• Effectively managing hundreds of thousands of miles of sewer network is not an enviable task. And with ever changing industry regulation, stricter statutory targets, additional compliance and a growing abundance of technology, that task could easily be regarded as insurmountable. How can you ever know exactly what’s going on throughout your entire network? It’s impossible. Or is it?

  • Exactly 16 years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans on its way toward becoming the most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history, Hurricane Ida slammed into the Gulf Coast with great force. The storm would eventually move north, leaving a trail of destruction across much of the Eastern Seaboard. Nearly a month later, many who were in its path are still feeling the effects.

  • Raw sewage enters our rivers, lakes, and oceans at an alarming volume and frequency. This is a problem faced around the world. In some locations, great strides are being made to tackle this through infrastructure investment, often as a result of public and regulatory pressure, and because we all know that we need to do better.

  • Wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) is the analysis of wastewater to identify the presence of biologicals or chemicals for the purpose of monitoring public health. It can provide a snapshot of entire communities from one sample. Detecting viral diseases by way of wastewater monitoring is nothing new, it’s been known for decades that viral particles can be detected in human feces. WBE has previously been used to detect the presence of pharmaceutical or industrial waste, drugs, viruses, and potential emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In Israel, a wastewater surveillance program for monitoring polio outbreaks has been successfully running since 1989.

  • This month our topic fits in well with a whole genre of music and it was hard to pick just one song to weave into this column, so I didn’t. The hits just kept coming to mind so consider this discussion of building pipelines in rock to be an homage to all things rock and roll!

  • The DE NORA TETRA Modular DeepBed Filter (MDBF) Plant is an established tertiary wastewater filtration technology for the UK municipal water market to remove total suspended solids (TSS) before final effluent is discharged to a water course.

  • The United Nation’s (UN) World Water Development Report recently stated that nearly 6 billion people will suffer from clean water scarcity by 2050. Singapore is using desalination as part of the solution to their water supply issue in order to provide enough clean drinking water for its ever-growing population of 5.5 million.

  • The Ventura River County Water District in Ojai, California required a new SCADA system but they were keen to ensure that a computer did not have the ultimate destiny in the dispatch of very necessary alarms.

    The customer wanted a solution that provided “fail safe” operation whilst minimising the impact of single and multi component failures during system operation. Here, the business challenge was to reduce downtime and improve efficiency and situational awareness for the Ventura River County Water District.

  • The water system for Guwahati, the largest city in the northeastern region of India, was originally built to harness the Brahmaputra River with a gravity-based distribution system. Unregulated development led to water supply problems, as well as high water pressure in 60% of the system. To improve water distribution and the quality of life for residents, NJS Engineers India was tasked with constructing or upgrading water infrastructure throughout the city, including 36 kilometers of transmission mains, 1,155 kilometers of distribution pipes, 1.42 million service connections, a treatment plant, pumping stations, and other infrastructure. Due to the size of the project, NJS needed to combine design, construction management, and hydraulic models into a single platform.

  • NOVOGOR-Prikamie, a public utility operating in Russia’s Perm Province, undertook a RUB 5.1 million project to improve the energy efficiency of the water supply system for the city of Perm and ensure the reliability of the water supply for its more than 1 million residents. The water supply network comprised 1,255 kilometers of pipelines.


  • Xylem Wastewater Network Optimization: A Smart, End-To-End Wastewater Platform

    Sewer overflows are a growing problem for cities around the world. With more severe rain events expected due to climate change, solving this critical water challenge is more important than ever. Doing so affordably is even harder. Xylem Wastewater Network Optimization is a real-time decision support system (RT-DSS) utilizing smart sewer technology that gives utilities a better view into the performance and capacity utilization of their existing sewer system assets. This allows utility leaders to optimize levels of service while saving money, reducing risk and protecting the environment.

  • optimyze™: Condition Monitoring To Optimize Your Bottom Line

    Using predictive analysis, optimyze identifies potential problems with your equipment before they occur, to help you manage system reliability and maintenance. Information is monitored, collected, stored and analyzed in the optimyze sensor. This allows you to understand the current health and historical trends of your assets, create maintenance reminders and generate detailed reports. As a result, you can perform preventative maintenance before issues become critical to uptime.

  • Harmony Encore

    Harmony Encore is compatible with every* utility billing system on the market that supports the common Flat File Transfer. Harmony Encore together with integrated GoAigua Analytics enhances and amplifies the value from a utility’s CIS, GIS, SCADA, and a wide variety of Asset Management Software.

  • SensyMaster Thermal Mass Flowmeter

    SensyMaster helps to improve the operating costs of the most cost intensive process in sewage plants: Aeration. High-measuring performance and state of the art technology helps customers increase plant efficiency.

  • Proline Promag W 800 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    The Proline Promag W 800 electromagnetic flowmeter is a long-lasting battery-powered magmeter with secure system integration and communication.


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