Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Dry-Pit Submersible Pumps Replace Oversized Long-Shaft Pumps

    After anticipated growth of the New Jersey casino industry fell short, Atlantic City Sewerage Company’s Baltic Avenue Pump Station was left with grossly-oversized long-shaft sewage pumps that operated inefficiently and were prone to cavitation.

  2. Water Quality Is Key To The Success Of Cardiff Bay Restoration
    Water quality has been a central theme in a redevelopment project that began with the creation of the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation in 1987.
  3. Oil, Gas And Water In Real Time

    Recently launched by ABB, the VIS (VEGA Isokinetic Sampling) Multi-Phase Flow Meter is the ideal solution for measuring and monitoring flow rates of oil, gas and water close to the wellhead. VIS enables simultaneous measurement of the three different phases with extreme accuracy.

  4. Turbo Blower Replaces Surface Aerator In Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant Biologically And Energetically More Efficient

    The biologically biodegradable waste water from the Leverkusen Chempark and the households of the lower drainage basin for the Wupperverband (Wupper association) is cleaned by Currenta in a community waste water treatment plant.

  5. Screen Provides Critical Protection At 25 MGD MBR In North Las Vegas

    North Las Vegas’s field facility is an MBR plant that was brand new when Huber’s rotary fine screens were implemented as part of its new water treatment and reclamation process. The facility is “smart,” using a level of technology at which few large plants operate. Huber’s advanced fine screening technology plays a key role in the impressive and innovative technology lineup.

  6. Aeration System Eliminates Odors From Winery Wastewater Lagoons

    A California winery was having odor problems from its wastewater evaporation lagoons. The wash and wastewater from this facility contain large amounts of organic matter. The wastewater is collected and pumped to two main lagoons for evaporation, percolation, and sprinkler irrigation.

  7. Case Study: RSG 30 In Wastewater Treatment Monitoring
    The Ecograph T RSG 30 data logger is used to monitor Turbidity, DO and pH and provide critical information to meet EPA standards. By Endress+Hauser, Inc.
  8. Membrane Filtration Water Treatment Plant Meets Hotel Complex's Needs

    The Little America West Hotel complex located near the town of Granger, Wyoming, used an outdated surface water treatment plant that provided poor quality water during storm events.

  9. Do More With Less: Integrating Nutrient Removal Control Improves Treatment Capacity And Efficiency

    Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) are facing many challenges. Permits on nitrogen and phosphorus in the effluent water are progressively becoming stricter in order to protect surface waters from eutrophication. At the same time, plants are required to reduce both energy and chemical consumption and are often challenged with limited time and staff. In total, they are required to do more with less. In order to meet these challenges, a plant with a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) in Green Lake, Wisconsin was upgraded with an advanced process control system – the OSCAR process performance optimizer with NURO controller.

  10. Our Screens Work Great! Now What? (Part 3 Of 3)

    This is the third installment of a three-part series exploring headworks screening problems and solutions. In this installment we will explore solids removal options for headworks facilities.