• Learn how the Sensus ally water meter with remote shutoff helps prevent property damage in Jacksonville, Texas. 

  • Wastewater analytics are already being used around the world to monitor contamination, optimize treatment processes, and catch environmental scofflaws. So why has the U.S. been so slow to adopt these technologies?

  • Advancements in security and technology help bring confidence — and a multitude of benefits — to remote, cloud-based utility monitoring.

  • I became interested in water and the Internet of Things (IoT) two years ago when I had a below groundwater leak at home that resulted in a large water bill.

  • Raleigh Water provides water and sanitary sewer services to about 198,000 metered customers and a service population of about 600,000 across a service area of 277 square miles. Raleigh Water's mission is to provide safe, sustainable water services for its customers while protecting public health and contributing to the economic, environmental, and social vitality of the utility's communities. Raleigh Water's system is made up of over 2,500 miles of sewer mains and over 2,350 miles of water mains. Raleigh Water operates two water treatment facilities with a maximum capacity to treat 106 million gallons per day, and three wastewater treatment facilities with a maximum capacity to treat 80.2 million gallons per day.

  • The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC) in New Stanton, Pennsylvania, provides service to more than 130,000 water customers and approximately 27,000 sewer customers. MAWC maintains more than 2,400 miles of water mains, three water treatment plants and eleven wastewater treatment plants. Over the past four years, MAWC has integrated geographic information system (GIS) applications to enhance project workflows and integrate datasets. Previously, while reviewing its construction workflow process, MAWC was frustrated to learn that project status was not being effectively communicated between departments, causing serious delays in inspecting and activating new hydrants.  

  • The term “optimization” is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in our industry. Search almost any conference program, read through a trade journal, or sit in an annual planning meeting and you are likely to see or hear the word. However, as it gains popularity, optimization may be generating more questions than answers. Utilities often ask what optimization means and how to get started. For those that have already made changes, they may be asking if their utility is fully optimized.  By Kurt Tyler, Hach Company

  • The core of Coriolis mass flowmeters are oscillating tubes. As soon as mass is flowing through them, a Coriolis force is affecting the oscillation, creating a phase shift.

  • A municipal water quality manager reports replacement of sodium hypochlorite (hypo) vacuum feeder units with a more advanced type at one water treatment plant (WTP) has helped allow for continued reliability for chlorination.

  • By comparing four types of aeration blowers designed specifically for wastewater treatment, this white paper educates engineers on how to develop a selection process best suited for their operation. The paper focuses on minimizing energy consumption and total cost of ownership of the aeration blower system. Download this white paper for a detailed comparison of real operating data on aeration blower technology. 


  • ADMAG AXG Magnetic Flow Meters

    The new ADMAG Total Insight (TI) AXG®  is an electromagnetic flow meter featuring enhanced settings for customized setups, pre-defined trend views, and multiple configuration sets for fast changeover through micro SD card. 

  • Palintest Connect For Lumiso and Kemio™

    Benefit from our digital platform which delivers full confidence in field data quality, saves you time and improves efficiency by allowing you to upload, view and manage data on water quality easily.

  • Xylem MultiSmart Powered By Nexicon

    Your water and wastewater solution must meet specific and ever-evolving efficiency demands while delivering at optimal capacity. Xylem MultiSmart powered by Nexicon™ is an innovative monitoring and control platform designed by world-class water experts to keep up with those demands and lower operational costs.

  • Modernize Your HMI/SCADA To Keep The Water Flowing

    As a Water and Wastewater professional, you may face many challenges.

  • Aclara RF Network Water Pressure Monitoring Solution

    Aclara’s water pressure monitoring solution leverages industry-leading Aclara RF network to provide near real-time monitoring of water pressure throughout your distribution network.


 Xylem MultiSmart powered by Nexicon™ is an innovative monitoring and control platform designed by world-class water experts to keep up with demands and lower operational costs