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Liqui-Flux Ultrafiltration Module Introduction Video
Proven Technology For Water Treatment
Explore the structure of 3M™ Liqui-Flux™ Ultrafiltration Modules and learn how the technology can deliver pure, uninterrupted water supply at low total water cost by providing design and operating flexibility and sustained, reliable performance.  Continue Reading..
Parkson Hycor Helisieve M In-Channel Fine Screen.jpg
Low Maintenance Fine Screening With Wipes Protection
The Hycor® Helisieve® M In-Channel Fine Screen provides liquid-solid separation for wastewater treatment. This heart of the system is a heavy-duty shaftless spiral with brush that conveys screenings to a dewatering zone for discharge. Because the unit is shaftless, it handles a greater volume of solids and easily conveys stringy solids.  Continue Reading..
fire hydrant
Make Smarter, Faster Business Decisions With A Smart Hydrant
Leveraging Industrial loT, powerful mapping and data visualizations as well as advanced analytics, Mueller is expanding the capabilities of America's most popular fire hydrant with the new Sentryx™ Software Enabled Super Centurion® Hydrant.  Continue Reading..
Era of Automation
Putting Engineering Brain Power To Better Use
Every year, $17B is spent on design engineering with a large percentage spent on the human capital involved in creating repetitive preliminary designs. In this Era of Automation Startup Hustle interview, Ari Raivetz, Transcend Water’s CEO, explains how automating boring, preliminary design work is transforming the engineering world.  Continue Reading..
Altra Lead free.jpg
ALTRA Lead Free Solutions, The Least Disruptive Lead-Free Technology Now Available In North America
The liner we install creates a lead-proof barrier into existing pipes – ensuring high quality drinking water for residents. Our solution, recognized internationally by the most respected independent certification organizations for health and safety, has become of particular interest to busy urban centers looking to reduce disruption to traffic and to older established communities where it is important to conserve heritage properties and...  Continue Reading..
Delivering Resiliency With Prof.Thomas O'Rourke, Cornell University And Martin Bureau, SANEXEN
Cornell University confirms SANEXEN Technology’s Earthquake Resiliency. Delivering Resiliency Webinar (1pm EST / 10am WEST) followed by a Q&A  Continue Reading..
GoAigua | Smart Water - Simplified
GoAigua is the leading technology to help utilities break informational silos and unlock value out of data. It collects information from all distributed data sources in the utility, allowing for a continuous integration of SCADAs, GIS, ERP, AMI, CMMS, IoT sensors, and other legacy systems. Our solutions are being leveraged by more than 400 #water utilities globally to improve operation & maintenance, asset management, customer experience and...  Continue Reading..
Roger Grimsley.jpg
San Juan Bautista, CA - Octave And 3G Mobile AMR
Check out why this small town near Monterey California is making the necessary investments in Octave Ultrasonic water measurement and 3G Mobile AMR technologies.  Continue Reading..
AWWA Measurement Standard C715 - Greg Land
AWWA Measurement Standard C715 - Greg Land
Check out this brief video with Greg, and industry veteran and our Product Manager for Measurement technologies, as he provides a lowdown on the new AWWA Standard covering solid-state meters which are increasingly being adopted by water utilities of all sizes.  Continue Reading..
Sonata Ultrasonic Meter.jpg
Sonata Ultrasonic Residential Water Meter
Master Meter introduces the latest application of our Sound of Science™ Ultrasonic Platform - the Sonata Residential (5/8" - 1") water meter system. This innovative, patent-pending flowmeter technology builds on the success of our proven, Octave Ultrasonic measurement system for C&I applications.  Continue Reading..