Xylem MultiSmart Powered By Nexicon

Source: Xylem

Your water and wastewater solution must meet specific and ever-evolving efficiency demands while delivering at optimal capacity. Xylem MultiSmart powered by Nexicon™ is an innovative monitoring and control platform designed by world-class water experts to keep up with those demands and lower operational costs.

MultiSmart powered by Nexicon™ is built with modules preconfigured for your water and wastwater applications by Xylem’s experienced engineers. You save on installation, engineering, and pump operation right from the start. Mid- and long-term costs are also reduced with a system that offers high performance and easier upkeep.

MultiSmart powered by Nexicon™’s built-in documentation and troubleshooting guides enable you to:

  • Identify trends, manage alarms and run diagnostics from a web interface
  • Configure alarms and fault handling for any specific conditions

Alarms to ensure important anomalies like level or flow rate are acted on quickly, are shown on the display, sent by email or to a SCADA system. Thanks to various communication protocols, the controller easily fits into any SCADA systems, as well as allowing you to connect to external devices and instruments.

MultiSmart powered by Nexicon™ can also adapt to meet custom needs using the industry standard development environment CODESYS (technical skills required).