• Info360 Insight

    Info360 Insight was purpose-built as a business intelligence tool that provides water utilities with data-driven historical insight into what’s going on right now, and what’s most likely to happen next.

    Learn more in the full Info360 Insight brochure. 

  • Battery Powered Dura Mag™ Flow Meter

    The Dura Mag is an ideal solution for nearly any water manager. With a five-year battery life (and three-year battery warranty), the Dura Mag eliminates the need for AC power connection, and provides the easiest installation available on the market for a flanged mag flow meter. In addition, the Dura Mag comes equipped with an internal datalogger with five years of data storage to ensure you always have access to your historical data. The Dura Mag also has several telemetry-ready output options, and the converter settings are USB port accessible which eliminates accidental setting changes.

  • iFIX 6.5

    The new iFIX 6.5, part of the Proficy family from GE Digital, leverages the latest technology to help deliver faster time to insight and greater efficiency for your operations while speeding time-to-value for system integrators. iFIX 6.5 offers major new capabilities to decrease development and deployment time and increase engineering, system integrator, and operator productivity.

    Learn more details and features in the iFIX 6.5 brochure.


    Based on decades of research and development and part of the Proficy family from GE Digital, CIMPLICITY is the HMI/SCADA of choice for the world’s largest manufacturers and utilities. For applications of all sizes, CIMPLICITY can help deliver faster response, reduced costs, and increased profitability.

    Learn more details and features in the CIMPLICITY 11.1 brochure.

  • Proficy CSense 8.0

    Uniquely providing five analytics capabilities in one package, Proficy CSense has helped organizations around the world reduce costs by turning raw data into rapid business value. Engineers and data scientists can analyze, monitor, predict, simulate, and optimize and control setpoints in real time through Proficy CSense. Learn more in the Proficy CSense 8.0 brochure.


Climate change, resiliency, equitable spending, regulatory requirements… these are just a few of the challenges that water utilities must address when planning for capital and operational investments.  With these and many other factors adding to the analysis, the decision-making process becomes complex. Infrastructure leaders are now faced with a fundamental shift in expectations and economic constraints. Manual, iterative infrastructure planning processes that organizations have leaned on for decades are no longer equipped to deal with these decisions. We require a new strategy to adequately balance cost, risk, and level of service. One that handles a multiplicity of conditions and can exhaust all possibilities, quickly.