• Complex Water Treatment Designs… Made Simple

    Having worked in the water industry for over 18 years I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard how complex it is to propose & design projects for water and wastewater treatment. Every year governments, municipalities, and industries around the world have more stringent treatment requirements and the need for clean water becomes more and more of a necessity.

  • Getting A Better Handle On Open Channel Flows

    Flow meter choices are plentiful when it comes to full pipes, but the lack of options for open channels and partially filled pipes in wastewater and stormwater applications presents a special challenge for municipalities. In many of those cases, utility managers are contending with water contaminated with foam, oil, grease, or debris. The good news is that economical and reliable open channel flow meters are available to tackle those issues.

  • Jar Testing Gets An Upgrade

    Jar testing is a common laboratory procedure used at water and wastewater treatment plants to determine optimum conditions for the coagulation / flocculation process. In a set of beakers a defined amount of water is mixed with varying amounts of coagulant, and through observation by a trained operator the optimal amount of coagulant can be determined.

  • Improve Sludge Quality With Sludge Screening

    Plants with Anaerobic Digestion see phenomenal performance improvements in this process when they removed rags, plastics, and inorganic solids from their digester with the Hydro-Sludge Screen from Hydro International. Learn about a few of the many wastewater treatment plants that have benefitted from cleaner sludge. Read this brochure for brief case studies of how plants have improved their overall operations as well as protected valuable process performance and capacity with the Hydro-Sludge Screen.

  • How To Improve Anaerobic Digestion And Turn Sludge Into Renewable Energy

    Anaerobic digestion is a critical element in a sludge management plan for wastewater treatment. Its role is to kill any pathogens in the raw sludge, produce a more desirable final product, and enhance the amount of biogas/energy generated by the process. The main issue is how best to improve the sludge quality without incurring excess costs.

  • Insta-Valve 250 Provides Permanent Control After Traditional Valve Fails

    During an infrastructure improvement project, the Town of Windsor discovered an inoperable valve close to the historic downtown area. With residences, a fire department, a middle school, and businesses nearby, the loss of a control point could create significant issues should routine maintenance or an emergency repair be required. Also, replacing the valve would disrupt service to essential services within the area.


Climate change, resiliency, equitable spending, regulatory requirements… these are just a few of the challenges that water utilities must address when planning for capital and operational investments.  With these and many other factors adding to the analysis, the decision-making process becomes complex. Infrastructure leaders are now faced with a fundamental shift in expectations and economic constraints. Manual, iterative infrastructure planning processes that organizations have leaned on for decades are no longer equipped to deal with these decisions. We require a new strategy to adequately balance cost, risk, and level of service. One that handles a multiplicity of conditions and can exhaust all possibilities, quickly.

The new user interface for the Transcend Design Generator we’ve developed now allows non-experts to map their site and enter basic information. The software can make complex decisions that result in a complete project design engineering package.

The Federal government plays a significant role in water project development, through both funding and regulating the industry. Water sector champion Mae Stevens shares how we as water professionals need to play an important role in influencing our congressional representatives and senators to win support of what we need to advance business opportunities.  

The White House Utility District (WHUD) is the largest water utility in Tennessee by geography, serving consumers and businesses just north of Nashville. Since it started making better use of its sensor-based data using state-of-the-art IIoT (industrial internet of things) technologies in 2016, its infrastructure leakage index (ILI) decreased from 1.49 to 0.76. In this episode we talk about pressure management, leaks, and I&I with those who made the changes to improve their operation.

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Pump systems play a critical role in water and wastewater operations, but opportunities to improve their reliability and efficiency are overlooked. That often happens when designers or engineers fail to consider new demands placed on the system since installation or understand the benefits of available options. This free e-book takes a deep dive into the world of pumps, including everything from maximizing those opportunities to troubleshooting tips for common pump performance issues.

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UV Disinfection For Small Wastewater Treatment Plants

The TrojanUV3000®PTP (Packaged Treatment Plant) is ideally suited to treat flows up to 3 MGD (473 m3/hr). It is pre-engineered for quick, economical installation and is designed with proven components to provide a dependable UV solution for small wastewater treatment applications. Learn More.


Blue-White Industries was built on a cornerstone of core values that still stands today: Quality, Service, Performance and Innovation. The company offers a full-spectrum of product lines including; Chemical Feed / Dosing pumps, both diaphragm and peristaltic styles; Complete Skid Systems; Variable Area, Digital and Ultrasonic Flowmeters; and a variety of ancillary products. Learn More.


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