• Odor Control

    Combat odor and corrosion problems in your collection system with BlueInGreen technology. Designed to eliminate sulfide production by promoting an aerobic environment, our odor control solutions offer an effective alternative to chemical treatment in force main and gravity sewers. 

    BlueInGreen odor control solutions are designed to eliminate sulfide production by promoting an aerobic environment, an effective alternative to chemical treatment. 

  • Sigma Air Manager Series

    System controls are critical to a wastewater blower system. Without them, a system with multiple blowers operating on their individual controls will run more than necessary and result in wasted energy. Maintenance costs increase and worst of all: process performance suffers.

  • Rental, Emergency, Bridge And Supplemental Solutions

    For just about any water problem, Newterra has you covered. If you’re looking for medium or short-term water or wastewater treatment solutions, Newterra has a large, in-stock inventory of solutions that are available to rent. From supplemental aeration to reverse osmosis systems to pressure vessels and complete wastewater treatment systems, our temporary ownership and rental solutions can save precious capital while solving a critical need. Newterra offers flexible terms and conditions to suit any customer.

  • STM-Aerotorâ„¢ Biological Nutrient Removal

    The STM-Aerotor™ Biological Nutrient Removal System uses Integrated Fixed Film and Activated Sludge (IFAS) technology as part of a process that provides biological nutrient removal for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

  • Effluent Water Treatment Our Aerating Fountains should not be confused with floating fountains. These surface spray aerators are engineered to provide results, and are supported by a 5-year warranty and Pattern Guarantee.


In this session from Virtual Water Expo, Aerzen's Tom McCurdy discusses effective sizing and control of turbo and other energy efficient blower technologies.