Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Accurate Sludge Conditioning For Good Dewatering Results

    Where should I put the sludge? There is a consensus among wastewater plant operators and other industry groups that the subject of sludge will take on more importance in the future. The reasons for this are the increasingly strict controls on discharge methods and the obvious cost burden of every cubic meter of sludge.

  2. Need Water Quality Assurance? UV254 Can Help
    Superior water quality, it is why we treat our waters. All around the world we are continually striving to improve the safety of our drinking water to protect public health. However, how are we assuring the success of our efforts? UV254 testing provides valuable assurance about your water quality by detecting organic matter in water. This is something that turbidity can’t do. Just because you have low turbidity does not mean that you will have low organics. By Real Tech Inc.
  3. Reliable Flow Monitoring Of Primary And Secondary Sewage Treatment

    Primary and secondary sewage treatment are designed to improve the quality of wastewater. These processes reduce bacteria, suspended solids, biodegradable organics, and other materials to improve effluent quality.

  4. Air Filter Maintenance: Impact On Efficiency And Machinery Health

    In an ideal world, would we not want to eliminate air filters altogether? What keeps us from achieving this is foreign material, detrimental to air, which moves rotating equipment; meanwhile, the process that receives the air sometimes cannot tolerate it.

  5. Case Study: Municipalities Are Focusing On The Reliability Of Their Lift Station Backup Plans
    With the increasing regulatory enforcement for sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), more municipalities have been forced to ask themselves: how reliable is my lift station backup plan? In an effort to avoid SSOs, schedule preventive maintenance, and allow for future growth, an increasing number of utilities are replacing traditional backup generators with independently powered backup pump stations.
  6. Demystifying Explosion Proof Submersible Pumps

    When the discussion turns to requirements for “explosion-proof” pumps, many people rely on word of mouth, past practices or even old wives tales it seems. By Kevin Clemons

  7. Treatment Plant Upgrade Includes Conversion To On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generation To Ease Operations And Increase Safety

    Fairmont, Minnesota, known as the City of Lakes, is located in Martin County in southern Minnesota. The city’s water treatment plant serves a mix of customers including approximately 3,900 residential taps, 500 commercial and 17 industrial customers. Looking to the future, Fairmont city leaders began to investigate upgrading the city’s water treatment plant in 2010. The existing plant had been in operation for well over 70 years and relied on gas chlorine for disinfection.

  8. White Paper: Passive Filter - Sustainable BMP For Permanent Stormwater Treatment Of Heavy Metals, Nutrients, Hydrocarbons And Sediment
    Passive filtration provides a sustainable alternative to classical drainage concepts for source control of hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and nutrients that endanger our water bodies. In urban areas with high building density, traditional drainage concepts like wetlands are not available and the concept of decentralized treatment facilities that can be housed in catch basin structures are a viable option for treatment of pollutants. By Royal Environmental Systems, Inc.
  9. Where To Find Money In Biogas

    On the surface, wastewater treatment operations don’t appear to be handling precious material. But these facilities are actually processing a great deal of value every day.

  10. Headworks International Takes Valatie, New York, From “Rags To Riches!”

    The first Santa Claus Club in the United States was formed in 1946 by World War II veterans to provide gifts for critically ill children in the village of Valatie, New York.  It has since grown to the point that on Christmas Eve, a Santa visits every child in the village below the age of 10 and gives him a gift.