• Quick Response Restores Critical Water Supply To North Carolina Community During COVID-19 Outbreak

    There is never a good time for a municipality to encounter problems with its water supply. But during the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak – when handwashing and sanitation are essential to maintaining public health – a reduction in water supply to residents quickly becomes critical.

  • Emergency Bypass Solution Enables Critical Repairs For Aging Sewer Line In Los Angeles

    Deteriorating, leaking sewer lines are common in Los Angeles where one-fifth of the city’s water pipes were installed before 1931. But when a section of the North Outfall Sewer (NOS) near the intersection of Avenue 19 and Humboldt Street in downtown LA threatened to collapse, swift action was needed. Read the full case study to learn how a submersible bypass system addressed complex project challenges.

  • Focusing On Resilience In The Face Of Emerging Contaminants

    There are over 150,000 public drinking water systems in the United States and more than 80 percent of the population receives their potable drinking water from these systems. And today - according to the EPA, our water systems are faced with a growing list of challenges.

  • Assessing Best Practices For Water Distribution Systems

    The state of U.S. water distribution infrastructure ranges from aging to ancient, with nearly a quarter-million breaks occurring annually in the 1.2 million miles of water mains serving the U.S. population. What can water utilities do to be better prepared for the leaks that will inevitably occur? And what are the best practices to help them maintain delivery of safe, high-quality drinking water under these circumstances?

  • Protecting New Or Repaired Water Mains

    It is easy for water industry professionals to appreciate the impact of water main leaks, based on their own experience. Deciding on the most cost-effective way to deal with such leaks, however, is not necessarily as obvious. Whichever approach is taken, it is important to follow the appropriate steps to protect customer safety and the quality of the water being delivered through those repaired systems.

  • Shedding Light On Buried Infrastructure Management Challenges

    A longstanding U.S. EPA document on management challenges and strategies relating to the deterioration of buried drinking water infrastructure raises issues that are still very relevant today. Here are multiple thought-provoking perspectives on how to address those issues today, in order to protect both the investment in existing infrastructure and the health of the populations they serve.


Engineers challenged by flow meter inaccuracy and repeatability issues will want to watch a new video featuring, “Vortab Flow Conditioners.” This video explains how air, gas and liquid flow measurement can be greatly improved anywhere restricted pipe runs in cramped equipment areas make following the flow meter manufacturer’s pipe straight-run requirements impractical or impossible.

Are you using chemical metering pumps? Do you need a chemical feed solution that is proven to work? Most chemical feed solutions are too complicated, too expensive, and can require long lead times. Our goal is to simplify chemical feed. Our CHEM-FEED® Skids ship fully assembled which will save you time with installation and start-ups.

Badger’s turbo meters are ideal where there is a high flow rate of water. Watch the animation to see a step-by-step description of that process. 

The Everglades is the most corrosive soil environment in America. In this interview, Maury Gaston, Manager of Marketing Services for AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe and AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe, discusses a study that involved burying ductile iron pipe specimens coated with zinc, top-coated with a finishing layer, and wrapped in V-Bio encased polyethylene, and the results when they were exhumed. 

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With states and the federal government edging closer toward PFAS regulations, it’s only a matter of time before municipalities will be required to address the contaminant. This free ebook provides insight on the scope of the problem and the potential methods for its removal.

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Malvern Panalytical has been developing and supporting the use of Zeta Potential for the monitoring, control and optimization of coagulant dosage in water treatment plants for over ten years. Malvern Panalytical is a leader in materials characterization, creating expert solutions for the challenges associated with maximizing productivity, developing better quality products and getting them to market faster. We provide superior, customer-focused solutions and services which deliver tangible economic impact through chemical, physical and structural analysis of materials. Learn more.


The Reliant Lagoon Commander Pond/Lagoon Mixer continuously, and slowly, moves water along the bottom of a lagoon/pond, continually mixing the entire water column using a minimum of energy. When compared to standard surface aerators or directional mixers, the Lagoon Commander is more efficient, less costly to operate, and requires minimal maintenance. Learn more.


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