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Kando’s Director Of Operations, Tzvika Fisher, Discusses Project Management And Operations In Wastewater
Tzvika Fisher, Director of Operations – Kando, discusses project management and the impact of Kando with IAM Podcast.  Continue Reading..
On-Demand Webinar | Stormwater In The Infrastructure Bill And New Functionality In InfoDrainage
This week's Water Talk looked at the proposed infrastructure bill and how it relates to creating more resilient communities through improved technology. A lot of that new technology comes in the form of more low-impact designs to better manage stormwater by mimicking the natural hydrology of an existing site. You'll also learn about InfoDrainage's ability to design green infrastructure, ensure that designs are...  Continue Reading..
How Software Solutions And The Infrastructure Bill Intersect
Due to the Revised Lead and Copper Rule and the (eventual?) passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), utilities are now required and incentivized to better assess and replace lead pipes within their networks. This Water Talks presentation evaluates how utilities can use accessible data and available software solutions to quickly understand and take advantage of the funding within the IIJA to meet and...  Continue Reading..
On-Demand Webinar | Pass The Mic: Data Management On Large Assessment Programs Using InfoAsset Planner
Jacobs and DeKalb County joined us for this edition of Water Talks. Listen to how these two large organizations manage multiple databases and software solutions to deliver more informed risk models and prioritized rehab plans.  Continue Reading..
On-Demand Webinar | Case Study: Using InfoWorks ICM At DeKalb County For Technical Analysis
DeKalb County gets a whopping 52 inches of rain on average each year! Compared to the US average of 38 inches of rain, this particular county takes its approach to rainfall management very seriously and attributes its success to a unique approach using the ground infiltration model (GIM) in InfoWorks ICM.  Continue Reading..
On-Demand Webinar | Case Study: Using InfoAsset For Creek Crossing Evaluations In California
Sewer agencies have many competing interests when it comes to identifying funding priorities. Typically, regulatory requirements such as preventing and mitigating sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) are high priorities for various social, economic, and environmental reasons.  Continue Reading..
On-Demand Webinar | Collection System Model: How To Build A Model From Scratch AND Keep It Up To Date
Building a model requires builders to ask similar questions as constructing a physical infrastructure. Is it a temporary structure you are building only for one event? Or is it a model you would like to keep for many years? Depending on what your plans are for the model, you’ll build it differently.  Continue Reading..
On-Demand Webinar | Effects Of Live Storm Modeling On Utilities' Operations
Over the past couple of years, we've spent a lot of time and effort unpacking what a digital twin is and how it differs from a typical master planning model. But what does it really look like on a day-to-day basis once it's implemented? How can it help my operations team, and what are the realized benefits for my community?  Continue Reading..
On-Demand Webinar | AI Enabled Utilities Across The Entire Water Cycle
Now more than ever, there is a critical need for accurate and informative data to help combat the burdens of climate change, pressures of regulatory frameworks, market resistance to rate increases, and the ever-evolving replacement of experienced workers.  Continue Reading..
Lila Thompson Making Space To Connect
Lila Thompson: Making Space To Connect
In addition to being a facilitator and connector in local communities with British Water, Lila Thompson also teaches suppliers how to share captivating stories.  Continue Reading..