• EchoShore-DXe Acoustic Leak Monitoring Sensor

    The EchoShore-DXe Acoustic Leak Monitoring Sensor is a valve-based sensor that extends the leak monitoring capabilities of the Echologics EchoShore-DX system. 

  • Water Information Management Solution (WIMS)

    Aquatic Informatics brings you a powerful new way of looking at your water systems. As part of the Information Management product portfolio, the Aquatic Informatics Water Information Management Solution™ (WIMS™) provides a set of products to help you collect and analyze data and communicate information in a way never before possible.

  • Wastewater Solutions

    Optimization of wastewater treatment plants, and sewage and stormwater networks to prevent events and automate processes. Water utility companies must ensure a safe, reliable and cost-effective service for citizens.

  • EnviroTrack

    Learn about the set of software, hardware, and complementary services that provides IRONCLAD’s customers with everything needed to manage a job with ease.

  • Ovation™ SCADA Server Solution

    Our Ovation™ SCADA solution provides effective management of wastewater collection and water distribution systems. Our SCADA strategies and architecture offer safe, cost-effective, and reliable control over plant processes. Implemented as either a standalone server or incorporated with Ovation control and information technology, our SCADA solution ensures continuous monitoring and control of plant operations.


A criticality analysis is fundamental to a successful asset management program. Watch the full video to learn more about criticality analysis and how it can help your water or wastewater utility.