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Narwhal Colorimetric Analyzer Teaser
Check out the Narwhal Colorimetric Analyzer! Uniquely specialized to be the most adept of its kind, this colorimetric analyzer is engineered at the intersection of precision and economy. Every detail has been designed to perfect performance and user experience.  Continue Reading..
Bridging The Gaps In Storytelling In Irrigation And Agriculture
Bridging The Gaps In Storytelling In Irrigation And Agriculture
In order to move the irrigation and agriculture industries into the future, Cassandra Toves knows it takes more than just technology to do so. It comes down to relationship-building and knowing how to tell your stories -- and share your content -- with your audiences in different ways.  Continue Reading..
Teaching Water Engineers To Become Better Storytellers
Teaching Water Engineers To Become Better Storytellers
Between supporting innovation in the water sector and helping engineers learn how to share their stories with utilities, Jen Murphy from Parametrix believes integrity and technical competency paired together helps build trust between utilities and engineers.  Continue Reading..
Finding The Most Effective Approach To Combat PFAS
Martin Bureau, Vive-President Innovation talks about the complex treatment challenges of PFAS, owing to the sheer diversity in chemical nature and the most effective approach to combat PFAS.   Continue Reading..
Alex Passini: Going Beyond Brand Recognition
From conducting webinars to sharing water industry news and tips, Alex Passini from AWC Water Solutions, talks about what it takes to build a community.  Continue Reading..
Applied Cartridge Systems Commercial Water Treatment Solutions
See for yourself how Applied Cartridge Systems Simplifies Commercial Water Treatment. No backwashing, no bulk media, no waste streams, just one-man cartridge replacement.  5 to 500 GPM systems with choice of water treatment cartridges.  Continue Reading..
Trinnex In 60 Seconds
Trinnex is a newly launched wholly-owned subsidiary of CDM Smith. It represents the magic that happens at the intersection of trust, innovation, and experience by fusing bold innovation with deep experience in digital strategies and software solutions.  Continue Reading..
On-Demand Webinar | How Software Solutions And The Infrastructure Bill Intersect
Due to the Revised Lead and Copper Rule and the (eventual?) passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), utilities are now required and incentivized to better assess and replace lead pipes within their networks.  Continue Reading..
Walid Khoury Journey To Becoming A Water Influencer
Walid Khoury: Journey To Becoming A Water Influencer
From engaging polls on LinkedIn to gaining business through social media engagement, Walid Khoury, General Manager for Desalytics, talks about what it takes to be a pro when it comes to engaging with the water industry on social media.  Continue Reading..
Kando’s Director Of Operations, Tzvika Fisher, Discusses Project Management And Operations In Wastewater
Tzvika Fisher, Director of Operations – Kando, discusses project management and the impact of Kando with IAM Podcast.  Continue Reading..