Wastewater Treatment Case Studies and White Papers

  1. In California, Come Rain Or Shine, Upfront Efficiency Is Always In Style

    Caught between a withering drought and floods from winter storms, California faces the worst of both worlds—dealing with scarcity as well as stormwater.  America, and much of the world, is watching to see how this trendsetting state handles those challenges.  After generations of setting America’s style, from cowboys to Beatniks to Beach Boys to Silicon Valley billionaires, California can set perhaps its most important trend yet—it can lead the way to a more water-efficient America.  It has to.  The good news is that it can.

  2. Mixers Prevent Buildup And Reduce Wetwell Cleaning Charges

    The City of Reno, NV, has long battled the buildup of fats, oils, and grease in the wetwells of wastewater lift stations in the valleys within this high desert city. Recently, the city set out to address the problem and reduce the associated costs.

  3. Aqua+ Increases Plant Control System Design Speed By 50 Percent With Promis.e

    Khabarovsk Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Vodocanal” (Khabarovsk Vodocanal) provides water supply and sewerage facilities for the city of Khabarovsk in Russia’s Far East Federal District. As part of a program to shift from surface to underground water sources, Khabarovsk Vodocanal constructed the RUB 10 billion Tunguska Groundwater Intake Facilities to deliver 106,000 cubic meters per day (m3/d) of water to the city of Khabarovsk.

  4. Chromium Treatment

    A U.S. light aircraft manufacturing company uses an alkaline cleaner followed by an alkaline de-smutter, rinse, acid de-smutter (possibly using potassium permanganate), rinse, alodine, and a final rinse. The three 1,700 gal rinses are dumped approximately once each week, or more often, based on the pH.

  5. Single Source Solution Brings New Life To City’s Sewer System

    Ruston, Louisiana, a city that boasts a population of just over 20,000 as well as home to famed Louisiana Tech University, is located in north central Louisiana along Interstate 20 between Monroe and Shreveport, and was founded in 1874. 

  6. Meet (Or Beat) EPA Nitrate MCLs With An AdEdge Packaged Nitrate Removal System

    When a food processing plant in Lancaster County, PA was forced to supply bottled water to its employees due to high nitrate levels in its raw water, they had no choice but to investigate a nitrate removal solution. In this case study you’ll learn how the plant avoided EPA violations by reducing nitrate contamination levels to below 8 mg/L and simplified continuous monitoring by implementing a new packaged nitrate removal system from AdEdge.

  7. Headworks' MS Series Bar Screen Is The Equipment Of Choice For The Puerto Rican Sewer Authority's Caguas Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Even though it is a small island, Puerto Rico has historically had big issues with sewage treatment. Due to its tropical location in the Caribbean, heavy storms can create unusually large peak flows at the treatment plants.

  8. How To Get A One-Year Payback On Retrofit Chopper Pumps For Your Packaged Lift Station

    The Independence Hill Conservancy District's Taney Lift Station was having continuous problems with wipes, swiffers, and plastics deposited in the incoming lines, which then broke loose in storms and overwhelmed the old non-clog pumps.

  9. How The Industry Can Take On Wipes In The Waste Stream – And Win: Part 3

    As outlined in earlier articles, increasing public awareness or even seeking legal action are potential tools to help municipalities gain control of the wipes problem. However, many agencies have seen that these strategies are not completely effective in the long term, and they must also employ new technologies to permanently deal with the wipes epidemic.

  10. The FlexRake®: No Lower Sprocket, No More Maintenance At Coors Brewery

    The Coors Brewery facility in Golden, Colorado utilizes the Duperon® FlexRake® FPFS to treat the process influent resulting from their brewing operation.