• Managing Storm And Surface Water With ForeSITE UL Monitoring System

    As flooding increases along coastal and river-adjacent communities, the need for low-cost, reliable monitoring and warning systems has become a critical factor for managing these issues in real time, without requiring major infrastructure overhauls.

  • ForeSITE-UL Monitoring System

    The ForeSITE™-UL (FS-UL) system is designed to enable cost-effective, easy-to-setup and reliable monitoring of water levels for a wide variety of applications and locations.

  • Panametrics' Technology Proves Key In Supporting Serbia's Flood Prevention Strategy

    A water management company in Serbia used Panametrics' ultrasonic flow meter technology for stormwater management, ensuring reliable measurement and accuracy in challenging conditions. The technology allowed for live monitoring of water transfer and reduced the risk of flooding.

  • AquaFlow Smart Valve

    AQUAFLOW™ SMART VALVE with integrated AMI endpoint provides two-way communication between the service location and our AquaControl™, our Cloud-based web & mobile applications, supporting either Cellular LTE-M or LoRaWAN remote connectivity.

  • ADMAG AXG Magnetic Flow Meters

    The new ADMAG Total Insight (TI) AXG®  is an electromagnetic flow meter featuring enhanced settings for customized setups, pre-defined trend views, and multiple configuration sets for fast changeover through micro SD card. 


 Xylem MultiSmart powered by Nexicon™ is an innovative monitoring and control platform designed by world-class water experts to keep up with demands and lower operational costs