VTScada SupportPlus Service

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited

Keep Trihedral’s technical support team at your fingertips and ensure access to VTScada upgrades.

Keep Trihedral’s technical support team at your fingertips and ensure access to VTScada upgrades.

All VTScada software purchases include 90 days of SupportPlus Service™. Following that, you can purchase continued support on a yearly basis. Up-to-date support entitles you to timely responses to technical inquiries as well as online access to the latest VTScada software releases.

Toll-free, Email and Fax Support*
Our team of over forty developers, programmers and engineers in three countries provides our customers with the most accessible, reliable and comprehensive technical support in the industry.

Support is available from 9AM-5PM Atlantic Standard Time (AST), Monday-Friday, excluding statutory holidays. If you require additional support hours, contact Trihedral about our Premium Support Service.

VTScada Product Upgrades**
Trihedral releases frequent minor product enhancements to ensure that you have access to new features as they become available. Additionally, new Windows operating systems and service packs often drive significant changes to the core VTScada product.

An up-to-date SupportPlus Service contract allows you to download any VTScada release from our FTP server and upgrade to the latest release at any time. If you choose not to renew, you may only install VTScada releases created before your contract’s expiry date.

Trihedral works hard to maintain backwards compatibility, allowing you to upgrade to a new VTScada release without altering the end-user application.

Renewal Prices
Following the initial 90-days of SupportPlus, you can purchase renewals for an additional fee of 15% of the original software price per year. This rate remains constant so long as you continue to renew support***.

Renewals are generally purchased annually, however, contract expiry dates can be adjusted to align with your budget year or to align the contracts of multiple licenses. Multi-year contracts are also available****.

Hourly Rates also Available
SupportPlus Service is optional and may not be necessary for all VTScada customers. Customers without current support contracts may choose to purchase service at standard hourly rates. Contact Trihedral for more information.


Mark Utesch - SCADA Instrumentation Technician, City of Altamonte Springs, FL
“When they came down and showed me the kind of support that they were willing to offer, it was a no brainer. We absolutely have to maintain that support contract forever. They have always jumped through hoops to make whatever problem I have, big or small, go away. In this industry you don’t often find that, so when you do, you tend to stick with it.”

Mark Russo - Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Fountain Hills Sanitation District, AZ
“The tech support at trihedral is second to none. They can get to the heart of the problem from almost anywhere. That’s the truth.”

* SupportPlus Service is intended for issues directly associated with the VTScada product. It does not cover application-specific concerns.

** Product upgrades do not include new features sold separately as optional VTScada products.

*** If you choose not to maintain continuity of support, you may renew service at a later date for 15% per expired year (cumulative) of the current equivalent product price at the time of renewal, to a maximum of 45% (three years or more since service expired).

If you wish to change the tag count of a license not currently under SupportPlus contract, you will be charged 15% per expired year (cumulative) of the current equivalent license, to a maximum of 30%, plus 15% of the new tag count product license. If this is a tag count increase (e.g. bronze to silver) you will also be charged the difference between the current equivalent license prices of the original license and new license.

**** If you purchased VTScada through a system integrator, the integrator will receive annual invoices for SupportPlus and will assume responsibility for contacting you regarding renewal of the service. If you do not receive an invoice from your integrator, contact Trihedral directly.