• Trimble Unity

    Trimble Unity is a flexible cloud and mobile solution for accurately mapping and locating utility assets and streamlining field operations, maintenance, and repair activities.

  • MentorAPM Criticality Analyzer

    MentorAPM Criticality Analyzer™ (M-CA™) is a superior criticality & risk analysis application that facilitates rapid and accurate cross-functional criticality analyses of your utility to deliver precise and reliable risk-rankings you can count on.

  • Palintest Connect For Lumiso and Kemio™

    Benefit from our digital platform which delivers full confidence in field data quality, saves you time and improves efficiency by allowing you to upload, view and manage data on water quality easily.

  • Xylem MultiSmart Powered By Nexicon

    Your water and wastewater solution must meet specific and ever-evolving efficiency demands while delivering at optimal capacity. Xylem MultiSmart powered by Nexicon™ is an innovative monitoring and control platform designed by world-class water experts to keep up with those demands and lower operational costs.

  • Modernize Your HMI/SCADA To Keep The Water Flowing

    As a Water and Wastewater professional, you may face many challenges.


In this episode of The Water Online Show: In The Flow, Travis Kennedy and Kevin Westerling sit down with Anne-Louise Christensen to talk about converting waste to energy, exploring its economic advantages, potential for cost reduction, energy security benefits, and the technological innovations associated with it.