Lancaster, PA, included an already tight timeframe and several challenges that cause delays.