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Basin Nozzle Manifold Gas Injection System
With the Mazzei Basin Nozzle Manifold Gas Injection System, ambient air, pure oxygen or ozone is pulled into the water and thoroughly mixed to create a homogeneous solution. Another option from Mazzei Injector Company for efficiently and effectively mixing and contacting a gas into water.  Continue Reading..
Water Treatment Consulting Is Becoming Much Harder
Over the past decade, water treatment consulting jobs have become much harder. The reasons are complex. As explained in the video below, the challenges fall into 3 buckets: Aging workforce and difficulty in transferring/retaining knowledge; More demanding clients in an 'instant' economy; Increased workloads - often at cost or non-cost recoverable.  Continue Reading..
A New World Of Smart pH Measurement In The Water Industry
The ability to continuously and accurately measure water quality is a key requirement in many processes. Learn how the range of ABB's water analysis solutions provide real-time data on process conditions that can be used to improve efficiency, tighten performance, and safeguard quality.  Continue Reading..
Revolutionizing Water And Wastewater Industry Marketing
Revolutionizing Water And Wastewater Industry Marketing with Björn Otto, Founder, Interius Solutions
Recognizing the conservative and technology-focused nature of the water and wastewater industry, Björn Otto shares some of the modern marketing methods he deploys to help companies grow within the context of the water and wastewater market.  Continue Reading..
City Of Riverside PUD On Quantifying ROI And Digital Transformation In The Water Industry
The City of Riverside PUD discusses how they are quantifying ROI and also the ever-evolving digital transformation taking place in the water industry,   Continue Reading..
Promag W – The World’s First Electromagnetic Flowmeter For Unrestricted Measurement
A close-knit pipeline network or obstacles in the pipe cause flow turbulences. These affect accuracy, which is indispensable for process control in the water and wastewater industry. The “0 x DN full bore” option for Promag W from Endress+Hauser is unique for this challenge worldwide: no straight inlet and outlet runs, no tube restriction and thus no pressure loss. This animation shows why Promag W delivers accurate measured values...  Continue Reading..
Digitalization Made Easy - 4 Ways Smart Measurement Technology Eliminates The Guesswork In Water Processes
Water savings starts with accurate measurement. Join ABB experts as they discuss how easily implemented smart technologies drive greater levels of efficiency in water processes. Digitalizing your operations doesn’t have to be complicated – work the way you want to work.  Continue Reading..
Developing Messages And Themes In Support Of Your Mission
Developing Messages And Themes In Support Of Your Mission with John Farner, Chief Sustainability Officer, Netafim
John Farner, Chief Sustainability Officer for Netafim and previous Industry Development Director for the Irrigation Association, discusses the importance of being mission driven in your communication strategy and shares some examples of how to successfully develop and deploy marketing tools and messages built around themes in support of your business development outcomes.   Continue Reading..
Leopold Texler™: Innovation for Clarification
Xylem introduces the latest innovation for clarification: the Leopold Texler lamella clarifier. Texler’s inclined lamella settler increases the effective clarification area. This reduces the required space by 80% compared to conventional rectangular clarifiers and allows for water flow to be increased within the same small footprint.  Continue Reading..
A Lesson For Water Equipment Suppliers
A Lesson For Water Equipment Suppliers In Elevating Your Marketing To The Next Level with Antoine Walter, Senior Business Development Manager, Georg Fischer
Antoine Walter, Senior Business Development Manager for Georg Fischer, discusses his unique marketing approach with Adam and Jim. As Antoine explains his interest in the topics and guests he engages with to create his (don’t) Waste Water podcast and associated compilation book, his passion for our industry and the method behind his creative and entertaining madness shines out.  Continue Reading..