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We take you behind the scenes of WEDECO's Promix to see how its advanced oxidation process works.  Continue Reading..
wedeco k
Wedeco K UV System
The Wedeco K series is a proven, energy-efficient UV solution for the disinfection of drinking water at large facilities whenever a closed-vessel UV system is preferred.  Continue Reading..
The Ecoray is the most efficient UV lamp developed by Xylem. It meets the highest demands for sustainability, quality and energy efficiency. The Ecoray has also been improved to offer even lower energy consumption than ever before.  Continue Reading..
WEDECO introduces the Duron, a next generation UV system for mid-sized to large open channel wastewater applications.  Continue Reading..
Sanitaire Vorelodos Aerobic Digester - Overview, Features & Benefits
Sanitaire Vorelodos Aerobic Digester - Overview, Features & Benefits
Rethink your biosolids management strategy with the Sanitaire Vorelodos Aerobic Digester.  Continue Reading..
Sanitaire ICEAS
Sanitaire ICEAS
Sanitaire is ready to meet your challenges of wastewater treatment with the ICEAS system. It's a combination of high efficiency aeration and simplicity.  Continue Reading..
How To Evaluate And Maintain Diffused Aeration Grids.jpg
How To Evaluate And Maintain Diffused Aeration Grids
Sanitaire presents best practices and steps for how to evaluate and maintain diffused aeration grids.  Continue Reading..
Sanitaire aeration.jpg
Sanitaire Aeration
Cut your daily energy consumption with the Sanitaire Aeration System. It's the optimal design to supply oxygen at the lowest possible energy cost.  Continue Reading..
Saintaire NURO Controller
Sanitaire NURO Controller
Stricter nitrogen and phosphorus permits, pressure to reduce energy and chemical usage, limited time and staff. These days, operators are required to do more with less. How could these challenges be met without a plant reconfiguration?  Continue Reading..
Leopold Oxelia System
Leopold Oxelia System
Biological and chemical contamination in drinking water poses a significant public health risk. Xylem’s Leopold Oxelia system is a multi-barrier solution with several options for a custom design based on your specific needs.  Continue Reading..