• Value of Wave Integration With PRVs

    Distribution system water main breaks are a significant burden to communities and water systems not only due to disruption of water service to customers, but also due to significant economic burdens in the form of pipe replacement costs, excavation costs, and even insurance reimbursements. Read the full white paper to learn the KETOS Wave can be easily installed into existing PRVs to monitor the pressure and flow in the downstream side of the valve and proactively act in real-time as needed.

  • Utility Enhances Wireless Wastewater Monitoring With Trimble Telog Ru-35 Technology

    Trimble Telog® technology helps Plainfield Area Regional Sewerage Authority (PARSA) become proactive to emerging problems.

  • 3 Methods For Decreasing Mine Site Closure Time

    The current methods for processing water used in mining are slow, and require a hefty investment by mining companies. One Utah based company, however, has proven to speed-up the decades long process that is typical, into a brief period of rapid remediation. Testing and trials with some of the world’s largest processors have yielded a list of methods for processing pregnant solutions and mine site tailings, promising increased profits for mining companies and a speedy and efficient cleanup for residents, politicians and interested parties.

  • The Power Of Real-Time Monitoring Solutions

    San Francisco Public Utilities Commission turns to Trimble Telog enterprise solutions to monitor and manage critical water and environmental data.

  • Managing Water Loss In Four Easy Steps

    A practical approach to detecting leaks and reducing non-revenue water.

    Water utilities are charged with an incredibly important task – providing safe and affordable water to communities in the face of aging infrastructure, funding gaps, and changing regulatory requirements. Specifically, when considering water loss control, leakage, and operational inefficiencies, costs may appear to be unaffordable.

  • Top Three Water System Inefficiencies You Can Address Today With Better Insights From Your Data

    As utilities continue to innovate and pursue the digitalization of water distribution and wastewater systems, new water tech can lead the way in addressing operational inefficiencies.


Preprogrammed for use with our extensive range of Spectroquant® tests and test kits. Simplicity, security, and durability are united in this spectrophotometer family.

Watch this video for an introduction to WaterMix, a liquid solution for use in wastewater, and to learn about the product features and benefits available.

Ketos is focused on delivering an end to end solution for solving water crisis. Learn about what KETOS does for Water from the team.

Learn more about how to make your water analysis simple, secure and durable with our Supelco Spectroquant® Prove. Watch now the video.

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With states and the federal government edging closer toward PFAS regulations, it’s only a matter of time before municipalities will be required to address the contaminant. This free ebook provides insight on the scope of the problem and the potential methods for its removal.

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At Natura Solve, we are dedicated to the renewal of our globe's vital resources, and the improvement of our long-term, industrial, municipal and lifestyle processes. We work towards these goals through a core offering of products that won us an award for the "Most Innovative Clean Earth Products Company - USA" from the Global Biotechnology Awards in 2020. We've also expanded our service offerings, treating our customer cities and businesses, municipalities and other properties directly, with the help of expert service partners across the US. Learn more.


UV For Small Wastewater Treatment Applications
The TrojanUV3000™PTP (Packaged Treatment Plant), is ideally suited to treat flows up to 2.8 MGD. The system can be equipped with prefabricated stainless-steel channels and transition boxes for in-line integration with existing flanged piping — thus minimizing engineering and installation costs. Learn more.


Digital Transformation Is Within Reach

Get access to industry insights and strategies to digitally transform your utility with the Smart Water Report.


Providing expert insight into the most important topics in the water and wastewater industry.

  • Includes:
    Digital Twins
    Utility Funding
    Customer Engagement
    Wastewater Analysis
  • Includes:
    Water Security
    PFAS Mitigation
    Climate Change Impact
    Regulatory Compliance
  • Includes:
    COVID-19 Impact
    Optimizing Coagulation
    Progressive Design-Build
    Remote Monitoring/Control
  • Includes:
    Integrated Utility Solutions
    Microplastics In Water
    Water From Air
    Modernizing Monitoring
  • Includes:
    Sidestream Treatment
    Artificial Intelligence
    Onsite Treatment