• Leveraging The Data Core: How Utilities Are Optimizing Operations By Concentrating Data

    Water and wastewater utilities have often been viewed as lagging other sectors when it comes to maximizing the use of data within their organizations.  That is not to say that the sector lacks data: SCADA systems collect and store data at intervals of fractions of a second; billing systems have decades of historic data on consumption, population change and demographic shifts; GIS and CMMS systems chronicle the condition of assets in time and space.  The problem is there is often no unified way of accessing all this data for analysis and as a result only a fraction of data collected by utilities is analyzed and turned into actionable information. 

  • Houston Engineering Increased Productivity By 50% With Innovyze SWMM Models

    Engineering firms need to stay ahead of their competitors so using modeling software they can rely is imperative. This client was looking for solutions to improve model accuracy, planning and management for their drainage systems.

  • California Water District Gains 15% Productivity Using InfoWater And InfoSewer

    When it comes to water quality, water districts are pressured with reducing costs, energy usage, and repairs, all while providing fast and flawless results. This client needed advanced and competitive software to address their planning and management setbacks.

  • Can Artificial Intelligence Beat A Design Engineer?

    Can a machine — a computer or a set of computers — design intricate infrastructure by itself?

  • We Want To Make Your Job Harder

    It wasn’t long ago that humans designed products and systems using pen and paper. Drawings were done manually, with large teams of people completing drafts on big desks in giant rooms:

  • A Deeper Look At Automated Treatment Plant Design

    Design Generator (“DG”) is a web-based, online water facility design engineering platform that enables engineering professionals to rapidly generate preliminary engineering designs for CAS facilities as well as MBR, MBBR, and others. The tool has been developed by leading industry professionals and software development experts to create an easy-to-use, sophisticated wastewater-engineering application.


The city of Salem had a water scare in the summer of 2018.  A harmful algal bloom had threatened the quality of their drinking water.  They partnered with Casne Engineering and The Prediction Lab (TPL) to ramp up their data efforts to create advanced algorithms.  Now, using OCS (OSIsoft Cloud Services) they bring together a variety of data sources such as satellite images and lake measurements to predict water quality and proactively mitigate any potential issues.

Explore the structure of 3M™ Liqui-Flux™ Ultrafiltration Modules and learn how the technology can deliver pure, uninterrupted water supply at low total water cost by providing design and operating flexibility and sustained, reliable performance.

The Hycor® Helisieve® M In-Channel Fine Screen provides liquid-solid separation for wastewater treatment. This heart of the system is a heavy-duty shaftless spiral with brush that conveys screenings to a dewatering zone for discharge. Because the unit is shaftless, it handles a greater volume of solids and easily conveys stringy solids.

Leveraging Industrial loT, powerful mapping and data visualizations as well as advanced analytics, Mueller is expanding the capabilities of America's most popular fire hydrant with the new Sentryx™ Software Enabled Super Centurion® Hydrant.

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 While the U.S. water industry is investing billions of dollars in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), some utility executives still have lots of questions. Is it worth the investment? Where will the ROI come from? How can I minimize the risks? Is my organization ready to make this transition? This free e-book provides a deeper look into key pieces of the evaluation process, including the underlying communication technology as well as critical steps and lessons learned from successful deployments.

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Xylem’s new platform of disruptive technologies help water utilities substantially reduce the capital and operating costs associated with managing a water, wastewater or watershed network. Using data gathering, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools allow utilities to monitor, optimize, and control the condition and performance of their networks.  Learn more.


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