• Sustainability In Times Of Stress — A 'Bottom Line' Endeavor

    What's your company’s “bottom line?” If “sustainable water management” is your first answer, you probably work in municipal water.

  • Pandemic Adds New Resiliency Concerns For Water Providers

    A survey reveals what COVID-19 has wrought at utilities, and what actions may be necessary to prepare for future events.

  • Digitizing The Water Sector: An Opportunity To Improve Water Quality

    The greatest threats to our water supply can be overcome through the application of digital technologies, but widespread implementation remains a hurdle.

  • Data Down Under: Creating A Risk-Based Approach To Dam Monitoring And Maintenance

    Facing ongoing influences such as climate change, dam owners are under increasing pressure to ensure the safety of their assets. The consequences of failure are becoming more significant too, in light of factors like downstream urbanisation. With asset owners integrating new solutions to help them rise to the challenge, Australia's Hunter Water has turned its eyes skyward in a bid to advance its asset monitoring performance to the next level.

  • Top 5 Clean Water Stories On TriplePundit In 2020

    Never has a year felt more momentous than 2020. But while our lives turned upside down in a global pandemic, water issues continued to make headlines. In fact, access to clean water became even more important when hand washing became a primary action to prevent the spread of COVID-19. And despite the fact that most of us have been at home for most of this year, climate change and its effect on water have not slowed.

  • Plastic Pipes Pollute Drinking Water Systems After Wildfires; It's A Risk In Urban Fires, Too

    When wildfires swept through the hills near Santa Cruz, California, in 2020, they released toxic chemicals into the water supplies of at least two communities. One sample found benzene, a carcinogen, at 40 times the state’s drinking water standard. Our testing has now confirmed a source of these chemicals, and it’s clear that wildfires aren’t the only blazes that put drinking water systems at risk. In a new study, we heated plastic water pipes commonly used in buildings and water systems to test how they would respond to nearby fires.

  • Small Utility Achieves Astounding Results In Customer Service, Labor Output By Switching To AMI

    A team member from Master Meter approached Amanda Selph, Business Manager at Belforest Water System, with a problem; the meters in the system were rapidly nearing the end of their life span and Belforest’s growth rate was exceeding staff’s capacity to keep up. “We were changing 30 to 40 meters a month that were no longer working, and that was on top of the growth we were experiencing. It would not be uncommon for them [Belforest employees] to change out 50 to 60 meters a month,” Mrs. Selph states. “We were at a tipping point from a staffing perspective and we needed a solution that would show immediate financial results.”

  • Building An Enterprise GIS To Support Efficiency Across The Organization

    Padre Dam Municipal Water District provides water, wastewater, recycled water, and park and recreation services to over 102,000 residents in East San Diego County in California. Padre Dam's infrastructure is worth over $700 million, and it has an annual budget of $76.3 million. Padre Dam imports 100 percent of its drinking water supply and treats two million gallons per day (MGD) of wastewater at the Ray Stoyer Water Recycling Facility.

  • A Routemap For Water Companies To Boost Efficiency Worldwide

    Water UK, the trade association representing major British water companies, has released a plan for achieving in net-zero carbon emissions in the water sector by 2030, 20 years before the government’s economy-wide net-zero emissions goal.

  • City of St. George Improves Productivity Using InfoWater

    To meet water quality demands, City of St. George uses modeling software to better manage water distribution networks, increase productivity and avoid frequent asset repairs.


  • Fast And Flexible Rental Solutions Ensure Continuous Production

    Capacity bottlenecks or production losses are scenarios feared in every company and require a fast and efficient solution. AERZEN Rental Division (ARD) offers 24/7 fast and effective solutions to overcome problems arising in the supply of oil-free air for various application cases.

  • ALTRA Proven Lead Solutions

    ALTRA Proven Lead solutions has been installed 500,000 times around the world and is also certified and recognized by many international organizations. 

  • Water Network Optimization Suite

    The Water Network Optimization Suite by Schneider Electric provides water utilities an overview of the entire water distribution network in real-time and in “future-time” by enabling operators to be forewarned of critical situations in the network so that immediate actions to prevent or mitigate service disruptions can be taken with enough lead time.

  • ALTRA PFAS Solution

    Reliable PFAS extraction in water at a fraction of the cost and risk of solutions that rely primarily on adsorption media (activated carbon or ion exchange resins).

  • Super Centurion® A-459 Urban Fire Hydrant

    Hydrants share responsibilities with two important groups of professionals: (1) water departments and the utility crews that manage them; and (2) fire departments, who are the first responders to emergencies. Both groups use the hydrant for different purposes.


Cornell University confirms SANEXEN Technology’s Earthquake Resiliency. Delivering Resiliency Webinar (1pm EST / 10am WEST) followed by a Q&A