Ozone Applications: The Miraculous Molecular Manipulator
This webinar will review typical municipal ozone applications including dosing and control strategies, discussion of select, common industrial applications and ozone-specific DBP’s, mitigation strategies and applications where ozone excels as well as those where it struggles to meet objectives.  Continue Reading..
Solutions For Common Challenges In The Water Industry
In this clip from Virtual Water Expo, Matt Stuyvenberg from Badger Meter highlights some potential solutions for common challenges, as well as examples of delivering network insights.   Continue Reading..
Video: Diving Into Smart Water Management
In this video, learn about a water management project that established a culture of innovation and smart water management for the coastal city of Porto.   Continue Reading..
Achieving Success With Digital Twins
This presentation will help attendees navigate the pitfalls of digital twin building.  Continue Reading..
Digital Twins For Water Utilities -- Use Cases And The Benefits For Operations
This insightful presentation features Bentley Product Manager Miguel Soares who will explain how digital twins are already benefiting water utilities, guiding them through some use cases (adapted from real examples) and the key benefits for operations.  Continue Reading..
Intelligent Water Management: Working Smarter, Not Harder With Digital Twins
This webinar will focus on how digital twins can simplify smart operations of water infrastructure by helping you make better informed decisions.  Continue Reading..
Never Give The Same Presentation Twice
Never Give The Same Presentation Twice
One of the best ways Joe Zuback, Principal at Global Water Advisors, has found to connect with an audience is to establish commonality with them, and he does so by researching each audience in detail before presenting or speaking.  Continue Reading..
Detroit's Lead Service Line Replacement Program Success Story
Learn how the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department had its eyes opened to data points that allowed them to be more cost-effective, faster, and more efficient in replacing lead service lines.   Continue Reading..
Water Is My Path
Water Is My Path
As lover of both science and art, Aoife Kelleher, Business Development Manager at BlueTech Research, started her career using art to promote a science gallery, to make it more accessible for more people. Aoife has carried that approach with her in the water industry, including while working on the Netflix documentary “Brave Blue World”  Continue Reading..
Taking The Guess Work Out Of Water Metering
In order to minimize impacts to customers during heavy water usage periods, South Carolina’s Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority needed more data.  Continue Reading..