• Multiport Relief Valves

    Multiport Relief Valve Springs cannot be compressed solid nor can the valve be locked closed by external adjustment. When springs are compressed to a maximum point by handwheel adjustment, the valve discs will open upon overpressure. Operating components are internal to the valve, which precludes tampering.

  • Modernize Your HMI/SCADA To Keep The Water Flowing

    As a Water and Wastewater professional, you may face many challenges.

  • The Inspection Workflow That Helps You Prioritize Resources

    The Phased Assessment Strategy for Sewers (PASS) workflow from Envirosight uses rapid inspection methods to help you make the most of your time and budget, while improving response time for inspection and repair.

  • SV2 Advanced Remote Shutoff Valve With Integrated AMI Endpoint

    The Smart Valve 2 (SV2) from Aquana is a three-position remote disconnect valve product with an integrated AMI endpoint. Designed and manufactured in the U.S., the Aquana SV2 is a meter agnostic valve with a modular design. The SV2 offers a fully integrated solution with either LTE-M cellular or LoRaWAN connectivity, automatic leak detection, and access to the Aquana Cloud for a full AMI platform including meter reading, remote connect/disconnect, and billing system integration. 

  • Aclara RF Network Sewer Monitoring Solution

    The Aclara sewer monitoring solution leverages industry-leading RF network to provide near real-time monitoring of manholes and other key sewer locations.


In this episode of Water Talk, we sit down with Caroline Burger from Carollo to talk about the main entities involved in developing a flood alert system.