Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Optioneering Helps MidCoast Water Transform Gloucester Water Network Into A Reliable, Efficient System

    MidCoast Water delivers water and sewerage services to 40,000 households in the Manning, Great Lakes, and Gloucester communities of New South Wales in Australia. It also supplies 8 billion liters of water a year to Karuah in the south, Crowdy Head in the north, and Gloucester in the west.

  2. A Helpful Guide To The Benefits Of The Single Rolling Diaphragm

    Reducing water loss and saving money are two of the highest priorities—and most consistent challenges—facing water professionals. Both of these issues stem from water pressure control.

  3. Seven Tips To Cut Wastewater Aeration Energy Costs With Thermal Mass Flow Meters

    One of the biggest expenses in wastewater treatment operations is the cost of energy to run the blowers and compressors that produce air for the aeration basins.

  4. Pre-Filtration Is Essential To Protect Your Membranes

    Any Reverse Osmosis System is only as good as the Pre-filtration System protecting it.  Pre-filtration is no place to scrimp when it comes to sizing, quality, efficiency and performance. 

  5. Maximizing Your ROI On Test Equipment

    In today’s economic climate, it’s tempting to want to buy the cheapest test equipment you can now. But, how can you tell what the true cost of test equipment is? You have to consider how widely your water and chemical consumption will vary as the readings on your instrumentation does. By Heather Rekalske, Myron L Company

  6. KLa Jet Aerators/Mixers For Large Diameter Equalization Tanks

    Many municipalities are facing the challenge of having to equalize large volumes of storm water sometimes mixed with raw sewage in order to continuously meet their permit limitations. The equalized flow is stored during a storm event and then slowly diverted to the treatment facility when influent flows return to normal levels.

  7. How To Buy Right, Not Cheap When It Comes To Solids-Handling Pumps

    Companies using solids-handling pumps as part of their processes know that even though the pumps are typically moving trash and other waste products, the type of equipment used can be a huge business decision. Most applications warrant more attention than simply choosing the first pump that pops out of a catalogue. By The Gorman-Rupp Company

  8. How To Select The Most Effective Blower Technology For Wastewater Applications

    Given numerous variables when selecting an aeration blower system for wastewater applications, and equally numerous claims by technology providers, it is not surprising that confusion exists. Worse than confusion is the disappointment that results when a blower technology fails to perform as anticipated — and operating cost and efficiency benefits go unrealized.

  9. Clarification System Boosts Capacity, Reduces Maintenance

    Spikes in peak demand at the 3.0 MGD Freedom District Water Treatment Plant in Carroll County, MD, exceeded 70 percent of the plant’s capacity, and the existing clarifier made for a lengthy sludge-removal process. After staff installed a dissolved air flotation (DAF) pretreatment system to improve the efficiency of the membrane filters, the now 4.0 MGD facility has reduced maintenance for operators. The system also safeguards against pathogens that can pass through traditional sand/diatomaceous (S/D) filters.

  10. Plant Case Study: Umatilla, OR WWTP
    This is a Plant Case Study about the operation of WesTech Engineering's OxyStream™ Biological Treatment Process at the Umatilla, OR Waste Water Treatment Plant.