• FIBROTEX┬« Backwashable Depth Filter

    FIBROTEX® comprises a range of compact, fully automatic, self-cleaning fibrous depth filtation systems designed to eliminate or reduce particulates in aqueous feedstreams, either prior to use in the process, or before discharge from the process. FIBROTEX® filters are based on a unique, yet proven technology and use advanced materials and construction techniques to provide effective, compact and reliable filtration solutions to the water quality problems of municipalities and industry.

  • ZeeWeed 500

    For more than two decades ZeeWeed 500 has been a trusted name in filtration for membrane bioreactors (MBR). The ZeeWeed 500 ultrafiltration, hollow fiber, reinforced membrane provides customers with high-performance, energy efficiency, and proven membrane life. The ZeeWeed 500 membrane family gives customers the flexibility to treat any flow rate, from ultra-low flows to mega MBR plants.

  • PPG Filtration Technologies: 8040

    Proprietary Composite Spiral Element. Available in Fiberglass and Netting Wrap configurations. Anti-Telescoping Device (ATD) both ends. Brine seal (one end) - Fiberglass Wrap only.

  • Trickling Filters

    At Brentwood, trickling filters are often referred to as the “biological treatment workhorse.” By optimizing surface area in a given volume and maintaining the structural integrity required for deep towers, Brentwood media provides an ideal environment for microorganism growth.

  • AquaStorm Cloth Media Filter

    The AquaStorm cloth media filtration system is designed as an economical and efficient solution for the treatment of wet weather applications. This system utilizes a disk configuration and the exclusive OptiFiber PF-14 pile cloth filtration media to effectively filter high solids waste streams with and without the use of chemicals as determined necessary for application-specific water quality.


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