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Meet The TrojanUVFlex
The TrojanUVFlex is designed with features to make installation and operation simpler, faster and more cost-effective than ever before. Built on the proven TrojanUV Solo Lamp Technology platform, TrojanUVFlex allows for energy-efficient high-intensity delivery of UV light in an extremely compact footprint.  Continue Reading..
Flights: Essential To Effective Clarification
Outside of the collector chain, flight scrapers are typically the least inspected, yet critical, member of any chain and flight system. In this episode of Brentwood’s Polychem Solutions Maintenance Series, we walk you through some concerns to be mindful of and provide basic inspection measures to keep your clarifier running smoothly.  Continue Reading..
Collector Chain: The Heart Of The System
Chain: the heart of any collector system. In this episode of Brentwood’s Polychem Solutions Maintenance Series, we review some basic chain inspection techniques and advise you on how to inspect your chain to ensure it's not near its breaking point.  Continue Reading..
Brentwood Tube Settlers And SedVac System
Brentwood tube settlers integrate with our SedVac sediment dredge system to provide comprehensive clarification solutions. This animation illustrates the process of sediment moving through the tube settler system and falling to the floor below where SedVac vacuums up the fallen sludge and grit.  Continue Reading..
Polychem Chain And Flight Collector System
Learn how all the components in a standard Polychem system are assembled and installed.  Continue Reading..
Polychem ChainCheck Pin And Flight Monitoring
Brentwood’s Polychem ChainCheck, the latest evolution of our SmartGuard Collector Monitoring System, monitors pin and flight alignment and counts system cycles for component replacement without the use of mechanical sensors.  Continue Reading..
Polychem TrueSpan Adjustable Head Shaft
Brentwood’s Polychem TrueSpan head shaft is a field adjustable head shaft with the adaptability to fit a wide range of tank sizes. Featuring a design that reduces upfront engineering and lead time, TrueSpan was truly designed with flexibility in mind.  Continue Reading..
Polychem H2S Acid-Resistant Collector Chain
Brentwood’s Polychem NCS-720-S series collector chain with added H2S protection is chain’s strongest defense against sulfuric acid. Made with 100% non-acetal chain. H2S chain works to prevent clip erosion from sulfuric acid found in covered primary clarifier tanks.  Continue Reading..
Trickling Filter Technology Is Still Relevant
Trickling filters have been effectively removing pollutants from wastewater for over one hundred years. Learn more about how this technology has evolved since its inception, and how it became a part of the South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority's secondary treatment process.  Continue Reading..
How To Nest Brentwood Tube Settler Modules
The Brentwood Water & Wastewater team often receives questions about how to properly align, or nest, tube settler modules for installation. Check out these tips for ensuring your tube settlers are correctly nested and ready for use.  Continue Reading..