• Greener Pastures Ahead For Pumps

    Energy-saving pumps will be ever more present in 2021 as investment in eco-friendly infrastructure continues to grow.

  • Trenchless Technology Poised To Advance Infrastructure Resiliency

    As one of many ripple effects of COVID-19, capital investment in water and wastewater infrastructure is expected to see some setbacks due to reductions in revenue and cash flow during the pandemic. But a recent report highlights a brighter picture for the growth of trenchless technology in pipeline repair expenditures, thanks to its cost-effective approach for meeting pent-up demand.

  • Pump Selection 101: Understanding Essential Criteria To Maximize Reliability And Efficiency

    Pump systems play a critical role in keeping our world in motion. However, specifying parties can often overlook opportunities to improve pump system reliability and efficiency. This can happen when designers or engineers fail to consider new demands placed on the system since installation or understand the benefits of available options.

  • Using Variable Frequency Drives To Consistently Improve Pump Performance

    In clean water pumping applications that experience variable demands throughout the day, efficiently sizing and running pumps through their daily cycle requires a delicate balance in process design. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are a valuable tool for matching pump output and energy consumption closer to actual demand. Here are some important points for evaluating and choosing the best VFD solutions.

  • Using Smart Pump Technology To Stretch Your Budget

    Water utilities and consulting engineers looking for improved efficiency in clean water pumping applications are finding that the building blocks of smart pump technology and the packaging of fully integrated, self-contained smart pump solutions have much to offer. Here is an overview of the technology involved and the benefits it has to offer across a broad range of applications and implementation approaches.

  • Troubleshooting Tips For Common Pump Performance Issues

    Noise, vibration, heat, and excessive maintenance/repair events are just some potential pump issues inside a water or wastewater utility. Here are some guidelines for troubleshooting pump performance and some steps to take to ensure maximum efficiency and payback from an investment in performance for clean water pumping applications.

  • Maximizing Your Capital Investment In Clean Water Pumps

    In many clean water pump applications, performance problems affect only a small segment of the total infrastructure. Dealing with routine repairs, extinct pump OEMs, or changing performance requirements does not have to come down to all-or-nothing replacement. Here are some opportunities and strategies for maximizing the value of existing pumping infrastructure at a fraction of the expense of a new installation.

  • Leading The Way In Making Water Safe

    As a trusted leader for over 100 years in lineshaft and turbine manufacturing, Goulds Water Technology strives to serve all your agricultural, municipal and residential water needs by providing products which comply with safe drinking water regulations.


  • Single Stage End Suction

    Goulds Water Technology combines over 155 years of pump experience with the most modern design and manufacturing systems—deep drawn metal fabrication, laser cutting, laser welding, precision casting, and worldwide design systems—plus a total commitment to quality based on full performance testing of every pump we make. With end suction centrifugal capacities from 4 gpm to 5000 gpm, Goulds Water Technology offers the power of experience to more than 100 nations of the world.

  • 5”-11” 316SS Submersible Turbine Pumps

    All 316 SS construction fro 5″ to 11″ bowl assembly to fit into 6″ thru 12″ well. Flow up to 1500 GPM and 400 ft TDH.

  • Aquavar IPC Variable Speed Controller

    Aquavar IPC Variable Speed Controller is optimized for pumps in submersible and ground water applications. It adds capabilities including multi-pump configuration and remote monitoring.

  • e-SV Series Stainless Steel Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps

    The e-SV fabricated vertical multi-stage pump is an energy saving, non-priming pump coupled to a standard premium-efficient motor. It’s built to withstand a variety of, mechanically aggressive and high temperature liquids, and is designed to extend uptime and help reduce lifecycle costs in a wide range of demanding applications.

  • e-XC Single Stage, Double Suction Centrifugal Pumps

    With more models and more material options, the e-XC single stage, double suction, centrifugal pump offers a broader hydraulic range and higher efficiency than our previous models. Built on a legacy of pump innovation, the e-XC replaces the AC Series 8100, 8300 and 9100 pump range. With flow rates exceeding 57,000 gpm, it can easily handle medium and large capacity systems and higher head. Manage extra-large applications with Xylem’s A-C Custom pump range.


General Manager William Snyder talks about Monroeville, AL’s water distribution system, important features when selecting service brass, and why they prefer to work with Mueller Co. and Consolidated Pipe. This video documents the advantages water utilities and distributors have when sourcing service brass from Mueller.