• Water Treatment Filter Monitoring
    Water Treatment Filter Monitoring

    A municipal water utility follows a straightforward method for providing clean water to its residents: It pulls water out of a nearby river, filters out the impurities, and then funnels the water into a reservoir to be ready when residents turn on their taps. The water provider needed to improve sand filter consistency and boost performance of its overall fleet of filters in its water treatment plant. To do this, it needed to identify and monitor for poor filter performance while prioritizing filter maintenance.

  • Not All Differential Pressure Meters Are Created Equal
    Not All Differential Pressure Meters Are Created Equal

    Due to the dynamics of liquids and gases flowing through elbows, valves, pumps, and other pipeline structures, every flow-meter methodology has its own design limitations. Unlike Venturi meters, pitot tubes, orifice plates, and other devices, V-Cone meters provide highly accurate and reliable readings with minimal straight-pipe length restrictions and virtually no maintenance, in pipe sizes up to 120”.

  • Optical Oxygen Sensors Promote Efficiency Gains
    Optical Oxygen Sensors Promote Efficiency Gains

    Tight control of the biological process in aeration basins is the lynchpin of wastewater treatment at municipal facilities. To perform at their peak, the “bugs” in these basins require a specific amount of oxygen. However, the air blowers controlling this process consume a significant amount of energy and thereby represent a major expense. Now, advanced solutions are available that provide a cost-effective method to measure the oxygen for automatic control in the basins without the need for frequent maintenance.

  • Dangerous Waters In A Changing World
    Dangerous Waters In A Changing World

    Americans and Canadians got a peek into the future when the City of Toledo shut its drinking water taps in 2014, issuing a do-not-drink order on the municipal water supplies serving 500,000 people. Levels of microcystin, a potent liver toxin produced by blue-green algae, were more than double the World Health Organization's safe limit. More than 700 square miles of the Lake Erie surface was covered by a harmful algal bloom (HAB), and drinking water plants couldn't remove the algal cells and the toxins they produced.

  • Plastic Flow Meters Reduce Weight, Space, Corrosion — Not Accuracy
    Plastic Flow Meters Reduce Weight, Space, Corrosion — Not Accuracy

    There are a variety of reasons for wanting accurate flow metering — e.g., billing purposes, precise proportioning of chemical injections, and other process flow decisions. That is why highly accurate mag meters are so popular in many applications. Now, new lightweight, corrosion-resistant mag meters provide the same advantages as plastic piping for harsh environments and flows that cover all the bases…and acids.

  • A New Era In Blower Control Efficiency
    A New Era In Blower Control Efficiency

    A common misconception among wastewater plant managers is that pressure-based blower controls remain an industry “best practice” for aeration. The problem is this approach was developed during an age when most blowers were constant speed machines with outputs that could only be governed by the manipulation of inlet valve position or header pressure. Newer self-tuning, airflow-based control systems save energy, improve effluent, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Bevel Gearbox Actuator for Insta-Valve Bevel Gearbox Actuator for Insta-Valve

Ideal for shallow bury applications, the Bevel Gearbox Actuator allows for horizontal valve installation for 4-12" Insta-Valve 250 insertion valves.

Anammox Treatment Technology - DEMON® Anammox Treatment Technology - DEMON®

World Water Works’ DEMON process can solve the problem of returning high concentrations of ammonia to the plant influent. The true key to the success of the technology is the patented advanced biological process controls and the physical separation used to facilitate the growth and retention of the anammox bacteria.

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) - Ideal MBBR™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) - Ideal MBBR™

World Water Works specializes in the combination of the MBBR technology with Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) technology or Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technology for advanced wastewater treatment.

Taking Advantage Of The 'Opportunity Of A Lifetime' In Water Taking Advantage Of The 'Opportunity Of A Lifetime' In Water

If you're of the mind that the water industry is staid and stagnant, watch this interview with Xylem's Joe Vesey to have your mind changed. Vesey, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer with Xylem, describes the "massive disruption, massive change, [and] massive value creation" happening broadly across society and business, promising that it's also "going to happen in water." At Xylem, it has already begun.

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