• Serving a suburb of the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area, Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation (DSWSC) recently decided to replace their Wonderware and WIN-911 system with VTScada, with the help of Austin area integrator, Central Texas Water Maintenance (CTWM).

  • Aguas de Occidente utilized Optimizer to undertake a pressure management study for the water distribution system in the city of Palmira, Colombia. This optimization effort focused on developing solutions to improve service pressures in deficient parts of the city’s network, while simultaneously keeping average pressures down to minimize leakage losses and reduce non revenue water usage.

  • Every day our technical support people answer questions on the selection of sensors for pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. No issue generates more confusion than cell constants for conductivity sensors. The vast majority of returns we process are for conductivity sensors that were ordered with the wrong cell constant. It turns out that cell constants are something that we all read but that most of us don’t really understand. Pick the wrong cell constant for a probe and your analyzer will happily give you numbers to 3 significant digits. The only problem is those numbers are wrong. By Mark Spencer, President, Water Analytics

  • As oil prices remain high, we are in the midst of a nation-wide initiative to seek renewable sources of energy to increase energy efficiency and energy security. Renewable energy accounted for 13.2% of the domestically produced electricity in 2012. Among the sources of renewable energy is the production of biogas from landfill gas (LFG) or digester gas. By Scott Rouse, VP Product Management, Sierra Instruments

  • The digital revolution has reached our utilities, but not everyone is taking advantage of how it can, for example, make water and wastewater cleaner, healthier, and more efficient. National news media seemingly report daily on U.S. infrastructure, but they rarely get down in the trenches with the public works professionals who are accomplishing so much. Three of them, who are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to better manage critical assets, tell their stories here.

  • People working with water infrastructure or handling other industrial needs may choose variable frequency drives (VFDs) for better pump control options. This approach relies on a component that alters the frequency and voltage received by the pump motor, thereby changing its speed and torque. Here are some of the benefits of VFDs.

  • It’s important to start with the fact that this is not a regulatory test. This technology won’t replace any required compliance tests and the results are not reportable, which is actually a great benefit to our users. While regulatory testing is important, compliant does not necessarily mean clean.

  • Within the São Paulo metropolitan area, the city of Diadema in Brazil comprises 400,000 residents. Supplying water to 28.8 million people and treating and collecting sewage for 23.2 million people, Sabesp – Companhia de Saneamento Básico do Estado de São Paulo provides water and collects and treats sewage for 366 cities in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

  • City West Water teamed with WSP and Optimatics to determine a least cost and least-risk renewal program for ageing distribution mains supplying inner Melbourne, Australia. The optimization of the inner Melbourne distribution mains was carried out to determine an optimized pipe renewal strategy that minimizes pipe renewal costs and future risk (including probability and consequence of asset failures) while ensuring service performance standards are maintained.

  • When we humans look at objects we describe them in terms of color. We say that an apple is red or a leaf is green. To us color is an attribute just as surely as the mass or dimensions of an object. But the fact is that color is a pure human construct. Take away the human and it does not exist.


  • Modernize Your HMI/SCADA To Keep The Water Flowing

    As a Water and Wastewater professional, you may face many challenges.

  • Aclara RF Network Water Pressure Monitoring Solution

    Aclara’s water pressure monitoring solution leverages industry-leading Aclara RF network to provide near real-time monitoring of water pressure throughout your distribution network.

  • Allegro Technology By Master Meter

    At Master Meter, we believe that a combination of different underlying communication technologies, which share a common endpoint design is a highly efficient and cost-effective approach. That’s why we’ve developed a a flexible smart water technology solution for advanced water utility management.

    Allegro Technology addresses issues that utilities often face when implementing AMI, regardless of a particular utility’s nuances and deployment needs. Allegro’s end-to-end solid-state technology optimizes project outcomes and business deliverables to help utilities solve their toughest water management challenges. 


    Liquid, slurry, or solids measurements? Dirty applications? These maintenance-free sensors deliver the reliable performance you need, no matter what the environment.

  • Best-In-Class Solution For Straightforward Flow Measurement: SITRANS FS220

    The tried-and-trusted SITRANS FST020 transmitter has been upgraded to deliver enhanced performance, user friendliness and options for customization.


In this segment from Virtual Water Expo, Rich Lowrie from KROHNE presents about the use of magnetic flow meters in partially filled pipes.