Resiliency Solutions & Insight for Utility Managers

  1. Thirsty For Change? 4 Ways To Improve Corporate Water Targets

    Water-related business risks are becoming more and more apparent. According to CDP’s 2016 global water report, 607 companies lost $14 billion last year alone due to water scarcity, drought, flood and other water risks.

  2. Great Cities… Work With Nature

    Examples of “man versus nature” shifting towards “man and nature” are starting to emerge worldwide. Late 20th century theories on regenerative design, circular economies, natural capitalism, and biomimicry all speak to the goals of optimizing natural resources or services, minimizing waste, using nature as a model, and treating human settlements as integrated physical and natural systems.

  3. Rounding Up The Water, Clean Energy, And Climate Bills In The 85th Texas Legislative Session

    We’re entering the home stretch of the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature.

  4. Established Routine: How To Sample For Unknown Contaminants

    The U.S. EPA has updated its sampling guidance for determining and fighting against unknown contaminants in drinking water. Here’s why routine preparation can be a utility’s best friend in case of emergency.

  5. Energy-Water Nexus Lessons Learned From The State Of Texas

    By making strategic choices to maximize energy-water efficiencies, we can help protect our supplies in advance of our next drought. Here are three ways that work.

  6. A Guide For Effective Utility Management

    Updates to a seminal document for running water and wastewater utilities as efficiently as possible call for review by those facing new obstacles.

  7. What Happens When Water Becomes Unaffordable?

    Researchers project that water services will become unaffordable for over a third of American households in the near future. What does it really mean for so many to be priced out of a fundamental necessity?

  8. Study Adapts To New Coastal Flooding Reality

    A hurricane passes directly over New York City. In just one hour, the harbor rises 13 feet and floods over wharves, causing rivers on each side of the island city to converge.

  9. Meeting The Communications Challenges Of Harsh Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Environments

    Using ruggedized fiber optic cable, connectors and enclosures can ensure that network communications run reliably at high speed — far into the future.

  10. From Drought To Flooding: California Struggles With Turnaround

    In a drastic about-face, California has gone from historically desperate drought conditions to an inundation of water that has brought its own set of problems.