Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. What Does It Take To Really Impress Your Customer?

    Service. A large part of customer service is creating a seamless experience between the customer’s expectation, and your ability to exceed their anticipated need.

  2. 3 Reasons To Upgrade Your UNOX™ Wastewater Treatment System

    The UNOX system is a high purity oxygen biological system that is used to oxidize the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) in the wastewater. The oxygen used in these systems is usually produced on site by a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system.

  3. Lift Station Reduces Clogging, Lowers Operating Expenses With Self-Cleaning Pumps

    Aging pumps at Jackson Energy Authority’s Rolling Acres Lift Station (Jackson, Tenn.) resulted in frequent clogging and outages that required costly maintenance and repair.

  4. Installing Hydro-Guard® Automatic Flushing Saves Rural Texas Town $8,000 A Year

    Managed by the private, non-profit South Jasper Water Supply, Buna, Texas’ water system contains 91 miles of un-looped distribution pipe with historical water losses of up to 30%. A small operations team is responsible for monitoring two water plants, reading 700 meters, repairing leaks, and flushing water to control the water quality. In an effort to spend less time manually flushing hydrants and focus more time on repairing leaks to reduce non-revenue water loss, South Jasper Water Supply purchased and installed two (2) Hydro-Guard® HG-1 Basic/S Flushing Systems.

  5. Asset Lifecycle Information Management For Water And Wastewater Networks

    Water and wastewater leaders are unsung heroes. Clean, safe water is essential to human life and to the well-being of the environment, yet it is grossly underfunded. Limited resources lead to deferred maintenance and difficult decisions.

  6. The Importance Of pH Measurement During Industrial Treatment

    Nearly every industry requires water and wastewater treatment to some degree. From food and beverage to pulp and paper operations, influent and effluent must meet certain conditions to adhere to regulatory and/or performance requirements, and water used during the process must conform as well.

  7. The Power Of Bundling: BIOSTYR® + ACTIFLO®

    In 1998, Onondaga County signed an Amended Consent Judgment with the State of New York to significantly increase the level of treatment at its Metropolitan Syracuse Wastewater Treatment Plant (Metro).

  8. The Benefits Of Adaptive Control Systems

    In municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, there has been a shift from manual to automatic process control in order to increase efficiency and improve effluent quality.

  9. Effective Odor Control In A Low Pressure Sewer System

    When the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County received odor complaints from a residential subdivision, Evoqua provided a rapid, cost-effective solution.

  10. VigorOx® WWT II Wastewater Disinfection Technology And Viruses

    VigorOx® WWT II is an equilibrium peracetic acid solution that contains 15% peracetic acid (PAA) by weight at full concentration. The solution exists as an equilibrium of PAA, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid and water.