• 10 Ways To Achieve Success With Hydraulic Modeling

    We have all been dealing with some of the same issues when it comes to hydraulic modeling: information silos, poor investment planning, inaccurate modeling simulations or infrequent calibrations and verifications.

  • Long Term Simulation Scenarios, Compelling Visual Results, Accurate Flow Assessments

    Two wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) needed hydraulic model assessments, and plant managers needed to ensure their facilities could maintain water flows running at their current capacity and determine whether or not improvements were required.

  • Winery Receives Green Certification With TITAN MBR™

    This prominent Napa Count vineyard and winery received a prestigious green certification after committing itself to sustainable and environmentally-friendly technologies and practices, including the installation of a dynamic MBR wastewater treatment system.

  • Bristol Water Keeps Drinking Water Safe With InfoWorks WS Pro

    Bristol Water has provided clean, fresh drinking water to its customers since 1846. For almost 200 years, the health and environment of their communities has remained at the forefront of their values. Today, Bristol Water supplies over 1 million people within Bristol, England, across an area of almost 2,400 square kilometers. Bristol Water’s operations include the abstraction, storage, treatment, and distribution of water to homes, businesses, and other premises. They focus exclusively on water, not wastewater.  

  • Hydraulic Modelling Provides Long-Term Simulation Scenarios, Compelling Visual Results And Accurate Flow Assessments

    Two wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in Texas needed to ensure their facilities could maintain water flows running at their current capacity and determine whether or not improvements were required. In order to do this the plant managers needed to find a solution that would provide accurate and informative results, hydraulic modelling assessments.

  • Ask The Experts | Bridging The Gap To Digital Transformation

    Recently, Innovyze held a virtual event with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to discuss the barriers faced by water utilities in achieving digital transformation. The event also featured the launch of Info360, the latest Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that supports real-world lifecycle management using the power of the cloud. As Water Online noted, this was one of the largest attended webinars they had seen in years.


Xylem introduces the latest innovation for clarification: the Leopold Texler lamella clarifier. Texler’s inclined lamella settler increases the effective clarification area. This reduces the required space by 80% compared to conventional rectangular clarifiers and allows for water flow to be increased within the same small footprint.

Antoine Walter, Senior Business Development Manager for Georg Fischer, discusses his unique marketing approach with Adam and Jim. As Antoine explains his interest in the topics and guests he engages with to create his (don’t) Waste Water podcast and associated compilation book, his passion for our industry and the method behind his creative and entertaining madness shines out.

Inside the Blueprint takes the viewer behind the scenes into the world of water management and how Master Meter is driving new technology, working closely with utilities to manage and preserve this vital resource, and help them prepare for the future.

As President of Bluefield Research, Reese Tisdale has a unique view of the water sector, interacting with water utilities, vendors, investors and industrial customers. Reese shares his opinions on who in the water sector is telling their story right and offers up some examples from other industries that we in the water sector could learn from.

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Wastewater treatment facilities often encounter a significant opportunity to demonstrate environmental responsibility while cutting costs and/or generating income by converting waste to energy. However, there is often a barrier that hampers the needed efficiency to make it feasible. This free e-book explores optimization nuances for a variety of conversions available to treatment plant operators.

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GE Digital is transforming how the water industry solves its toughest challenges. Our mission is to bring simplicity, speed and scale to Water and Wastewater, with software that helps them to better operate, analyze and optimize their processes. GE Digital’s product portfolio includes industry leading HMI/SCADA, industrial data management, analytics and mobility solutions to help water utilities put their industrial data to work. Learn more.



Mueller Water Products has a long history of trust and leadership in the American flow control industry spanning more than a Century. Today, more than 150 years after its founding, it remains the only full-line supplier of flow control products used in distribution systems for municipal potable water and natural gas.  Learn more.

WEFTEC 2021 | McCormick Place, Chicago| October 16-20

Water professionals keep going, learning, and doing what’s necessary to provide safe, clean water, no matter the obstacles, changes, or challenges. That’s the strength of our community, and it’s time to come together again at WEFTEC 2021 to celebrate what makes our sector great.

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  • Includes:
    Intro To Hydroinformatics
    Granular Activated Carbon Start-Up
    Decentralized Wastewater Treatment
    Infrastructure Surveillance
  • Includes:
    PFAS Mitigation
    Disinfection Byproducts
    Non-Revenue Water
  • Includes:
    Lead and Copper Rule
    Biofilms Management
    Green Infrastructure
    Industrial Wastewater
  • Includes:
    COVID-19 Resiliency
    Acoustic Leak Detection
    Digital Asset Management
  • Includes:
    Water Reuse Trends
    Predictive Maintenance
    Supercritical Oxidation
    Workforce Renewal