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Need It In A Hurry - Siemens Offers Same Day Shipping
Siemens Process Instrumentation brings you innovative measurement solutions to increase plant efficiency and enhance product quality, including flow, temperature, pressure, level, weighing, and valve positioning. And we understand that in the process industry, every second counts – which is why we offer world-class engineering, testing, and production directly from our 183,000 ft2 state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North America.  Continue Reading..
The DIMMINUTOR® Makes A Difference At Ross Valley Sanitary District
Ross Valley Sanitary District in San Rafael, California services approximately 47,000 mostly residential customers over a 27 square mile service area. They have 5 major pump stations, which is where Ross Valley found themselves having the most trouble. The existing channel grinders were simply not reliable. The constant downtime was causing even more than extra work; it was costing the district a lot of money. They knew this was not a...  Continue Reading..
Machine-Intelligent Non-Acoustic Leak Detection Webinar
For years, global water utilities have battled the lack of precise leak locations, inability to determine leak severities in industry-accepted metrics like GPM, and numerous false-positive readings from acoustic data loggers, correlators, listening sticks, and sensors. The purpose of this webinar will be to re-set how leaks can be more accurately found and expressed in GPM to support CAPEX decisions and long-term pipeline reliability &...  Continue Reading..
Find Out More About Ovarro
Get to know Ovarro and how our solutions support hundreds of applications world-wide.  Continue Reading..
World Water Week Q&A
Ovarro's Wez Little and Alan Cunningham got together to discuss the level of water wastage (currently 3 billion liters per day in the UK!) and how innovations from companies like Ovarro are supporting water companies in finding and eliminating leakage.  Continue Reading..
Visually Selling Your Water Solutions
Visually Selling Your Water Solutions: Pictures Worth A Thousand Words with Zac MacFarlane, Director | Senior Environmental Engineer, Pure Group
How many international models are heading up companies in the water and wastewater industry? As the youngest environmental engineer in New Zealand, Zac MacFarlane is bringing a unique appreciation for aesthetic design to visually showcase the installations and success stories of Clemens Water Engineering and the Pure Group.  Continue Reading..
Wastewater Process Management In Barstow, California
To overcome challenges in their wastewater treatment and more efficiently optimize their biological process, the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Barstow, California implemented three process management modules – for Nitrification, Denitrification, and Sludge Retention Time. Hear all about their results in this short video case study.  Continue Reading..
Start Ensuring Stable And Efficient Wastewater Process Management With Claros
Continuous process management solutions allow you to manage your treatment processes in real time, keeping your facility compliant while ensuring efficient plant operation 24/7. Managing your process has never been so straightforward.  Continue Reading..
Genclean Advanced Oxidation Water Treatment
Learn more about Genclean Advanced Oxidation water treatment for disinfection and oxidation of microbiological and emerging contaminants in commercial, industrial and water utility water treatment applications.  Continue Reading..
Guerilla Marketing Tips For Water Industry Innovators
Guerilla Marketing Tips For Water Industry Innovators with Sivan Zamir, Senior Director, Xylem Innovation Labs
Prior to joining Xylem to head up their Innovation Labs, Sivan Zamir cut her teeth on grassroots marketing with water industry startups. In this episode, Sivan shares the tactics and guiding philosophies she developed to get her companies noticed.  Continue Reading..