• Integrated Solutions Drive Resource Recovery And System Resiliency

    Traditional approaches or wait-and-see tactics, which at times can save the day, too often result in missed opportunities for incremental improvements that could act as building blocks of a long-term strategy. Integrated solutions can reveal this strategy road map for a resilient and reliable water infrastructure system.

  • Climate Change, Pollution, And Urbanization Threaten Water In Canada

    Our water resources are under threat from contamination, land use, urbanization, and climate change. If we’re not careful, it may not be clean enough or available when we need it.

  • 50+ Links To Assist Small, Stressed Water Utilities

    While any drinking water or wastewater treatment operation can be challenged by demands from changing seasonal conditions or regulatory requirements, those pressures can quickly compound for personnel forced to wear multiple hats at small- to medium-sized utilities. Here are scores of links to helpful resources for such operators for the municipalities and consulting engineers who work with them.

  • A Comprehensive Approach: Flood Protection And Improved Water Quality For Denver Communities

    When confronted with resiliency issues, Denver took a multifaceted approach that showcases the city’s vision along with its technical know-how.

  • Preparing To Tackle The Hydra Of LCR Revisions

    As a journalist serving the water industry — but not yet a seasoned technical veteran — I attended a recent Lead In Drinking Water Forum sponsored by AWWA NJ to learn about the challenges of complying with the proposed Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR). What I heard impressed upon me the technical, administrative, and logistical challenges of delivering safe, lead-free drinking water all the way to user taps. Here are my takeaways.

  • The Insta-Valve 250 Minimizes Disruption During An Emergency

    Like so many municipalities, the City of Miamisburg has an aging infrastructure of valves that had not been excercised in decades. Read the full project brief to learn how Hydra-Stop’s solution allowed greater control that minimized shutdown when a water main ruptured.

  • Denver Water Goes 'Gold' For Its Work To Cut Climate Impacts

    Denver Water has been formally recognized for its long-running work to track its carbon emissions.

  • How Wetlands Help Rescue Us From Drought

    With South Africa’s water security on a knife-edge, there is an urgent need for wetlands to be rehabilitated and preserved.

  • More Frequent And Intense Tropical Storms Mean Less Recovery Time For The World's Coastlines

    Tropical cyclones — storms that bring strong, rotating winds and rain, and which can intensify into hurricanes or typhoons — affect coastal regions around the world. Our research team, centered at the University of North Carolina’s Institute of Marine Sciences, has analyzed a 120-year record of tropical cyclones affecting coastal North Carolina, and found that six of the seven wettest storms over this time period occurred in the past two decades.

  • EPA Researchers Help Prepare Drinking Water Utilities For Natural Disasters

    Natural disasters such as floods, drought, hurricanes, winter storms, and earthquakes can disrupt access to clean drinking water. These events can result in any number of types of water service disruptions including pipe breaks and leaks; power outages; infrastructure failure; reduced water quality; loss of access to facilities and supplies; as well as financial, social, environmental and health consequences.


  • Super Centurion┬« A-459 Urban Fire Hydrant

    Hydrants share responsibilities with two important groups of professionals: (1) water departments and the utility crews that manage them; and (2) fire departments, who are the first responders to emergencies. Both groups use the hydrant for different purposes.

  • Water Network Optimization Suite

    The Water Network Optimization Suite by Schneider Electric provides water utilities an overview of the entire water distribution network in real-time and in “future-time” by enabling operators to be forewarned of critical situations in the network so that immediate actions to prevent or mitigate service disruptions can be taken with enough lead time.

  • Aquis Water Network Management

    80% of your capital is invested in the distribution network. Aquis puts you in control.


In 2017, Hurricane Irma brought severe winds and destruction to the islands of the Turks and Caicos. Learn how the local water supplier, Provo Water, was able to restore service in just four days after the devastation.