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The Face Of The Water Industry
The Face Of The Water Industry
After breaking into the water industry with PennWell, Angela Godwin became the face and voice of the industry through her work with Endeavor Business Media, and now as Principal Partner with Rogue Monkey Media.  Continue Reading..
What's Up With 1,4-Dioxane?
Watch this 30 minute on demand webinar to hear how multi-barrier technologies and piloting are addressing the problem of 1,4-dioxane contamination.  Continue Reading..
Water Is The Canary In The Coal Mine
Water Is The Canary In The Coal Mine
What does the design aesthetic of a logo tell us about a business? Lorenzo Falzarano, founder of Orb, shares his unique perspective on design, and talks about how we validate that our water is safe for use and reuse.  Continue Reading..
OM360: Customized O&M Training
OM360 creates fully customized O&M training specific to your workers and their needs.   Continue Reading..
Gaining Insight From Wastewater Data
Listen in as Guy Cohen describes how Kando provides insight into wastewater data.   Continue Reading..
Clara Separation And Filtration Technologies
Clara's oil and grit chamber slows stormwater as it flows in, allowing pollutants to separate from the water by gravity.   Continue Reading..
Clear3 Decentralized Sewage Treatment System
Clear3 is a smart decentralized sewage treatment system with a simplified design that makes it operator-friendly.  Continue Reading..
Aquip: A Versatile Stormwater Filter
Aquip by Newterra targets suspended solids, turbidity, heavy metals, nutrients, and organics.   Continue Reading..
Purus Stormwater Polishing System
Purus is a flexible system designed to remove small particulates, colloidal solids, dissolved metals, nitrate, toxic organics, and bacteria to low levels.   Continue Reading..
What Do We Need To Know About Manganese?
Listen in as Jim Lauria discusses manganese, the EPA's position on it, and effective methods of removing manganese from drinking water.   Continue Reading..