Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Effective Odor Control In A Low Pressure Sewer System

    When the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County received odor complaints from a residential subdivision, Evoqua provided a rapid, cost-effective solution.

  2. Municipal Water Reuse Done Right: Lessons In Efficiency

    California water reuse program provides multiple benefits, serving as a model for other municipalities.

  3. Durango Wastewater Treatment Plant Foils Energy Heist And Lowers Maintenance Costs

    The Durango wastewater treatment facility is a traditional waste-activated system. The bio-solids (WAS) is collected from secondary clarifiers, treated with flocculants and thickened before an anaerobic digestion. A centrifuge had been used for the thickening process which dewatered the WAS to a 8 to 10% consistency. The plant had three 50 hp units and used either one or two of the units as needed

  4. Oxelia™ Integrated Ozone-Enhanced Biofiltration Is Propelling Potable Reuse Projects Forward

    Water professionals are seeking innovative approaches to address water supply challenges associated with population growth, drought, and environmental protection.

  5. MBBR Eliminates Odor Problems While Reaching Effluent Targets At Fish Processing Plant

    Based in Danvers, Massachusetts, High Liner Fishery Products was experiencing challenges with their existing wastewater treatment system. The plant was generating a myriad of problems, including: plugging, flies, and even odor complaints from neighboring residents. Read how High Liner solved their problems with the help of Headworks International.

  6. Case Study: The Power To Make A Change For The Better
    There’s no arguing the fact that the Power Generating industry is a 24/7 business. And although an industrial pump may be a small piece of the overall operational picture, a failed pump can cause more than a few problems - even if a backup is at hand. Paired with the decrease in manpower that most plants have suffered throughout the last several years, the overall goal of maximizing effectiveness of even the best plants is jeopardized today. By Vito Gullo, President, Metro Pumps and Systems, Inc.
  7. Flow Meter Ensures A Smooth Running Recovery Process At Bakery Production Plant

    Employing roughly 5,000 workers in 12 countries, Vandemoortele bakery and production plant owes its success to high standards of quality, innovative production technologies, and a flair for finding economic alternatives. The latest example is the SITRANS FC430 Coriolis flow meter.

  8. SEPAREL Available In External Perfusion And Internal Perfusion Varieties

    SEPAREL hollow fiber membrane modules from the DIC Corporation provide exceptional degasification performance with a proprietary non-porous membrane which utilizes a Surface Skin membrane (SS membrane) for enhanced degasification. Available in both internal perfusion (PF series) and external perfusion (EF Series) varieties, SEPAREL modules are optimized for a variety of degassing applications.

  9. Sticking with Innovation That Works

    With a population of about 15,000, Steinbach is the third largest city in Manitoba and one of the fastest growing areas in Canada. The current system has been operating since 1993, an eternity in the world of technology. Because the wastewater department was already familiar with operating the existing Xylem/Flygt M&C SCADA system with Aquaview software and APP controllers, they decided to inquire what new technologies the company could offer. Read the full case study to learn more.

  10. Solving Aeration Challenges Across The Globe

    The US Army Corps of Engineers chose Fluence when they needed expert technology to treat wastewater at the largest Afghan National Army military post in the Nangahar Province of Afghanistan.