ACE24 video 450x300 - trojan
Integrating UV And Filtration Technologies For Sustainable Water Treatment
Tune in to the latest episode of Water Talk as guests David Glovinsky and Andrew Daley from Trojan Technologies discuss Trojan's use of UV technology to treat and disinfect water.  Continue Reading..
The Business Of Water: Reliant Water Technologies
Travis Kennedy welcomes president of Reliant Water Technologies, Jim Dartez, as his guest in this episode of The Water Online Show: The Business Of Water.  Continue Reading..
PFAS 'Ask Me Anything'
With all the facets of concern around per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), including the recently finalized National Primary Drinking Water Regulation setting maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) for PFAS, questions abound for public and private stakeholders. Water Online Live brings you the chance to have those questions answered by three of the top experts in the field.  Continue Reading..
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Making The Most Of Your Data
In this episode of Water Talk, Angela Godwin sits down with David Totman from Autodesk to discuss the impact of digitization on the water industry and how Autodesk is positioned to support utilities in this transition.  Continue Reading..
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Revolutionizing Water Management With Digital Twins
Hear from Bentley Systems' Simon Newton about data transformation in the water industry, and why he is grateful to be in the water sector during this transformative period.   Continue Reading..
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Overcoming Challenges In The Evolving Water Industry With Turnkey Solutions
In this episode of Water Talk, Hubbell's Tyler Simpson discusses the challenges facing the water industry, which include aging infrastructure, workforce changes, evolving systems, and expanding distribution networks.  Continue Reading..
ALTRA PFAS Treatment Solutions
With the introduction of stringent regulations, it is crucial to understand a fundamental truth: No PFAS is the same, each requires its own solution.  Continue Reading..
Video: Cut Water Loss, Boost Revenue With AI-Powered Technology
WEAD by LeakZon is a cutting-edge AI platform that drastically reduces the water loss rate by analyzing your network’s data and providing meaningful insights on your water network (Also Known as Community Water Network – CWS).  Continue Reading..
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Revitalizing Aging Utility Systems With Digital Solutions
Angela Godwin is joined by two new guests in this episode of Water Talk: Peter Kraft from Xylem and Monty Ledbetter from the City of Hot Springs.  Continue Reading..
Innovating Water Management With Smart Flow Solutions
In the latest installment of Water Talk, Angela Godwin sits down with Nicole Kaiser from Badger Meter to talk about Badger Meter's extensive and diverse metering portfolio.  Continue Reading..