Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Making Accurate pH Measurements

    Like the old saying goes, give a man a watch and he always knows what time it is. Give him two watches and he never knows the correct time. What do watches have to do with pH? In this article, we will tie the analogy of accurate time to pH measurement and show how to make more accurate, dependable and believable pH measurements by using three pH sensors.

  2. World’s Largest Denitrification Plant Helps Tampa Bay Reduce Nutrient Pollution

    Nutrient pollution is getting worse in many estuaries throughout the United States, especially those on the heavily populated East Coast.

  3. Orchestrating Corrosion Control With Phosphate Analyzers

    As with so many other drinking water treatment processes, corrosion control demands a delicate balance among multiple factors. From the water-purifying chlorine that increases corrosion risk, to alternative strategies that reduce corrosion — using either elevated pH or phosphates — keeping corrosion under control requires sound strategy and reliable execution. Here are several approaches to addressing those conditions, along with options for better, more effective corrosion control.

  4. The Hidden Costs Of Aeration

    To ensure that aeration equipment will provide not only the best overall solution for their treatment needs but also the lowest total cost of ownership, design engineers and plant operators must take into consideration three primary factors: blower selection, right-sizing, and smart control systems.


  5. Headworks® Bar Screen Walks The Talk At Amherst, NY – No Spares Consumed In 13 Straight Years

    The Amherst Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) is located just off of Tonawanda Creek Road in the Town of Amherst and is less than twenty miles from beautiful Niagara Falls.

  6. Article: Floating Horizontal Aerators Enhance Eufaula, Alabama Activated Sludge Plant
    The Eufaula, Alabama, wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is an extended aeration activated sludge facility designed for an average daily flow rate of 2.7 million gallons per day (mgd). Prior to February, 2005 this WWTP used vertical aerators to provide oxygen and mixing in its aerator basins. The plant has two aeration basins, each 1.87 million gallons in volume, which had 160 horsepower (hp) of vertical aerators in each basin
  7. Southern California Water District Reduces Polymer Usage 30% With Polyblend® Polymer Activation System

    Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD), located in southern California’s Orange County, between Los Angeles and San Diego, provides drinking water and wastewater services to over 165,000 residents and businesses. SMWD approached UGSI Solutions about a Polyblend® Polymer Activation System trial at their 3 A Water Reclamation Plant.

  8. How To Choose The Right Aeration Blower System For Your Wastewater Treatment Plant

    By comparing four types of aeration blowers designed specifically for wastewater treatment, this white paper educates engineers on how to develop a selection process best suited for their operation. The paper focuses on minimizing energy consumption and total cost of ownership of the aeration blower system. Download this white paper for a detailed comparison of real operating data on aeration blower technology. 

  9. AnoxKaldnes MBBR Proves Effective At Asphalt Refinery

    A refinery needed to upgrade the wastewater treatment system to prepare for expected changes brought about by the use of a new crude feedstock with elevated concentrations of TDS and conductivity. Veolia Water Technologies supplied an AnoxKaldnes Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) treatment system to reduce the BOD and ammonia in the effluent.

  10. Free-To-Save: Frito-Lay Collaborates With Atlas Copco To Increase Energy Efficiency

    Frito-Lay, an affiliate of PepsiCo Foods, reinforced its leader position in environmental awareness, achieving an average of 30% energy efficiency and lower noise levels by choosing Atlas Copco screw blower technology for its water treatment facility.