• Optimizer™ Hydraulic Criticality Tool

    Locate which pipes in your system will cause the most problems if they break by running hydraulic analyses for all possible breakage events and comparing the results The Optimizer Hydraulic Criticality Tool allows you to rapidly run criticality analyses on the Cloud for distribution networks of any size or complexity.

  • pipeCAST - Sewer System Software

    Designed by water experts for water experts, pipeCAST gives you unprecedented insight into the performance of your collection system. Want to achieve near-psychic powers to prevent floods and overflows? It takes less than an hour to find out how this digital twin makes it possible.

  • ArcGIS

    ArcGIS offers unique capabilities and flexible licensing for applying location-based analytics to your business practices. Gain greater insights using contextual tools to visualize and analyze your data. Collaborate and share via maps, apps, dashboards and reports.

  • Xylem Vue Powered By GoAigua Network Real-Time Decision Support

    Uncover operational insights and make data-informed decisions with real-time water network monitoring. 

  • Optimizer ™ Water Distribution System

    How effective is your infrastructure spending? Are you spending too much? Are you balancing short and long term service levels? Budget, time, and technology constraints prevent us from identifying the true potential of our capital and operational investments. Optimizer ™ allows you to modernize your planning process to realize optimal strategies for addressing water distribution objectives using a holistic approach.


 Xylem MultiSmart powered by Nexicon™ is an innovative monitoring and control platform designed by world-class water experts to keep up with demands and lower operational costs