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A Partnership To Address The Challenges Facing Our Water Industry
A Partnership To Address The Challenges Facing Our Water Industry
Climate change, resiliency, equitable spending, regulatory requirements… these are just a few of the challenges that water utilities must address when planning for capital and operational investments.  With these and many other factors adding to the analysis, the decision-making process becomes complex. Infrastructure leaders are now faced with a fundamental shift in expectations and economic constraints. Manual, iterative...  Continue Reading..
A Walkthrough Of The New Transcend Design Generator User Interface
The new user interface for the Transcend Design Generator we’ve developed now allows non-experts to map their site and enter basic information. The software can make complex decisions that result in a complete project design engineering package.  Continue Reading..
Helping The Water Sector Advocate For Itself
Helping The Water Sector Advocate For Itself with Mae Stevens, VP and Chair of Water Practice, Signal Group DC
The Federal government plays a significant role in water project development, through both funding and regulating the industry. Water sector champion Mae Stevens shares how we as water professionals need to play an important role in influencing our congressional representatives and senators to win support of what we need to advance business opportunities.    Continue Reading..
White House Utility District Uses IIoT To Improve Operations In Water & Wastewater
The White House Utility District (WHUD) is the largest water utility in Tennessee by geography, serving consumers and businesses just north of Nashville. Since it started making better use of its sensor-based data using state-of-the-art IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technologies in 2016, its infrastructure leakage index (ILI) decreased from 1.49 to 0.76. In this episode we talk about pressure management, leaks, and I&I with those who...  Continue Reading..
Aeration Industries International Webinar: Biological Treatment Solutions For Leachate Treatment
A webinar originally recorded on Thursday, May 27, 2021, for Biological Treatment of Leachate, hosted by Aeration Industries, BiOWiSH Technologies along with NCM Odor Control (now ATMOS).  Continue Reading..
American Ductile Iron Plant Tour 2021
AMERICAN’s ductile iron pipe in diameters from 4 to 64 inches is proudly made at our company’s headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. Since 1905, we’ve been making products essential to our nation’s water infrastructure and in turn, our nation’s public health and safety. In this video, a tour of our Ductile Iron Pipe manufacturing facility, we take a look inside to see how it’s made. From a source of...  Continue Reading..
Predictive Analytics 101
Learn how to leverage data to implement proactive approaches to manufacturing issues through the use of predictive analytics.  Continue Reading..
Applications Of Calcium Hypochlorite In Cooling Towers Webinar
Recording now available! Speaker Ellen Meyer, Product Safety and Governmental Affairs Manager, discusses Applications of Calcium Hypochlorite in Cooling Towers. Learn about microbiology in cooling towers as we discuss the advantages of using Calcium Hypochlorite to combat adverse effects resulting from biofilm and biofouling.  Continue Reading..
Putting Valuable Content Where I Might Look
Putting Valuable Content Where I Might Look With Jeff Hobbs, former VP Of Technology, San Jose Water
As former VP of Technology for San Jose Water, Jeff Hobbs shares his customer view and experience to help vendors stand a better chance of winning a private utility’s attention. Recognizing how difficult it is for vendors to locate the right advocates from within, Hobbs suggests anticipating and then showing up where your customers are looking for information.  Continue Reading..
SCADA Modernization Using RDP Protocol At Baixada Santista Business Unit
Learn how the Baixada Santista Business Unit is using SCADA modernization and RDP protocol to improve efficiency and allow for faster response.  Continue Reading..