Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. State-Of-The-Art Septage Station Handles Large Volumes Effectively

    When SAWS in San Antonio sought to upgrade their septage collection system they faced challenges beyond what might be normally seen in a typical WWTP. By partnering with Huber Technology, SAWS was able to navigate through challenges and put together a world class system.

  2. A Fresh Case For Investing In MBR To Improve Capacity And Effluent Quality

    The membrane bioreactor industry has matured past the point of being an experiment or a niche technology. Advancements, as well as more recent adoptions by high-profile users, are providing wastewater treatment plant operators with more incentive and a better business case to retrofit their systems.

  3. Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor Technology Validated For Title 22 Compliance

    Title 22 of California’s Water Recycling Criteria is among the strictest water treatment standards for water recycling and reuse in the United States. Fluence’s MABR demonstration plant was installed at the Codiga Resource Recovery Center (CR2C) in Stanford, California, in January 2018 for the purpose of third-party evaluation. The testing parameters included criteria to evaluate reliable enhanced nutrient removal in the form of Total Nitrogen, which is increasingly important across the United States and difficult and costly to achieve through conventional wastewater treatment.

  4. Two Processes, One Flow Metering Technology: The Benefits Of Standardization

    Wastewater treatment facilities use multiple processes and a variety of equipment to produce water clean enough for reuse. Each process within the treatment train may serve a different function yet use the same or similar equipment. In such cases, standardizing equipment may be beneficial.

  5. International Bar Screens Handle Over 6 Billion Gallons Per Day In Detroit

    In 2004, Headworks Inc. was selected to supply 22 screens to the George W. Kuhn Retention Treatment Basin (“GWK RT Basin”) located in the Detroit Metropolitan Area of Michigan.

  6. Essential Answers To Important pH Questions – Part 1

    pH measurement plays an important role in virtually every industrial process and an equally essential part in environmental regulatory compliance. Many of the below questions pop up every day whether in chemical processing plants, power plants, water and wastewater plants or biopharmaceutical processing.

  7. Introduction To VigorOx WWT II For Wastewater Disinfection

    Welcome to the first edition of Disinfection Digest, a forum to share experiences using PeroxyChem’s VigorOx WWT II wastewater disinfection technology.

  8. Surface Aeration Revisited
    The intention of this paper is to have a critical review of the theory and practice of today’s Waste Water Aeration Technology
  9. Oxygen Removal From Feedwater Of A Central District Heating System Using 3M Liqui-Cel

    A Netherlands power station installed 3M Liqui-Cel membrane contractors for O2 removal. This case study explains how the membrane system exceeded expectations, achieving oxygen removal down to 5 ppb.

  10. The Ultimate DAF System Design Buyer’s Guide: Part 2

    When you buy a DAF system, you want something that is going to hold up in a harsh environment. You’re going to use the thing for the foreseeable future and the last thing you want is something you have to replace because it didn’t hold up.  DAF System design decisions matter!