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Intuitive Touchscreen To Display Your Results With Our Supelco Spectroquant® Prove
Navigation the Supelco Spectroquant® Prove software is easy! You can’t go wrong!  Continue Reading..
Use Our Supelco Spectroquant® Prove Cell Tests Kits
Measuring color is challenging. Preprogrammed for use with our extensive range of Supelco Spectroquant® tests and test kits. Simplicity, security, and durability are united in this spectrophotometer family.  Continue Reading..
Simplify Your Daily Analysis With Supelco Spectroquant® Prove
Easy to use and easy to clean under running water!  Continue Reading..
Whatever Language You Speak, Choose And Work
Easy to set up and get started on your analysis work with Supelco Spectroquant® Prove systems.  Continue Reading..
Supelco Spectroquant® Prove Gives You Data On Demand
Its ingenious software lets you easily customize and manage your results to suit your needs.   Continue Reading..
Let Supelco Spectroquant® Prove Guide You
Check what other substances in your sample is interfering with your photometric determination.  Continue Reading..
An Exceptionally Secure Analytical Quality Assurance Using Our Supelco Spectroquant® Systems
Just tap the AQA button on the screen and set up as you wish. All AQA measurements can be accessed in the results lists. Our Supelco Spectroquant® Prove instrument will simply guide you.  Continue Reading..
Is Your Water OK?
The new Spectroquant® Prove makes your water analysis simple, secure and durable. Check the phosphorus, COD, Silicate, Sulfate! Just Prove it with our Supelco Spectroquant® Prove  Continue Reading..
BIOCOS - Hybrid Activated Sludge Process
BIOCOS - Hybrid Activated Sludge Process
The BIOCOS® activated sludge process is  operated at a constant water level during the  whole process cycle, and therefore represents a hybrid technology (Biological Combined System) comprising features of continuous flow and SBR systems.  Continue Reading..
Fire Hydrant.jpg
America’s Most Popular Fire Hydrant Now Serves As A Communications Hub
The Sentryx Software Enabled Super Centurion Hydrant by Mueller, brings together a trusted infrastructure platform with data intelligence to make informed actionable decisions. Leveraging industrial IOT, powerful mapping and data visualizations as well as advanced analytics, you'll be able to understand the performance of your distribution system like never before.  Leak and pressure monitoring options are available for the Sentryx...  Continue Reading..