Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Chlorine Scrubber Installation Protects World-Class Water Treatment Plants In The Phillipines

    In 2014, bids were solicited to design, supply, install, and commission two Emergency Chlorine Scrubber Systems at the La Mesa Treatment Plants 1 and 2 in Quezon City, Philippines.

  2. Rectangular vs. Circular Clarifiers: Which Is Better?

    Both rectangular and circular configurations have been commonly used in clarifier basins. The relative merits of the two have been discussed at length for decades. Historically, the selection of rectangular versus circular clarifiers has been based on past experience and the preference of the design engineer or design company.

  3. Case Study: Aerator/Mixer System Gives China WWTP Trouble-Free Performance

    Aeration Industries International, Inc. is playing a key role in cleaning up water worldwide to help preserve the earth’s most precious resource, water. When the Chinese city of Lin An planned an expansion to their oxidation oval system, officials were looking for a new type of aeration system that would offer process performance and trouble free operation. The company's AIRE-O2 TRITON process aerator/mixers were the ideal solution for the Lin An wastewater treatment facility.

  4. First MS Series Bar Screen Installed In The United States - Still Running Strong!

    The fourth largest city in the United States is home to Headworks® headquarters and also boasts the first MS Series Bar Screen installed in the United States.

  5. Trinity River Authority Increases Filtration Capacity And Decreases Backwash With AquaDiamond® Cloth Media Filters By Aqua-Aerobic Systems

    The Trinity River Authority (TRA) of Texas established its Central Regional Wastewater System (CRWS) in 1957 and began operations in December 1959.

  6. A Wastewater Solution With Low Capital Costs

    Along the Indian River Lagoon adjacent to Vero Beach, Florida, both residents and government officials were becoming increasingly concerned about excessive nutrient loads and pollution.

  7. Assessing Key Unconventional Shale Wastewater Trends And Opportunities

    The shale-gas boom could make water the most important commodity product of the 21st century.

  8. Flow Meter Selection 101: Not All Flows Are The Same

    Flow measurement is critical to effective process control and management, whether for municipal or industrial uses. Before you purchase a flow meter, there are a lot of factors to consider. Be sure to answer these questions before deciding on the type of meter to install.

  9. Water Quality Is Key To The Success Of Cardiff Bay Restoration
    Water quality has been a central theme in a redevelopment project that began with the creation of the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation in 1987.
  10. Case Study: New Pumps Make Excess Water Removal More Efficient For Power Generation Facility
    The Progress Energy Lee Plant, a power generation facility located in Goldsboro, NC, originally enlisted nine vertical sump pumps to assist in yard drainage. The pumps removed excess water that accumulated from rainfall and storm drains, equipment wash down, and general water overflow, and redirected it to a retention settlement basin. They featured a vertical design, wherein the motor is located above the pump, and a line shafts extends down into the length of the sump. As the pumps aged, they became increasingly expensive to maintain. Plant management began to question the long-term feasibility of efficiently maintaining the pumps to meet the plant's operational expectations