• Despite all of life’s adages about the value of preparation (an ounce of prevention…, a stich in time…, failing to plan…), it’s easy for long-range, source-water-security planning to be deferred because ‘there’s just not enough time or funding to do it right now.’ With the stakes of compromised water quality being so high, however, here are some helpful insights and incentives on why and how to start planning sooner rather than later.

  • Over the past three years, Denver Water set some important goals to improve the environmental sustainability of its work.

  • There is no disagreement — water is a precious asset. Without water, there is no path to survival or sustainability on the planet. Cities, counties, states, industry, trees, plants, crops, animals, and individuals cannot survive without adequate water resources. In America’s overall drive to sustainability, water is one of the most critical components. Yet, America’s water infrastructure is in significant disrepair. Because it has been ignored so long, some warn that America is entirely too vulnerable.

  • Defining a sustainable digital strategy and employing solutions in a phased manner can result in multiple productivity, maintenance, reliability, and cost benefits for water utilities.

  • In a world driven by technology, data is the key to better understanding everything from personal behavior to business performance. For water utilities, collecting data through smart technology is essential for better operations, customer service, and conservation efforts.

  • The Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA) will hold its 47th Washington Forum as a virtual meeting during Water Week 2021, on April 27-29, 2021. The Washington Forum is WWEMA’s annual legislative, regulatory, and policy meeting that directly connects our members, attendees, and invited guests to leaders in the water industry and government, including Congress and the U.S. EPA.

  • Mechanical flow meters have always been a dependable option for drinking water treatment and distribution. However, the adoption of ultrasonic devices for these applications is growing steadily as water managers realize that advancements make them a better choice in many cases.

  • Did you know that WATER ranks as one of North America’s top three ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) concerns, according to the 2019 RBC Global Asset Management Responsible Investment Survey?  This is not surprising, but it is very significant because it underlines how water assets today are at risk and that current management practices today simply are not sustainable. The existing infrastructure that is supposed to keep water available, safe and drinkable is quietly, sometimes loudly, crumbling in cities and communities around the globe. It is imperative that we start reassessing the way we think about resilience in water management and change our ways. With the pandemic and the rise of ESG as part of decision-making, now is the time to capitalize on innovation, to maximize the return on infrastructure renewal programs and at the same time accelerate our economic recovery.

  • The population on Earth is rapidly growing and the demand for clean water grows with it. According to a U.N. report, global water demand is expected to grow by 50 percent by 2030. This puts pressure on both nature and on the water industry to quickly adapt. The importance of advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources is more important than ever.

  • Uber. Airbnb. Pinterest. Snapchat. Slack. Square. Stripe… it feels like we’re bombarded by news of a newly minted ‘unicorn’ almost every single day.

    And it's frustrating as hell.


  • 6 Ways Xylem Rentals Makes Your Job Easier

    Anybody can rent a 6” pump, including us. But what sets us apart is our unrivaled ability to solve the biggest, most complex water challenges in the world. Whether you require fast-track temporary emergency response or reliable, cost-effective long-term operation, the breadth of our fleet and the depth of our expertise helps you get your work done with greater efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind.

  • Irrigation Solutions

    Innovation and automation of irrigation infrastructure and operation through technological solutions. Irrigation plan guidelines aim to optimize water resource management and improve environmental sustainability. When this is achieved, farmers’ costs and the use of chemicals are reduced, whilst crop production and quality is increased.

  • Wastewater Solutions

    Optimization of wastewater treatment plants, and sewage and stormwater networks to prevent events and automate processes. Water utility companies must ensure a safe, reliable and cost-effective service for citizens.

  • Drinking Water Solutions

    Technological solutions to optimize collection, purification, water distribution, billing and customer care processes. Providers of drinking water treatment and distribution services must comply with high quality standards in a context of growing expectations.

  • Transcend Design Generator

    Transcend Design Generator (“TDG”) is a web-based, water treatment design engineering platform that enables users to rapidly generate preliminary engineering designs & proposals for CAS facilities as well as MBR, MBBR, and others.


Learn how Artificial Intelligence can create a complete Process Scheme for your custom wastewater treatment plant project by using Transcend Design Generator.