Resiliency Solutions & Insight for Utility Managers

  1. Protecting Infrastructure: It’s Not Just Dams And Pipes

    Because technology is a critical part of delivering water, Denver Water tested its readiness against a cyberattack.

  2. The Path To Resilience — Companies Leading The Digital Revolution In Water

    Throughout history, human civilization has been bounded by the spatial and temporal supply of water: too little or too much and our ancestors moved on or perished. The advent of massive engineering projects, the availability of cheap power and human ingenuity gave us the benefit of being able to be decoupled from our relationship with water. 

  3. Serving The Mandate Of World Water Day

    The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have shined new light on steps that must be taken to safeguard our world’s critical resources. Addressing everything that impacts the health and economic growth of communities, the SDGs embed sustainability in the global consciousness and offer nations a roadmap for tackling the key challenges of our time.

  4. How Tech Can Conserve And Improve Access To Water

    As South Africa commemorates National Water Week from March 17 to 23 to highlight the scarcity of this vital resource, municipalities and utilities around the country are increasingly turning to technology to help them with both conservation and expanding accessibility to more communities.

  5. Improving Resilience In AMP7

    ‘Resilience’ — in terms of delivering resilient water and wastewater services focused on preventing floods and pollution — is one of the key words when it comes to preparing for AMP7. As an industry, we can do this by implementing monitoring systems that provide robust and accurate data that then enables the water company to effectively manage and measure the health of their network and its assets.

  6. Why Big Storms And Deep Snows Don’t Always Equal Full Reservoirs

    There’s a lot of attention paid to Colorado’s high country through the winter months.

  7. Cybersecurity Is Key To Smart Metering Deployment

    As adoption of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) becomes more widespread, its appeal to cyber-attackers will undoubtedly increase, and addressing security vulnerabilities across layers — and by different stakeholders — must be taken into account from the outset.

  8. How The Low Price Of Water 'Causes' Water Scarcity

    “How can a coastal city that is flanked by an almost endless bank of water have water scarcity problems?”

  9. Securing Industrial Systems In A Digital World

    The development of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) over the past two decades has changed the face of many industries. Operation Technology (OT) — largely industrial equipment — has become increasingly connected, and the integration of Information Technology (IT) components allows such devices to leverage software that drives data collection and analysis, resulting in enhanced performance and ultimately "smarter" machines.

  10. Addressing Impacts Of Climate Change At The Local Level: Mitigate Or Adapt?

    The unknowns around climate change might curtail proper investment and preparation — unless your resiliency efforts offer more than just resiliency.