• HST™ Turbocompressor For Sky-High Savings In Wastewater Treatment

    The town of Fraser, Colorado, USA, with an annual mean temperature of 32.5°F is the coldest town in the lower 48 states and gets frost year-round. At an elevation of 8’574 feet, it is also the highest location for Sulzer’s HST 20 turbocompressor in the world. The Fraser WWTP high-speed blower upgrade was completed in early 2019, replacing older centrifugal blowers, which were loud and costly to operate.

  • HST™ Turbocompressor Survives A Category 4 Hurricane

    Victoria, Texas, is a small South Texas town of approx. 65’000 people just 30 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico. This area is considered as humid subtropical, and the temperatures regularly exceed 100°F for the months of June through August. A record high temperature of 111°F was recorded in September 2000 and a record low of 9°F in December 1989. This location displays one of the most extreme temperature differentials in the United States. The HST high-speed blower was used in the new plant design which replaced an older two-stage trickling filter design in the Victoria WWTP.

  • Leveraging Digital Twins For 'Smart Water' Analytics

    Optimizing water and wastewater operations requires analyzing a lot of variables and the relationships among them. One good way to do that is with a digital twin — a digital parallel to a physical system — that can be used to test and develop new analytics or control strategies without disrupting real-time operations. Here are several examples of how to use digital twins to yield more efficient results.

  • A Simpler Maintenance Option For Free-Chlorine Measurement

    Safe drinking water is often taken for granted, but the reality is that it requires an extensive network of equipment and qualified personnel to keep it flowing. One major issue is that traditional chlorine sensor technology can be laborious and expensive to maintain. However, an alternative is available for water treatment plant operators who already have plenty of responsibilities and want to keep their disinfection duties and costs to a minimum.

  • Hydro-Electric Power Station Benefits From The Use Of Siemens Flow Meters

    Pumped storage hydro-electric power is a method of producing electricity to supply high peak power demands by moving water between water reservoirs at different elevations. At times of low electrical demand, excess generation capacity is used to pump water back into the higher reservoir. When there is higher demand, water is released back into the lower reservoir through a turbine. Pumped-storage schemes currently provide the most commercially important means of large-scale grid energy storage. Such systems greatly improve the daily capacity factor of power generating systems though out the world.

  • Clamp-On Flow Meters From Siemens Help To Regulate Outflow From A Dam

    A utility company in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States needed to regulate the outflow of a large dam built in the 1930s. The outflow of the dam feeds a river into which the state government wanted to reintroduce a salmon run. Because of this, the utility company would need to comply with some very restrictive limits on how quickly they could change the level of the river. They were now required to account for all water flowing downhill from the dam.


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