Water We Talking About?

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Water Is The Medium Of The People Business
Water Is The Medium Of The People Business
As an early adopter of the podcasting medium in the water industry, Travis Loop, Founder & Producer of waterloop, uses his platform to focus on and share solutions, as well as sharing success stories, and inspiring people to not give up.  Continue Reading..
The Face Of The Water Industry
The Face Of The Water Industry
After breaking into the water industry with PennWell, Angela Godwin became the face and voice of the industry through her work with Endeavor Business Media, and now as Principal Partner with Rogue Monkey Media.  Continue Reading..
Water Is The Canary In The Coal Mine
[AUDIO] Water Is The Canary In The Coal Mine
What does the design aesthetic of a logo tell us about a business? Lorenzo Falzarano, founder of Orb, shares his unique perspective on design, and talks about how we validate that our water is safe for use and reuse.  Continue Reading..
Water Heroes
The Water Heroes
After spending a decade working on the utility side of the industry, Hugh Sinclair, Vice President – National Practice Lead For Asset Management at Arcadis, now spends his time focusing on the people who do the work – the heroes of the industry – and finds that understanding someone’s story is the most effective vehicle to create empathy and context around their collaborative partnerships.  Continue Reading..
Crowdsourced Campaigning Messaging
Crowdsourced Campaigning & Messaging
For Mike Wade, Executive Director for the California Farm Water Coalition, spending north of $140,000 in crowdsourced funds for an ad and campaign to get the word out to policymakers and the entire country on the devastating effects of the droughts in the west was worth the cost.   Continue Reading..
Writing The Story As I Go
Writing The Story As I Go
Shea Dunifon, aka Lady Caca, the Education Coordinator for Pinellas County Government finds that the best way to share stories is to start with the basics and keep the message simple.  Continue Reading..
Don’t Market Water As Water
For Mary Conley Eggert, Founder of Global Water Works, it’s of the utmost importance to solve the global water crisis in this generation. And that takes everyone working together.  Continue Reading..
Without Water There’s Nothing Else
To Michael Stanley Gallisdorfer, affectionately known as MSG, the message for water is simple: Water matters. When sharing water’s story, MSG says to make it simple and direct – and use words that everyone can understand.  Continue Reading..
Love Stories Behind Water
Love Stories Behind Water
Candice Jansen, a water sommelier, gives people a water experience worth remembering by hosting water tastings – elevating water the same way we do wine – allowing others to learn the emotional value of water.  Continue Reading..
Storytelling, Stewardship, And Educating The Public
Storytelling, Stewardship, And Educating The Public
Being a steward and educator for the water industry in his community is of the utmost importance for Jeff Kalmes from the Billerica Water Resource Recovery Facility.  Continue Reading..


Water and wastewater technology vendors have historically struggled to market themselves effectively. The Water We Talking About? podcast, produced by Water Online, looks to change that. Hosts Adam Tank of Transcend Water and Jim Lauria of Mazzei Injector Company bring together the industry’s leading communicators who share their secrets and help demystify the art of industrial storytelling to build better brands, engage more customers, and grow sales.