• KC Water Improves Asset Planning And Prioritization With InfoAsset

    When faced with growing demand, aging assets, and a consent decree, KC Water took matters into their own hands.

  • City Of Auburndale Leading The Way With Smart Water Technologies

    Located in central Florida, the City of Auburndale is a thriving and steadily growing community that boasts great spaces to live, work and play. With more than a dozen lakes and ponds within its borders, a crucial component of the city’s appeal can be found in its abundance of water. In 2016, the Public Utilities Department saw a need to upgrade aging infrastructure across its water system. The city’s water meters and endpoints had provided many years of reliable service, and it was an opportune time to investigate how more advanced technology could benefit the utility and its customers.

  • Aging Water System Transformed Into Leading Smart Water Solution

    When water utility managers in Bedford, Texas, determined it was time to replace the city’s aging water infrastructure, they anticipated it would be a long and potentially challenging undertaking. However, by selecting a manufacturing partner with a comprehensive solutions portfolio, as well as turnkey distribution and installation partners, the Public Works Department achieved a successful and completely transformative infrastructure replacement project in less than two years. The project, which began in 2017, helped make Bedford one of the first cities in the country to deploy a smart water solution utilizing a secure LTE cellular network.

  • Pipelines Into The Past

    Denver Water crews marvel at water lines from the 1880s as they are replaced to handle new demands.

  • Advanced AI Helps Optimize Energy Usage And Membrane Life

    A North American city wanted to optimize operations at a SWTP in its drinking water distribution system. Innovyze investigated the SWTP’s processes, looking for key areas of potential optimization. Read the full case study to learn how a 15-20 percent savings in energy consumption costs was achieved.

  • EPANET 2.2.0: An EPA/Water Community Collaboration

    Protecting and maintaining drinking water distribution systems is crucial to ensuring high quality drinking water. The purpose of a water distribution system is to deliver water to consumers with appropriate quality, quantity, and pressure, from its source to the point of use. The optimal management of these systems requires data and information, including a digital model of the water system depicting its pipes, valves, pumps, tanks, and other attributes.

  • Kansas City Water Removes Guesswork On Asset Repair And Replacements

    As is common with many North American utilities, the underground water and wastewater pipe network in Kansas City is aging while population and demand continue to grow. These aging assets have led to water main breaks, sinkholes, and, in some cases hastened the deterioration of adjacent assets not associated with the water system. Kansas City Water is also subject to a federal Consent Decree of $4B over a 25- year period to reduce wet-weather overflow volume from their sanitary sewer network.

  • Leveraging Rentals For Pneumatic Conveying Applications

    Pneumatic conveying applications are critical to many facilities – when you can’t move material you can’t make or sell your product. Because of a historical lack of availability of specialized rental blowers and compressors for pneumatic conveying, plants often ether accepted the production outage or rented a more readily available 2 stage oil-free rotary screw compressor designed for 90-150 PSIG plant air service that is very inefficient at the reduced pressures needed for pneumatic conveying.

  • Managing Data To Maximize Asset Maintenance Efficiency

    Utilities are always looking for ways to unlock efficiency, which is the simplest and surest path to saving money. When it comes to asset maintenance, a key has been found.

  • Denver Sets The Stage For Sweeping LSL Replacements, Partners With 120Water For Modern Sample Management

    Denver has been developing a comprehensive inventory of known and suspected lead service lines using a combination of property records, water quality tests, and visual inspections of service lines. With an estimated 64,000-84,000 properties that may have lead services lines, Denver decided to proactively begin a Lead Reduction Program to replace all customer-owned lead service lines with copper lines at no direct charge to the customer.


  • Manage SCADA Alarm Notifications Any Way You Choose

    Build an advanced alarming system that fits the needs of your operation with the Ignition Alarm Notification Module, SMS Notification Module, and the Voice Notification Module to send, receive and acknowledge alarm notifications via email, text message or a phone call.

  • Sticking With Innovation That Works: Steinbach, Manitoba’s Plant Upgrade

    Steinbach is the third largest city in Manitoba and one of the fastest growing census agglomeration areas in Canada with a population of about 50,000 people. Though Steinbach is primarily an agricultural community, it is also the regional economic hub of southeastern Manitoba. Due to the age of the wastewater control system, the city decided it was time for some new technology. This profile will describe the process of that upgrade and why they chose VTScada.

  • Water Distribution System Wireless Monitoring

    Trimble Telog offers the industry’s leading remote data acquisition system including the most comprehensive family of battery powered, environmentally rugged wireless monitors available from any single supplier.


  • Aquis Water Network Management

    80% of your capital is invested in the distribution network. Aquis puts you in control.

  • Continuous “Hands Off” Insulation Resistance Testing Of Critical Motors

    Constant monitoring of critical motors while de-energized prevents failures on startup, reduces unscheduled downtime, saves on major rewinding repairs and increases personnel safety


Our modular water and wastewater systems are opening up new possibilities. Prefabricated systems that can be scaled up and down in parallel with capacity requirements. Ideal for subdivisions, resorts, remote work camps – wherever a modular decentralized solution is required. Watch the full video to learn more.