• Blue-White’s® President Explains The Accuracy Of The MS-6 Chemical Feed Sensor

    The treatment of water and wastewater using chemicals is an exact science. Dosing needs to be accurate to ensure that the right amount of chemical is getting into critical water and wastewater treatment systems quickly. The ProSeries-M MS-6 chemical feed sensor from Blue-White Industries is designed to accurately measure that chemical feed from metering and dosing pumps to ensure proper dosing.

  • MS-6 Flowmeter Provides Solutions To The Water Treatment Market

    Blue-White’s® MS-6 Ultrasonic Flowmeter is an innovative new addition to flowmeter offerings in the water and wastewater treatment industries.

  • Why & How In Industrial Water Conditioning

    The necessity for deaeration of boiler feed and process water has become so recognized that even small plants now assure longer equipment life and reduced maintenance by employing some type of deaeration. Deaeration today is an important factor in the successful and economical operation of any modern boiler plant, regardless of its size. For more than a century COCHRANE® by newterra has been associated with the art of conditioning water to prevent corrosion, including heating, deaeration and all phases of water treatment.

  • Challenging Turnkey Installation Of Five Raw Water Pumps

    For one city in Texas, accessing a new source of water required considerable expertise in pumping technology. The pumping station was to be located 320 feet (98 meters) above the 9 ft (2.7 meter) tunnel that carries the water from the intake system in the lake. The water had to travel almost a mile (1.6 km) uphill to the water treatment plant, so a considerable amount of civil engineering was required. Read the full case study to learn how the SJT large vertical pump was determined to be the most suitable pump for this project.

  • Laundry Water Recovery System Reduces Freshwater Use By Over 50 Percent

    In Mexico City, few residents have tap water or washing machines and most visit laundromats to clean their clothes. To keep up with demand, most of the city’s laundromats take delivery of fresh water three or four times per day at great expense to facility owners. Virtually none of this water is reused or recycled. This not only creates a financial burden for laundry operators, it also adds significantly to one of Mexico City’s most pressing environmental problems: a massive water shortage.

  • Manufacturing In Alabama And The Current Environment

    What’s a business leader to do at time such as this? What is a manufacturing business leader to do at a time such as this? Does it really matter whether a business is a service provider such as a restaurant or is a manufacturer? If so, does it matter what the company manufactures?


Butte-Silver Bow Water Utility Chief Operator Jim Kennan talks about his success with the MD-3 Multi-Diaphragm Metering Pump.

Water Treatment Supervisor Phil Sipes talks about his success with the MD-3 Multi-Diaphragm Metering Pump.

Turbidity spike? Or just air bubbles? A well designed degasser can increase confidence in your Turbidity analyzer. See how SWAN addresses this common water treatment problem.

Why choose SWAN? Innovative designs like the rotating sensor in our AMI Trides amperometric chlorine analyzer make your life easier. Check it out to learn more.

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