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Polychem H2S Acid-Resistant Collector Chain
Brentwood’s Polychem NCS-720-S series collector chain with added H2S protection is chain’s strongest defense against sulfuric acid. Made with 100% non-acetal chain. H2S chain works to prevent clip erosion from sulfuric acid found in covered primary clarifier tanks.  Continue Reading..
Trickling Filter Technology Is Still Relevant
Trickling filters have been effectively removing pollutants from wastewater for over one hundred years. Learn more about how this technology has evolved since its inception, and how it became a part of the South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority's secondary treatment process.  Continue Reading..
How To Nest Brentwood Tube Settler Modules
The Brentwood Water & Wastewater team often receives questions about how to properly align, or nest, tube settler modules for installation. Check out these tips for ensuring your tube settlers are correctly nested and ready for use.  Continue Reading..
Tube Settler Modules
Check out some key design features of Brentwood tube settlers that allow modules to maintain tensile, flexural, and impact strength with minimal support.  Continue Reading..
When You Give People Give Back
When You Give, People Give Back
For Trace Blackmore, it’s all about helping others. When you help others, they innately help you, too. The host of the Scaling UP! H2O podcast loves to give, and is encouraging others to join him on the World Vision Global 6K for Water, too.  Continue Reading..
Aquafine VL System Overview
Aquafine’s VL Series provides a compact design and economical ultraviolet (UV) water treatment for low-flow applications, such as laboratory and medical facility water, pharmaceutical make-up processes, final electronic component rinsing and recirculation loops.  Continue Reading..
TrojanUVSigna Features Overview
The TrojanUVSigna incorporates innovations including TrojanUV Solo Lamp Technology to reduce the total cost of ownership and drastically simplify operation and maintenance. It is an ideal solution for wastewater treatment plants in need of revolutionary UV technology.  Continue Reading..
Successful people are adaptable
Successful People Are Adaptable
After cutting her teeth in the news business as a journalist and news anchor, Andrea Hay now helps shape the story of the water industry as the Director of Communications for Green Bay Water Utility.  Continue Reading..
An Introduction To BioLargo: Innovator Of Cleantech Technologies
Meet BioLargo. We invent, develop, and commercialize innovative platform technologies to solve challenging environmental problems like PFAS contamination, advanced water and wastewater treatment, industrial odor and VOC control, air quality control, and infection control.  Continue Reading..
We All Have The Tools To Communicate
We All Have The Tools To Communicate
Utilizing her experiences as both an engineer in the water industry and an art history buff, Susan Guswa, from Woodard & Curran, has learned that there is no one way to communicate or share stories and finds value in meeting people where they are to communicate effectively about projects and their importance.  Continue Reading..