• In its nearly 20-year (and counting) process to secure approval to expand Gross Reservoir, Denver Water has committed to numerous environmental improvement projects, both on the Front Range and the West Slope.

  • Fear of the unknown is a common concern among water distribution and wastewater collection system operators when buried infrastructure or incomplete recordkeeping obscure leaks, inefficiencies, and the causes behind them. Finding better ways to identify and quantify utility problem areas is like searching for hidden treasure. Fortunately, comprehensive analytics solutions built around existing mapping and data points offer new hope.

  • For many utilities, large and small, hang-ups over new and innovative technology for infrastructure management often boil down to “How are we going to implement (or pay for) all of that?” Fortunately, a new approach to integrating existing GIS and asset data, Internet of Things (IoT) real-time data collection, powerful analytical software, and more is providing solutions to turn tough challenges into manageable solutions that are accessible on a subscription basis.

  • The 2021 Texas freeze was a hard lesson learned for the state’s water utilities, but others can be more prepared as a result.

  • Organizations can enhance cybersecurity and minimize cyberattacks by improving basic cybersecurity hygiene.

  • The City of Orlando Streets and Stormwater Division is responsible for maintaining and improving drainage facilities to prevent flooding and ensure all receiving water bodies meet state and federal water quality standards. They oversee upwards of 100 lakes within the City and approximately 147 drainage wells with 70 monitoring stations for lakes and waterways, and have 23 rainfall stations collecting data by telemetry over a cellular network. The Streets and Stormwater Division keeps two million people safe from flooding during heavy summer rainfalls and periodic tropical events. 

  • Ever tried to drive a screw with a hammer? It’s not an inspired solution. The only reason it might even seem reasonable is that it’s the only tool you have, and the screw kind of looks like a nail, so it needs to be struck. But the inspired problem solver packs a hammer, screwdriver, and wrench.

  • A 100-year flood, like a 100-year storm, is one so severe it has only a 1 percent chance of hitting in any given year. Unfortunately, many people believe that if they experienced a 100-year flood this year, they will not see another one like it for 99 years. It just doesn’t work that way. In reality, the chance of being flooded next year, and the year after that, is the same as it was when the house flooded the first time — 1 percent.

  • Water is a resource that is easily taken for granted. We see rain, we see lakes, we see rivers, we see creeks; we turn on our faucets and there it is. Rarely do we think about what it takes to get that water to our showers or sinks. We pay our bills and don’t give it much of a second thought. That’s because there is an entire industry of folks who are thinking about it for you. And there is a lot that goes into it. Now, utilities have to add a new variable to the equation: Is the system safe from cyber hacks?

  • Gas boilers heat around 85 percent of homes in the UK, but their installation in new homes is to be banned from 2025. While heating produces over a third of the country’s CO₂ emissions, there are only two low-carbon heating alternatives that most people hear about: heat pumps or hydrogen boilers.


  • Aquis Water Network Management

    80% of your capital is invested in the distribution network. Aquis puts you in control.

  • 6 Ways Xylem Rentals Makes Your Job Easier

    Anybody can rent a 6” pump, including us. But what sets us apart is our unrivaled ability to solve the biggest, most complex water challenges in the world. Whether you require fast-track temporary emergency response or reliable, cost-effective long-term operation, the breadth of our fleet and the depth of our expertise helps you get your work done with greater efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind.

  • Super Centurion® A-459 Urban Fire Hydrant

    Hydrants share responsibilities with two important groups of professionals: (1) water departments and the utility crews that manage them; and (2) fire departments, who are the first responders to emergencies. Both groups use the hydrant for different purposes.

  • Fast And Flexible Rental Solutions Ensure Continuous Production

    Capacity bottlenecks or production losses are scenarios feared in every company and require a fast and efficient solution. AERZEN Rental Division (ARD) offers 24/7 fast and effective solutions to overcome problems arising in the supply of oil-free air for various application cases.

  • ALTRA 10X: The Next Generation Of The Formerly Known Aqua-Pipe

    ALTRA 10X is a next-generation technology that protects and renews your current water infrastructure from the inside: with minimal disruption to your communities. 

    Learn the benefits that over 1,300 miles of installed water technology has proven so far.


Learn how to leverage data to implement proactive approaches to manufacturing issues through the use of predictive analytics.