5"-11" Pre-Engineered Submersible Turbine Pumps

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Pre-engineered catalog of 5-11” submersible pump models in Goulds Water Technology standard pump materials, created for ease of selection.  Submersible pumps are ideal for deep set applications where use of lineshaft pumps is impractical. Complete unit is installed underground resulting in space-saving, quiet operation. Long life / low maintenance – no lubrication, alignment.

Features and Benefits

  • Discharge Bowl: Several discharge sizes available (NPT).
  • Discharge Bearing: Extra long sealed top bronze bearing insures shaft alignment and stabilization for extended life.
  • Intermediate Bowl: Class 30 cast iron. Glass coating on 6" and larger bowls for maximum efficiency and abrasion resistance.
  • Impellers: Designed for maximum efficiency with a wide range hydraulic coverage. Made of low zinc and no lead material suitable for drinking water applications.
  • Taperlock: Accurately machined to ensure positive locking of the impeller to the pump shaft.
  • Upthrust Collar: Designed with extra margin of safety against momentary upthrust at start-up.
  • Suction Adapter: Designed to ensure proper pump/motor alignment. Open area permits easy access to pump/ motor coupling. Casting made of ductile iron for increased strength.
  • Pump to Motor Coupling: Stainless steel coupling accurately machined for perfect alignment, balance and power transmission.
  • Pump Shaft: 100,000 PSI high tensile type 416 stainless steel provides strength and corrosion resistance. Ground and polished for smooth bearing surface.
  • Powered for Continuous Operation: All horsepower ratings are within the service limits of the motor and pump can be operated continuously without fear of damage to the motor.
  • CentriPro Motors:
    • Corrosion-resistant construction
    • Stainless steel splined shaft
    • Hermetically sealed windings on 6" motors. 8" and 10" motors are water tight rewindable.
    • Sand resistant slinger and lip seals
    • Water filled design
    • Filter check valve
    • Kingsbury-type thrust bearing
    • 6 through 30 HP motors are dual voltage (230/460) design. Easily changed with a voltage plug.

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