• ArcGIS Apps: A Collection Of Integrated, Location-Based Apps, That Work Wherever You Do.

    On your desktop, mobile device, or in your browser, jumpstart your workflows with ArcGIS Apps’ collection of integrated, location-based apps that are ready to work, wherever you do. Propelled by Esri’s world-leading mapping software, use the power of location to visualize data, improve coordination, achieve operational efficiencies, and gain insight. Your authoritative data deserves a solution as specialized as the insight it provides – ensure that your teams, in the field or the office, are using the same data to reduce errors, boost productivity, and save money.

  • OpenFlows™ PondPack®

    The robust OpenFlows PondPack analysis engine computes outlet rating curves with tailwater effects, accounts for pond infiltration, calculates pond detention times, analyzes channels, and performs interconnected pond routing with divergent (multiple) outfalls.

  • OpenFlows™ CulvertMaster®

    Data entry and manipulation is flexible and straightforward. Users of OpenFlows CulvertMaster can simply enter data in clearly labeled fields with full context-sensitive assistance and the ability to click to calculate. Design and analysis models can be navigated quickly, using tabbed dialog worksheets to edit watershed data, tailwater conditions, profile information, and more. With OpenFlows CulvertMaster, engineers can conveniently organize all the designs and analyses for the same project within a single file.

  • VTScada Historical Data Management

    Standard Component - VTScada is built around a world-class historian with intuitive tools allowing operators to create custom trends and export historical data.

  • OpenFlows™ WaterGEMS®

    With OpenFlows WaterGEMS, you can work across CAD, GIS, and stand-alone platforms while accessing a single, shared project data source.


Nathan Askins, Director of Business Technology at Breakwater Energy Partners, describes how easy it is to install KETOS Shield.