• Problems And Solutions To Wipes In Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Blockages often occur in residential and municipal sewer systems from accumulation of disposable wipes in wastewater treatment systems. The pipes, pumps and other equipment that process flushable waste in wastewater treatment systems are often not capable of handling such waste.

  • Video Case Study: SPIRALIFT® SR Provides Septage Receiving Solution

    The Willits, California Wastewater Treatment Plant services over 10,000 residents and receives 750 loads of septage each year, but found they had a serious problem. Heavy septage from “honey trucks” was dumped by haulers into its wet well which clogged the plant’s pumps and caused flow channels to overrun. The plant also lacked oversight as to who was pumping and what was being pumped into its system. It could not control the pH level of the wastewater. 

  • Surge Of Wipes Use Causes Strain On Wastewater Systems

    As the Coronavirus pandemic is upending life across the country, it is also putting a major strain on the nation’s wastewater systems.

  • Grinders, Shredders And Comminutors – An Evolving Technology

    Comminution technology has been evolving quite rapidly in response to the increasing burden entrained solids have placed on treatment facilities. More advanced devices have been developed in rapid succession. The result has been an exciting and fluid race between the leading manufacturers to develop the best size reduction device. The latest grinder innovations to be introduced have coupled the power of twin shaft grinding with higher flow capabilities and screw screening systems. Here’s a rundown on the past and present state of the art in wastewater solids reduction.

  • We Brewed Beer From Recycled Wastewater — And It Tasted Great

    On Earth Overshoot Day (August 22 this year), Village Brewery, a Calgary craft beer-maker, joined University of Calgary researchers and Xylem Technologies, a U.S.-based water technology company, to brew a crisp blond ale from reused wastewater — the first case of direct potable reuse in Alberta and possibly Canada.

  • The Selection & Use Of Sludge Muncher Grinders & Wastewater Munchers

    Sludge grinders are inline processors that play an important role in the successful operation of wastewater treatment plants by reducing oversized solids that can causing jamming and damage to pumps and process equipment. Franklin Miller grinders are known for their heavy-duty capabilities and innovative designs with models available for a variety of application requirements.

  • Septage Receiving Challenges & Solutions

    Septage disposal requirements have come a long way since the days when haulers could simply discharge their loads into an open pit at a sewage treatment plant or off-load them into a field or lagoon. This process was often neither regulated nor monitored. Haulers submitted their own estimates of what and how much they dumped for billing purposes. This practice created a very real threat of ground water, lake and stream contamination.

  • Increasing Efficiency Of Sludge Handling Transport And Storage Using Shaftless Spiral Conveyor Technology

    Customizable and durable conveying equipment is essential for today's sludge systems. An array of equipment can help make that goal a reality, but at the peak of efficiency lie shaftless spiral conveyors with expected system life of 20 to 25 years.

  • More Of A Good Thing: Utilities Prioritize Water Reuse Strategies

    Black & Veatch’s annual Strategic Directions report reveals the momentum for water reuse in the U.S., citing reasons for uptake as well as remaining barriers to entry.

  • Maximum Security With The Space-saving SPIRALIFT® SLV

    Due to the waste from the Northeast Correctional Facility, Alliance Water Resources, the wastewater treatment plant in Bowling Green, Missouri, was constantly having problems. The prison, which produces 300,000 gallons of water per day, was creating a deluge of problems for the pump station, including clogged and plugged pumps, excessive power draw and the need for continuous service and ultimate pump replacement. The inmates were flushing paper, jumpsuits, and all manner of debris – pretty much anything they could flush. It was costing the plant a lot of downtime and tons of money. Once the pumps started needing total replacements on a very frequent basis, costing the plant more than $30,000 each year, they knew they needed a solution.


  • Remote Monitoring Solutions-As-A-Service

    This new program removes technology complexity by providing a turn-key solution for water and wastewater infrastructure monitoring, delivering data and intelligence to help utility managers address key challenges. Learn more about RMSaaS.

  • TASKMASTER® TM1600 Shredder

    The TASKMASTER® TM1600 industrial shredder is a powerful workhorse that can shred heavy solids in both gravity and liquid systems. This unit can be installed horizontally with a stand, or vertically with a hopper for channel or pipeline applications with flange adapters.

  • TASKMASTER® TM8500 Shredder

    The TASKMASTER® TM8500 twin shaft shredder is the smallest in the TASKMASTER line of industrial shredders. It features an 8.5” wide cutting chamber up to 60” long and a direct drive. These units feature fully-sealed housing, mechanical shaft seals and patented 5, 7 or 11 tooth cutters. These versatile units are available for gravity feed, open channels or inline service with flanges. The geometry of this dual-shaft cutter also provides excellent feeding characteristics for a variety of solids. TASKMASTER cutters are precision manufactured to exacting standards to provide optimal shredding and long life. Each TASKMASTER shredder is heavily constructed for low deflection or vibration and quiet operation. These versatile shredders can handle screenings, fish waste, fabrics, waste material, and much more.


    The PIPELINE DELUMPER® is a proven in-line lump breaker that chops, shreds, disperses and suspends solids directly in fully enclosed pipe systems. This straight-through ultra-compact unit rectifies flow properties of heavy sludge, slurries and solids-laden streams. The PIPELINE DELUMPER alleviates blockages, works the stream to free flow and improves processing. It can prevent damage to pumps, piping, valves, nozzles and downstream equipment. This unit has proven itself as a valuable problem solver in process systems worldwide.


    The DELUMPER® L series crushers reduce products to a desired output size with a positive, once through, chopping action. Cutting teeth mounted to a smooth drum rotate through sizing combs to process agglomerates and reduce over-sized particles to their basic grain size without over-grind, heat rise or fines.


    The SPIRALIFT® SLV is a unique fine screen that conveys solids straight up. With its small footprint, it fits into tight places where no other screens can fit. This unit combines TASKMASTER® grinding technology with a vertical screw screen to provide fine screenings of solids entrained in liquid flows.


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