Water Network Optimization Suite

Source: Aveva

The Water Network Optimization Suite by Schneider Electric provides water utilities an overview of the entire water distribution network in real-time and in “future-time” by enabling operators to be forewarned of critical situations in the network so that immediate actions to prevent or mitigate service disruptions can be taken with enough lead time.

Advanced water utilities monitor their distribution networks acquiring data from network critical points (production and storage points, inlets of distribution zone, etc.) and making them available in real-time to operators in a centralized SCADA.

However a SCADA control typically provides point data, and does not provide information about the rest of the network.

The Water Network Optimization solution by Schneider Electric enables Operations Managers and Control Room Operators to manage their network in a more informed manner by:

  • Incorporating virtual sensors allowing operators to know hydraulic and water quality parameters at any point of the distribution network, thus enhancing real-time supervision in SCADA
  • Evaluating the evolution of water network behavior and identifying potential issues regarding levels of service breaches (in terms of pressure, water quality, etc.) over the next hours and days 
  • Analyzing the results of an alternative what-if scenario and comparing it with the business as usual scenario (without having to rely on hydraulic simulations run from other departments) 
  • Analyzing a complete set of Key Performance Indicators on energy usage, network pressure conditions and water quality