• Kansas Water Utility Identifies Non-Revenue Water Through Trimble Water Technology

    Mitigating non-revenue water (NRW) challenges has taken an increasing role in water utilities over the past several years. There is a saying in the water industry that ‘what gets measured gets managed’ and the American Water Works Association has recommended water utilities rely on actionable performance indicators to meet the challenges brought on by real losses and apparent losses resulting in underbilling.

  • Digitizing The Water Sector: An Opportunity To Improve Water Quality

    The greatest threats to our water supply can be overcome through the application of digital technologies, but widespread implementation remains a hurdle.

  • Blazing A Path To Water Conservation With Smart Technology

    Albert Einstein once said: “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This same adage applies to water utilities today as water conservation takes on a greater role for customers and governments, pushing sustainability to the forefront of industry challenges. Thankfully, utilities no longer have to rely on the same old solutions when examining and addressing water loss.

  • Small Utility Achieves Astounding Results In Customer Service, Labor Output By Switching To AMI

    A team member from Master Meter approached Amanda Selph, Business Manager at Belforest Water System, with a problem; the meters in the system were rapidly nearing the end of their life span and Belforest’s growth rate was exceeding staff’s capacity to keep up. “We were changing 30 to 40 meters a month that were no longer working, and that was on top of the growth we were experiencing. It would not be uncommon for them [Belforest employees] to change out 50 to 60 meters a month,” Mrs. Selph states. “We were at a tipping point from a staffing perspective and we needed a solution that would show immediate financial results.”

  • Gwinnett County, GA, Improves Meter Program Through Science And Strategy

    Gwinnett County is located 30 miles northeast of Atlanta. The County is investigating methods to improve its strategic program for water meters. These improvements include updated testing equipment, a wider selection of approved metering technologies, and increased employee training. The goal is to install the most appropriate meter for each specific use, and to enhance the county’s excellent customer service.

  • GoAigua’s Digital Twin Saves 1B+ Gallons Of Water/Year

    Water transport and distribution systems in many cities have become complex to manage as they are forced to adjust to the problems of population growth, resource shortages, aging infrastructure and optimization of daily network operations. Consequently, digital twins of water networks are increasingly widely used for decision-making around their operation and management.

  • Gandia Becomes A Smart Water City And Saves 0.5hm3 Of Water/Year

    In 2008, the utility providing this Spanish city’s water supply and the city council decided to phase in a gradual process of digital transformation.

  • From Conventional To Smart: Lessons From Building One Of The Largest Smart Meter Networks In Europe

    Digitalization paves the way for cost reduction in water utilities, thanks to greater process efficiency. To achieve success, both technology and the people factors need to be taken into account.

  • Digital Transformation In Water: The 9 Key Success Factors

    Climate change, urban population growth, aging infrastructure, budgetary constraints and increasing regulatory pressure are some of the many challenges facing US water utilities.

  • City of San Juan Bautista

    The City of San Juan Bautista, California, also known as the City of History, is a mission town nestled in the San Juan Valley. Some of the city’s infrastructure is over 100 years old. The city’s water meters were an aging mix of units from various manufacturers. The meters were losing accuracy and becoming unreliable, leading to a loss of billing revenue. In addition, manually reading the meters was a very inefficient way for the city’s small staff to spend their time. Also, like most California cities, water conservation in San Juan Bautista is a top priority. Helping customers find leaks and understand how much water they really use is an important step towards conservation.


  • Sentryx™ Software Enabled Super Centurion® Hydrant

    The communications hub for your water distribution system. The Sentryx software enabled Super Centurion hydrant brings together the infrastructure platform you trust with the data intelligence to make informed, actionable decisions. Leveraging Industrial IoT, powerful mapping and data visualizations as well as advanced analytics, you’ll be able to understand the performance of your distribution system like never before.

  • OCTAVE® Ultrasonic Meter

    Octave brings the latest in ultrasonic metering technology to Commercial/Industrial (C&I) water meters and puts precise measurement where the real flows exist.

  • HbMAG Magnetic Flow Meter Conservation, operational efficiency and versatility are important to municipalities as they look for new ways to optimize service.
  • N_SIGHT Software Suite

    You may be surrounded by data, but starved for insights. To go beyond basic meter reading and billing, your utility needs tools that provide a deeper understanding of the data you collect — that turn it into meaningful information for a smart water network.

  • Hidden Revenue Locator: A Proactive Data-Powered Apporach To Identify Metering Inaccuracies And Optimizing Revenue

    A data-powered approach to proactive meter management that helps utilities identify metering inaccuracies and optimize revenue.


Check out why this small town near Monterey California is making the necessary investments in Octave Ultrasonic water measurement and 3G Mobile AMR technologies.