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Applying Control Technology To Water And Wastewater
Bob Adams, president of Revere Controls Systems, speaks with Angela Godwin about how the water industry has changed over the last 40 years.   Continue Reading..
Packaging Solutions In A Different Way To Cut Costs
Hear from John Fraser from Carollo about incremental innovations that happen over time -- not all at once.   Continue Reading..
Water Heroes
The Water Heroes
After spending a decade working on the utility side of the industry, Hugh Sinclair, Vice President – National Practice Lead For Asset Management at Arcadis, now spends his time focusing on the people who do the work – the heroes of the industry – and finds that understanding someone’s story is the most effective vehicle to create empathy and context around their collaborative partnerships.  Continue Reading..
Optimizing Data With Info360
In this episode of Water Talk, Javier Cantu and Mike Pennell from Innovyze discuss how Info360 is designed to help utilities better optimize and monitor their data.  Continue Reading..
How Can Swordfish Help Solve The Major Challenges Of Lead Service Line Inventories?
In this episode of Water Talk, Mike App from Electro Scan sits down with Angela Godwin to talk about a major challenge that the water industry is facing: lead service line inventories.   Continue Reading..
Treating PFAS At Their Source
In this episode of Water Talk, Angela Godwin meets with Martin Bureau to discuss how PFAS is affecting communities and what solutions ALTRA is providing.  Continue Reading..
Addressing Regulatory Requirements Around Lead And Copper
In this video, Isaac Pellerin explains how 120Water partners with small, rural utilities to address regulatory requirements around lead and copper.   Continue Reading..
Making Waves In The Water Industry With Design Automation
Adam Tank explains how Transcend is "making waves" in the water industry with their design automation technology.   Continue Reading..
What Customer Challenges Can Aerzen Solve?
Greg Duffy talks about Aerzen's variety of technologies and how they are helping customers.   Continue Reading..
Creating PFAS Treatment Innovations
In this episode of Water Talk, BioLargo's Dennis Calvert and Tonya Chandler sit down with Angela Godwin to discuss what's happened in the past year for BioLargo.  Continue Reading..