• For any responsible corporation, the ongoing pandemic has dramatically broadened an employer’s focus on the health of their workforce to include the serious emotional challenges now confronting employees.

  • This month our topic fits in well with a whole genre of music and it was hard to pick just one song to weave into this column, so I didn’t. The hits just kept coming to mind so consider this discussion of building pipelines in rock to be an homage to all things rock and roll!

  • Federal policymakers are on the verge of advancing two historic pieces of legislation: a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and a $3.5 trillion reconciliation package. While the ultimate fate of both is up in the air, one point is clear: Policymakers are focused on creating more jobs and supporting more workers following the COVID-19 recession.

  • This presentation will focus on converting and expressing flow rate gallons in minutes, converted from flow rate gallons in hours.

  • September 11, 2021, marked the 20th anniversary of 9/11. It’s been two decades (or approximately one generation) since the world watched in shock and horror as the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapsed. That morning, across the United States, millions of water-and-wastewater-industry-related employees were on the job, certainly not expecting the tragedy that unfolded.

  • Major project replacing large debris grate at Gross Dam requires experts in the harrowing field of saturation diving.

  • The loss of expert know-how, already a problem for years, has been made worse due to the pandemic. A network of expertise, optimized by artificial intelligence, may be the way to get ahead of the problem.

  • By supplying intrinsically safe lighting products, utilities can significantly enhance worker safety throughout the plant and in the field without worrying about dangerous settings.

  • No matter if you are a utility, manufacturer, manufacturers rep, or contractor, finding and keeping good employees is one of our most critical future challenges. It has always been an issue, but it has become even more serious as all of us in the water industry age.

  • In an industry beleaguered by workforce retirements, costly consent decrees, and climate-induced heavy rainfall events, fresh perspectives and ingenuity are high-profile needs. Fortunately, the U.S. EPA’s  Campus RainWorks Challenge is designed to deliver exactly those benefits from the next generation of stormwater specialists. Here’s how current utilities, municipal planners, and consulting-engineer practices all stand to benefit.


  • Installation Support

    Brentwood’s systems and components are engineered not only for performance, but for ease of installation. With a dedicated team of site technicians who have assisted in countless installations, you can be assured not only that the system will run properly, but that your employees will be educated and prepared to operate the system. Additionally, Brentwood’s process team is available for consultation throughout the lifetime of your system to provide maintenance advice and to ensure continued performance results.

  • Wonderware InTouch

    Since 1987, Wonderware InTouch has been the world’s number one human machine interface (HMI), offering market leading innovation, brilliant graphics, legendary ease of use, unsurpassed connectivity, the industry’s best support and the broadest partner ecosystem.

  • CASE Program

    The Component Analysis and System Evaluation (CASE) program, developed by Brentwood, helps customers to prevent problems with their chain and flight equipment and to extend the lifetime of their installations. The specialized tools and software provide facilities with cost-effective recommendations for budgeting future capital expenditures, maintaining inventory levels, and scheduling preventative maintenance.

  • Process Design Assistance

    Brentwood’s full staff of technical designers and skilled engineers take each project from concept to realization. Our designers provide installation and layout drawings while working in conjunction with our engineers to perform process analyses and optimize systems for each application.

    The experience of our engineers is a key factor in product improvement and new product development. Feedback from customers and knowledge gained from installations are assimilated into the design process to ensure that Polychem products and systems address every customer need.

  • AccuGrid Surface Grating

    AccuGrid protective grating provides a strong, interlocking, non-skid surface on top of tube settler and trickling filter media. As a cost-effective alternative to other walkway systems, it covers the entire media surface for complete access to the distribution system. AccuGrid also improves safety by eliminating trip hazards through its surefoot tread design and locking tabs that maintain panel alignment.


Across water and wastewater organizations, engineering decisions are too often made based on subjective judgements. Considering how inexpensive and easy modern automation makes it to generate and collect massive amounts of process data, the propensity to make decisions by gut feel may seem far-fetched to a bystander. For plant personnel, however, the struggle to improve upon instinct is often all too real.