• Advanced Biological Filtration: A Multi-Barrier Approach To Complex Water And Wastewater Contaminant Removal

    Since Flint, Michigan, and other communities brought the issue of water safety to the headlines, even non-water professionals are familiar with common contaminants like lead and arsenic. But there remains some ambiguity around “emerging contaminants” that are now appearing in water supplies, particularly as regulations to mitigate them are under development with no clear guidelines yet available.

  • Featured Profiles In Brewery Wastewater Success

    Stories of real success with packaged pumping and wastewater treatment systems at breweries are explored, including for regulatory compliance and/or water reuse capabilities. Packaged pumping and treatment systems have helped hundreds of brewers meet their permits for local collection and/or direct surface discharge, while offering minimal land usage, superior ease of operation, and the cost-saving "green" benefits of water reuse capabilities.

  • GoAigua, The European Company With The World’s Largest Operation To Detect SARS-CoV-2 In Wastewater, Is Helping Communities In New England Stop The Spread

    Community testing for COVID-19 has become a hot topic in the last months, especially when looking at wastewater. Since March 2020, some of Europe’s largest cities have been implementing widespread surveillance systems that are efficiently testing entire cities every day, at a neighborhood and even building level, by detecting traces of the virus RNA in wastewater. GoAigua, the leading European player in wastewater-based epidemiology, has been helping over 20 cities in Europe and performed over 20,000 tests this year to provide communities with a reliable and anticipated source of community infection assessment.

  • 5 Tips On Avoiding Murphy’s Law With Big Pipe Repairs

    While there are different backstories on the wording of Murphy’s Law — “If anything can go wrong, it will” — there is little doubt that fear of it among water and wastewater infrastructure managers rises proportionately with the diameter of the pipe. Here is one example of how challenging a 36”-line repair can become, plus five guidelines to help decision-makers minimize the risks of the same happening to them.

  • What Is Genclean™ Advanced Oxidation Disinfection Solution And What Is It Used For?

    A non-toxic, advanced oxidation (AOP) formula of minerals chelated with oxygen and stabilized in an aqueous water solution. It is a viable option in industries and applications requiring a solution to challenging situations where high level effective sanitization and oxidation is required. Read more to learn how the Genclean advanced oxidation treatment solutions can be used in different applications.

  • Insta-Valve 250 Helps Avoid Nearly Citywide Water Service Disruption

    The Insta-Valve 250 provided targeted shutdown to greatly minimize service disruption during repair of a leaking water main.


In just under six months, Newterra designed and supplied this 5,000 GPD MBR Wastewater Treatment System for a small private community in Telluride, Colorado. Having the right solution and leveraging our partner AquaSolutions DBO to manage the permitting provided the customer confidence in our team made this project a resounding success. 

Why have only 20% of water utilities deployed an AMI fixed network?  If you are considering a fixed network, I've got something you seriously need to consider prior to soliciting quotations or putting out your RFP. The question is, who is going to manage the network infrastructure? Do you have qualified individuals within your utility ready to continuously monitor, maintain and manage the network? In this video, we're going to discuss some of the options available for water utilities today: a utility managed network versus a network as a service agreement (NaaS).

Peter Fiske, Executive Director at the National Alliance for Water Innovation (NAWI) talks about building a “Tinder for water nerds” and reflects on the importance of delivering valuable content beyond the product from his time as CEO of Pax Water Technologies.

Parkson’s commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of employees and the world by improving the treatment and conservation of water is highlighted in this video.

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 While the U.S. water industry is investing billions of dollars in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), some utility executives still have lots of questions. Is it worth the investment? Where will the ROI come from? How can I minimize the risks? Is my organization ready to make this transition? This free e-book provides a deeper look into key pieces of the evaluation process, including the underlying communication technology as well as critical steps and lessons learned from successful deployments.

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For over 50 years Amiad has been committed to developing a comprehensive line of robust water filtration equipment and integrated treatment packages for water applications in the industrial, municipal (potable and wastewater), oil and gas, commercial HVAC, ballast water, agriculture, irrigation, and aquaculture markets. Our filters are in use in over 70 countries around the world. Every Amiad system is built for efficiency, effectiveness and reliability and is backed by our commitment to excellence and dedication to customer service.  Learn more.


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