• SaaS technologies for metering data management (MDM) offer opportunities well beyond sending bills. But water utilities first need to understand their options before choosing a provider.

  • Process industry history is sprinkled with catastrophic incidents that acted as drivers of regulatory change, such as the 1974 Flixborough explosion, the 1984 Bhopal toxic release disaster, and the 2005 Texas City Refinery flammable material release and explosion. Lack of process safety management, damage, and deaths were the commonalities among these incidents. The OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) Standard and EPA Risk Management Plan (RMP) regulations were promulgated in response to these types of devastating accidents.

  • According to the worldwide research and advisory firm Gartner, "the use of digital technology to modify a company model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities … is the process of converting to a digital business."

  • All across America, water scarcity is changing the way we live, and the housing industry is no exception. According to PNAS.org, an estimated 471,000 households or 1.1 million individuals lack a piped water connection. With 73% of homes located in urban areas, the overwhelming pressure of underfunded water infrastructure is causing a great migration from big cities to suburbs.

  • Many look to the immediate concerns a significant weather event might bring — the potential for dangerous driving conditions with heavy sheets of rain or the threat of hail leading to a cracked windshield. Water resource specialists see the challenges posed by stormwater that can result in infrastructure damage and polluted streams. These specialists dive into the reasoning behind why this issue is occurring to identify a solution that protects communities and mitigates long-term effects from major weather events.

  • By using airflow-based aeration controls, the Brockton, MA wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) was able to reduce energy usage by 23% while producing higher-quality effluent.

  • I have been in the water industry since 1981 and have seen a few ups and downs in the economy that were created by fuel shortages, wars, labor shortages, inflation, etc. This is the first time I have seen the impacts on the economy that were caused by several of the aforementioned occurring all at once.

  • In the shadow of a snarling interstate exchange just a few blocks south of downtown Minneapolis, a patchwork of gardens grows around a set of colorful buildings. The greenery is, in fact, a rain garden system, capturing, and filtering rainwater from the surrounding roofs.

  • Seeing 100,000 of my closest water friends buzz around buildings upon buildings of water & wastewater treatment was eye-opening and I can’t wait for the next IFAT.

  • Advancements in cellular-based advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) make it a viable way to provide reliability and cost-effectiveness in practical solutions for water utilities and municipalities.


  • Take Control Of Your Water Distribution Network With Digitalization And Remote Monitoring

    Any process plant constantly generates a high volume of status data. Today, this data can be extracted from the plant, stored, analyzed, and prepared to meet operator needs and lower marginal costs.

  • LANEXO® System

    MilliporeSigma’s LANEXO® Lab Inventory, Safety and Compliance Management System saves you costs and time and boosts quality in your lab and across your larger organization. Via simple digital data capture of RFID tags placed on reagent bottles and other consumables, the user-friendly LANEXO® System mobile app lets users quickly, easily and accurately register and archive reagent data, whether they’re restocking shelves or recording workflows.

  • Proficy HMI/SCADA

    Drive smarter operator decisions with model-based high performance HMI for faster response and development.

  • Vacuum Sewer Truck: Optimize Cleaning Performance With The Right Accessories

    Selecting the correct accessories will maximize cleaning while minimizing water use, tank refills, labor, and headaches.

  • Lead Service Line Probability Finder

    Easy-to-use predictive modeling. Lead has met its match. 120Water’s Lead Service Line Probability Finder is your way to accurately predict the presence of lead in any unknown service line location.


Nathan Askins, Director of Business Technology at Breakwater Energy Partners, describes how easy it is to install KETOS Shield.