• A new, peer-reviewed study published on confirms what water utilities know and confront every day — water scarcity is already a problem, and its growth is forcing action now. Fortunately, there are proven, although not yet widely adopted, tools available to utilities to combat and resolve this threat cost-effectively and faster than conventional methods. Here are tangible steps that can be taken to meet such current and future challenges.

  • System longevity is a growing concern for water utilities of all sizes and locations. One of the biggest obstacles in achieving this goal is the use of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) that leverages fixed network communications. Not only do fixed networks require significant expertise to build and manage, but a shrinking workforce is also making it difficult to replace institutional knowledge when those experts retire. Additionally, emerging cybersecurity threats are making fixed networks a heavy load for utilities to bear.

  • Operating a water treatment and distribution system is difficult enough on its own, but the job gets even more complex for utility managers struggling to harness their metering data. Those lacking a comprehensive solution are likely dealing with older data, outdated software, and low visibility into their system. However, there is a cost-effective solution that overcomes all these challenges.

  • Whatever number a utility estimates as its non-revenue-water (NRW) loss rate — 20 percent, 30 percent, or more — the willingness to address it is often inversely proportional to the cost of doing so. Now, leak detection options that include acoustic monitoring as a built-in feature of residential water meter replacement are cutting the costs and complexity of identifying NRW losses and recapturing lost revenues.

  • There is more to a brand beyond its associations with a specific technology. There’s brand history. How did a brand come to be? A brand’s culture drives the company’s evolving strategy and purpose. And then there is the crew behind the brand, which ultimately delivers on the brand promise. Incredibly, for a 40-year-old company, Master Meter’s management team represents nearly 250 years of utility market experience.

  • The Itron Field Tools mobile app has allowed for our Field Technicians to use their iPhones as a multifunctional device. The Field Tools App also allows us to upgrade with minimal involvement from our IT teams. Testing the application prior to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release allowed us to provide feedback making the acceptance level high for our end users. The App is easy to use enabling for quick, simple and minimal training in a virtual meeting environment. The Itron Mobile Radio also helped eliminate previous issues with antenna breakage on the FC300 handheld.

  • Water distribution system infrastructures are designed to deliver drinking water to end users, but utilities are continually faced with distinct challenges to fulfill this fundamental objective. For example, these utilities improve customer service by delivering water with high pressure, but on the other hand, water conservation policies push them to minimize water distribution leaks. For this reason, water utilities invest heavily in SCADA and telemetry technologies to support operational decisions. However, unlocking historical operational data and fusing it with other data (such as billing information from AMR/AMI networks) to generate actionable insights has proven difficult.

  • Got water? Sure, most of us in the United States do. But do we ever stop to smell the roses of odorless fresh potable water? Do we reflect on what reliable water means for the economic life of our community? Texas’s harsh deep freeze earlier this year reminded us Texans of our vulnerability, and after $200B in damages, it gave us a glimpse of how life looks without the core services that we take for granted daily.

  • Decades ago, farmers and ranchers around San Marcos, Texas, formed a utility to get water to cattle. Today, Crystal Clear Special Utility District (CCSUD) serves not only rural operations but swaths of a growing metropolis stretching from San Antonio to Austin, providing water to nearly 6,000 connections.

  • The year 2020 was truly devastating for wildfires. From California to Australia, the world got a firsthand glimpse into how warmer, drier conditions are enabling harsher periods of drought – resulting in longer fire seasons and greater water scarcity.


  • Seeq Organizer

    Organizer is Seeq’s application for engineers and managers to assemble and distribute Seeq analyses as reports, dashboards, and web pages.

  • Recordall® Compound Series Meters

    Recordall® Compound Series meters combine two metering technologies in one innovative package. A positive displacement chamber measures low flow, while a turbine chamber records high flow. These meters are an ideal choice for facilities that experience rapid and wide fluctuations in water demand, such as hospitals, universities, residential complexes and manufacturing or processing facilities.

  • HQ40d Portable Meter Kit

    Designed for water quality experts, the Hach HQ40d portable meter is an advanced meter that takes the guesswork out of measurements.

  • Wireless Remote Monitoring With Trimble Telog 32 Series RTUs

    Continuing the tradition of ground breaking products that add exciting new capabilities for smart, remote monitoring in water and wastewater networks.

  • Innov8 Digital Register

    The water utility industry is changing as the cost of treating and delivering water is constantly rising. Utilities need to be more efficient while utilizing fewer resources. Increased consumer awareness and higher water bills must be met with responsive customer service. Information is being demanded to analyze billing reads and consumption patterns. Large end-users are looking for techniques to assist with conservation and cost controls. Clearly, demands upon water industry professionals are increasing.


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