• Electric submersible pump is another game-changing rental solution

  • Lift stations are an essential component of many municipal and industrial wastewater collection systems to move sewage from low to high elevation. Such is the case for the John Street lift station in Monroe County, New York, which serves both a large residential community and the nearby campus of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

  • For decades, the standard in temporary bypass pumping has been diesel-powered portable pumps, and for good reason: Their flexibility and the ability to set them up anywhere has made them the go-to choice. But with fluctuating fuel and rising servicing costs, as well as growing interest in cleaner, greener sources of power, electric-drive pumps can be a viable alternative for project needs, especially for longer-term projects.

  • Sulzer pumps are customized to meet the unique requirements of an historic pumping station.

  • Pablo Garcia, Global Business Development Manager at Sulzer, looks at how tunneling operations can be affected by the choice of pumping equipment used for dewatering.

  • Sulzer-led award-winning project improves performance and control of sewage pumping stations.

  • Prison sewage often contains extra trash, towels, and rags that enter the sewerage network and cause pump clogging problems. When a correctional facility underwent a capacity expansion, changes to its problematic submersible sewage pumping station coincided, resulting in a new operator-safe approach to combatting the ills of prison sewage pump clogs.

  • The Memorial Park Pump Station (MPPS) transfers wastewater flows from Memorial Park to Chapel Street WWTP and/or Te Maunga WWTP. It is a large pump station (PS) installed within a 9.0m diameter concrete structure. The pump station is approximately 12m deep, with a 6.5m maximum water depth and split into several compartments.

  • For one city in Texas, accessing a new source of water required considerable expertise in pumping technology. The pumping station was to be located 320 feet (98 meters) above the 9 ft (2.7 meter) tunnel that carries the water from the intake system in the lake. The water had to travel almost a mile (1.6 km) uphill to the water treatment plant, so a considerable amount of civil engineering was required. Read the full case study to learn how the SJT large vertical pump was determined to be the most suitable pump for this project.

  • For most small to medium-sized operations groups like Klein Independent School District in the suburbs of Houston, the conventional choice of submersible wastewater pumps holds little wisdom. Above-ground pump stations reduce exposure to designated confined spaces, and associated safety requirements, allowing these  groups to operate in a more convenient and cost-effective manner.


  • LIFT Series Wastewater System Lift Station

    Newterra® LIFT Series wastewater lift stations are designed to transfer sewage and grey water from the point of generation to the newterra wastewater treatment plant.

  • Sewage Lift Station Pumping System

    Lack of sufficient straight pipe run made it impossible to successfully apply the preferred magnetic flow meter (magmeter) to accurately measure the flow of raw sewage.

  • Channel Monster Flex

    The patent pending Channel Monster FLEX consists of a FLEX Grinder and a Solids Diverter with perforated screen connected by a FLEX Frame. The Channel Monster FLEX continues the Channel Monster legacy of high flow capacity while capturing and shredding rags, rocks, wood, and other solids into small pieces to pass harmlessly through pumps, pipes, and process equipment.

  • X-PELLER® Non-Clog Pump Impeller

    The X-PELLER® was specifically designed for high volumes of trash pumping applications and low flow conditions in 4" (75-800 GPM), 6" (75-1,000 GPM) and 8" (300-1,700 GPM) vacuum primed and flooded suction Smith & Loveless pumps.

  • Equipment Controller EC 531 The EC 531 is an all-in-one solution for control and monitoring of sewage pumping stations with one or two pumps. It offers straightforward control and monitoring via floats or advanced control via a continuous level signal. EC 531 is also equipped with smart VFD control including PID and Best Efficiency Point (BEP), which save energy, and equipment costs.


Watch the full video for a tour of one of the largest indoor test facilities in North America. By investing in exclusive in-house testing capabilities, we can test some of the world’s largest pumps. As a result, we can verify the performance and energy efficiency of these pumps for a guarantee.