• Blame our fast food diets or restaurants’ negligence for what’s going down the drain. Whatever the cause, fats, oil, and grease (FOG) accumulation has become a pervasive problem for wastewater treat­ment plant collection systems.

  • Contractors can dramatically speed pipe cleaning and prevent process disruptions and downtime using a variety of high-performance hose nozzles.

  • The recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act holds promise to address them via an infusion of more than $57 billion to states and localities over the next five years, but more federal funding alone will not solve everything. Federal, state, and local leaders are in a crucial implementation phase to figure out what types of priorities and projects they are going to act on.

  • The UK has around 1,500 individual river systems, totaling over 200,000 km, or roughly 124,274 miles, in length. It’s common for sewers here to accept both untreated human waste and rain water in a combined system. Water and sewerage companies are permitted to release this wastewater into inland and coastal waters without treatment under exceptional conditions, such as following heavy rainfall.

  • Technological advancement enables intrinsically safe headlamps to improve safety and operator performance more cost effectively.

  • Effectively managing hundreds of thousands of miles of sewer network is not an enviable task. And with ever changing industry regulation, stricter statutory targets, additional compliance, and a growing abundance of technology, that task could easily be regarded as insurmountable. How can you ever know exactly what’s going on throughout your entire network? It’s impossible. Or is it?

  • This month our topic fits in well with a whole genre of music and it was hard to pick just one song to weave into this column, so I didn’t. The hits just kept coming to mind so consider this discussion of building pipelines in rock to be an homage to all things rock and roll!

  • The House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee is moving forward with a measure that would invest $3.7 billion in critical wastewater and stormwater infrastructure. These resources will help communities across the country struggling with sewage spills, inadequate sanitation, and destructive urban flooding.

  • There are a few current governmental policies that have impacted the construction cost of water and wastewater infrastructure over the last several years. Some are older policies that were established many years ago and some are newer policies that were implemented to help U.S. manufacturers compete in these markets against foreign manufacturers. There is some discussion now in Washington to implement more policies such as $15 minimum wage and revisions to the Made in America requirements for purchases using federal money, both direct and indirect.

  • Turning your water tap on only to be encountered by a terrible stench is arguably one of the worst ways to start your day. Your immediate reaction may be to assume that your water supply is contaminated, but there are myriad reasons why your household water has suddenly developed a pungent odor.


  • Hydra-Tapper

    The Hydra-Tapper provides access to the pressurized pipe without disrupting pressure or service. Obtain a tapping sleeve and a tapping valve capable of retaining the internal pressure of the water main. Install the sleeve around the water main. Attach the tapping valve to the sleeve. Perform the tap through the tapping valve.

  • Hydra-Stopper

    Using our rubber or aluminum stopping head technology, the Hydra-Stopper can be used as a single line stop, a double line stop or a double line stop with bypass option. The Hydra-Stopper temporarily plugs a pressurized pipe without disrupting pressure or service upstream of the stop.

  • Vacuum Sewer Truck: Optimize Cleaning Performance With The Right Accessories

    Selecting the correct accessories will maximize cleaning while minimizing water use, tank refills, labor, and headaches.

  • GEOSPRAY Geopolymer Mortar

    GeoSpray geopolymer is a fiber-reinforced mortar that looks and feels like Portland cement, but with higher performance properties. Unlike other cementitious liners, the unique GeoSpray mortar chemistry provides superior flexural and compressive strength, as well as ultra-low porosity and high self-bonding which eliminates cold joints.

  • Structural Strengthening Solutions

    At GeoTree, we solve infrastructure challenges differently. More than just a materials provider, we partner with the industry to deliver smart, practical, innovative solutions. Our breadth of solutions rehabilitate, strengthen and protect infrastructure components.


This video shows Electro Scan’s award-winning Focused Electrode Leak Location (FELL) Technology for gravity sewer leak detection. The industry's first machine-intelligent probe that provides an unambiguous, unbiased, and uncontested surveys of leaks in gravity sewer and force mains. Representing the only worldwide supplier in compliance with ASTM F2550-13 (2018), California-based Electro Scan Inc. is now. recommended by leading engineers to be included in testing and certifying all pipe repairs, rehabilitation, and relining projects.