• WWEMA Window: Personalization And Innovation — The Keys To Successful Business Digitalization

    It's safe to say that 2020 has transformed the world. For all the social upheavals, however, the business environment has experienced a mere acceleration of an anticipated change — the digitalization of the customer experience. In today's business environment, customers expect personalization and innovation. In recent years, business attempts to meet customers' expectations have become a key differentiator and metric for success.

  • Providing Water And Sanitation Access To Unhoused Populations During COVID-19 And Beyond: Guidance For Water And Wastewater Utilities

    Unhoused populations are vulnerable to a range of public risks, including COVID-19. They lack continuous access to running water, toilets, showers, and laundry, making it extremely difficult to take proper precautions. Homeless individuals are at high risk of health conditions including hepatitis, HIV, and tuberculosis. 

  • Announcing The Launch Of The Water Equity Network

    This extraordinary year has put a sharp focus on how inequity affects a community’s well-being. The COVID-19 virus has highlighted how interconnected we are, but we are definitely not all “in the same boat” as we navigate these waters. In a time of pandemic, intensifying climate change, and growing awareness of racial inequities, we see clearly that people in vulnerable communities experience worse outcomes in terms of health and well-being, employment, and access to the basic needs of food, water, and housing. We know that these disparate outcomes are underpinned by systemic racism and classism in our cities and their systems of operation—and that includes our water systems.

  • 7 Keys To Unlocking An Effective Customer Engagement Program

    Times, technology, and expectations have changed, creating an atmosphere where utilities must update customer engagement strategies to ensure satisfactory service.

  • Quick Response Restores Critical Water Supply To North Carolina Community During COVID-19 Outbreak

    There is never a good time for a municipality to encounter problems with its water supply. But during the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak – when handwashing and sanitation are essential to maintaining public health – a reduction in water supply to residents quickly becomes critical.

  • EnviroAtlas Builds Bridges By Making Data Accessible

    A community’s economic sustainability and quality of life depends on natural elements and functions that aren’t always fully understood or considered in local decision-making. EPA’s EnviroAtlas tool aims to change that by using maps and data to help communities understand the relationships between nature and human health, well-being, and the economy.

  • Initiative Takes On Water Systems, Climate Change, And Inequity

    The water industry and the communities it supports are beset with many problems when it comes to failing infrastructure and systems; but some have it worse than others.

  • We’re Better Together

    We are all stressed by a pandemic that’s caused more than 100,000 deaths in North America and economic fallout that has left tens of millions unemployed. Many of us are working from home, we wear masks outside, and a firm handshake or a hug is off limits.

  • Denver Sets The Stage For Sweeping LSL Replacements, Partners With 120Water For Modern Sample Management

    Denver has been developing a comprehensive inventory of known and suspected lead service lines using a combination of property records, water quality tests, and visual inspections of service lines. With an estimated 64,000-84,000 properties that may have lead services lines, Denver decided to proactively begin a Lead Reduction Program to replace all customer-owned lead service lines with copper lines at no direct charge to the customer.

  • Fort Wayne Collects & Tests More Than 900 Consumer Samples In 5 Months

    The City of Fort Wayne wanted to test 1000 locations to map high-lead neighborhoods for their LSLR program. However, they faced numerous challenges in the process: logistical problems in manually dropping off kits, low return rates, and the struggle to get opt-ins for the LSLR program - all on top of being understaffed. The biggest obstacle was relaying information and educating residents to get samples filled and returned properly.


  • View: Integrated Data Analytics Management To Improve Water Network Performance

    Xylem’s View™ Integrated Data Analytics Management delivers real-time data to help utilities make more informed decisions to improve network performance. Using these insights, a utility can intelligently monitor its water network to improve customer service, reduce non-revenue water and extend asset life.

  • LeakView: Protect High-Risk Assets With Real-Time Leak Detection And NRW Management

    Avoiding failures of critical high-risk assets is a constant challenge and one that impacts customer service as well as costing millions when failures do occur. Measuring multiple real loss indicators — pressure, acoustics — and integrated with state-of-the-art analytics, Xylem’s LeakView™ Leak Detection Monitoring system continuously monitors high-risk assets for leaks so utilities can make proactive repairs before they become bigger issues. This not only reduces leakage, but improves levels of customer service while optimizing operational costs.

  • SurgeView: Transient Pressure Monitoring That Reduces Pipe Stress While Protecting And Prolonging Asset Life

    Xylem’s SurgeView™ Transient Pressure Monitoring is a non-invasive and cost-efficient way to monitor water networks for the presence of damaging pressure surges. By using real-time detection of pressure transients, SurgeView determines the sources (pumps, automated valves, etc.) of these transients. The solution identifies which pipes are under stress and face higher risk in order to prioritize inspection and replacement, thereby prolonging the effective life of network assets.

  • Hidden Revenue Locator: A Proactive Data-Powered Apporach To Identify Metering Inaccuracies And Optimizing Revenue

    A data-powered approach to proactive meter management that helps utilities identify metering inaccuracies and optimize revenue.

  • Aerzen Rental Solutions

    Aerzen Rental specializes in providing temporary oil-free blowers and compressor solutions under 50 PSIG for a wide range of industry sectors. Aerzen Rental provides best-in-class packages engineered for aggressive rental environments with on-board VFDs, remote monitoring, and outdoor builds with sound attenuating enclosure as standard. From rental units for immediate deployment in the event of a production failure or shortfall to longer-term operational leasing and rent to own, Aerzen Rental is your expert partner.

  • PI System

    From data to knowledge to transformation
    Move from complexity to simplicity, from asset and process intelligence to operational intelligence with the PI System. Its highly scalable, open data infrastructure empowers enterprises in real time, transforming operational data into actionable knowledge and business transformation.


When utility customers turn on a faucet, the expectation is that water flows freely and maintains constant pressure. But, what happens when water consumption issues cause an entire customer population to have little-to-no water pressure?